The Dance

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The Dance is something most of us will experience in our time driving or riding. Sometimes it's as simple as revving at a set of lights, sometimes it's a more graceful dance ... like today.

Meet My Maker

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In this vlog, you get to meet the origin of ... da Weem :)

Weem meets OfficialSmo (smoiow)

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I feel like I should apologise before you see this vlog .... ;)It was the first proper spring day of 2014 and the sun was shining and it was warm ... so my head wasn't really in vlogging mode.I just wanted to ride and...

bakerXderek’s 0-100 CHALLENGE

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This is a response video to the challenge bakerXderek set for 0-100 sprint times. I never do drag runs, so this was a bit of a double challenge for me (too much mechanical sympathy)  In case anyone thinks this was d...

The Worlds Shortest Motovlog

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Ok ... so I'm an idiot :)

New Camera Tech and The Girl Next Door

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Last week I was given a preview of two new action cameras which will be available soon.One is brand the brand new GSK, the other is the latest Drifter camera. I had to wait until today to reveal them as part of the a...

Subscriber Myths

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My first ever rant ... Woot!Ok, so it's not a rant, but more of an observation that I've picked up on in recent months :) For the record, I've not been a direct target (that I know of) to these comments, but I've hea...

Hands in Ice – The RoyalJordanian Challenge

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This is my video submission to Royal Jordanian's competition for the motorbike hand mitts.I don't actually want the mitts, but thought it would be fun to take part. Fun ...... 8-O -----------------------------------...

Sticky Situation: ft. SlenderMan

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*** Sticker Stickers Stickers *** You have them? I want them. You want mine? You can have them too :)The current progress of the Wall of Vame can be found here As I was adding other vloggers to the wall, I decided t...

Unemployed Snott Muncher

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I was hesitant to share this vlog as it's a bit different to the normal tatt I post :D , but I found it useful to talk through how I was feeling at the time to the camera and so I don't see why I shouldn't share.

Floods & The Fat Duck

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A vlog of the recent flooding, a new mic setup and a wee trip to The Fat Duck

Weem’s Roots

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Last ride of the year 2013 :) I spent Christmas up in Scotland with my family.Meanwhile, the South of England had rubbish weather and was partially flooded :(Still ... I had a good time :D In this vlog I talk a wee ...

Losing My Mind

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A funny 5 minutes - if ever you need proof that I'm losing my mind ... :) After recording a couple of vlogs I restarted the camera just to record the remainder of my ride (in case of a bump).But once I was "off the c...

Thank you MotoVloggers

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A weem thank you to all the motovloggers out there. I've been watching motovloggers for a long time on YouTube and they've been a big part of the inspiration for me to get back on a bike as well as making my own vlog...

Broken Camera. Replace with a Drift or a Hero3+?

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My poor wee GoPro Hero3 is broken :( I've recently had problems with the GoPro corrupting video footage, not recording anything, corrupting files (which I was able to repair) and having some issues with the audio dro...