mmmmm … new camera.

Ok, so for a long while I’ve been looking to get a good compact camera that was small enough not to get in the way… too much and that was also very good for making video clips.

After a lot of research and after choking on seeing crazy price tag of the Sony RX100 IV (f*ck off Sony), I opted for the, still not cheap, Canon G7x.
Even though the Sony is a better camera … but wait…. there was a new G7x coming out?

So, apathy and procrastination saved me a small fortune 🙂
The new Canon is aaaalmost as good as the Sony. Definitely not £400 worse (again … Sony … f*ck off)

However, the downside for you is that you might end up seeing more of my exhausted wee face in high definition in some of my vlogs.
It’ll be fun 🙂 (try not to vomit)


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