Whether you loved it or were indifferent to it, there was no getting away from the recent Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

The news cycle was filled 24/7 for the week running up to the couple’s ceremony… 24 frikkin’ 7
Personally I did my best to avoid the TV as 30 minutes of it was more than enough info for me.
Banal information overload. Soul killer.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m really happy that 2 people got married and are starting a life together, but I didn’t need to hear about it ….24 … 7 … for a week.

You could say “If you didn’t want to hear about it then change the channel Wheeem”
But one of our screens at my work has the 24hr BBC news service on all the time. There was no escape until I got home.

So this video was more of a curiosity trip where I popped up to Windsor the day after the Wedding just to see the aftermath… a peek behind the curtain of the town when the cameras were finally off and no-one was watching.
A bit like sitting around in your pants eating chips in front of the TV when you think no-one’s watching 😉

I talk a bit about things I’ve seen while I’ve lived near Windsor and I ask your opinion on them.
Should they do what they do or have their titles removed and go about their business without any public interest?

What did you think?


Intro Music:
Lorde – Royals



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