It’s been a while eh?
3 months since the last vlog and I dump 3 months of updates on you in 15 minutes.

I just checked the vlog and I don’t think I come up for air.
Holy crap…. well someone had a coffee before going out for a ride.

So in this video it starts out a bit serious then goes back to the usual sheiiit 🙂

I talk about my addiction to computers, tech, TV and basically anything with a screen followed with how automation will be convenient and safer … and ruin the economy (I’m a regular barrel of laughs), but then talk about the UK’s Thai Chi Weather presenters and how people say things regionally so different from each other and we all think the others are saying it wrong (you are, just admit it dammit!).

And I promise… I PROMISE that if I make another vlog then it’ll have the perspective fixed.
I was doing the fancy intro in the storage unit and forgot to change it back to wide :/

Until the next one (maybe?)


Intro Music:
Depeche Mode – Clean (Weem Remix of (KellerTechnik Remix))


00:00 – Intro
01:40 – Addiction
04:22 – How automation will ruin the economy
08:21 – Tai Chi Weather
09:18 – 2018 Bikes
11:30 – Regional Pronunciation
13:45 – Continue? Yay or Nay


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