There are times when taking a snap on your greasy phone and running it through some clunky filters is enough before pushing it out into the world.
But then there are times when you want to up your picture game and stand out from the sea of samey filtered images.

That’s when you need to take some time over your picture.

I’ve already done the first 2 of the 3 steps you need to make a decent picture here:
The first being to have an idea of the image you want
The second being the execution. Framing and all the techy shenanegans to make it look nice in the camera.

After that … it’s into the editing software for the 3rd step.
The honing, spit ‘n polish before crapping the final image out onto Instagram and Twitter.

If it was done right, it will stop people from scrolling past.
Hopefully they’ll pause and look …. really look at what you’ve made.

If they don’t hit you up with a like or re-Tweet after that then they should’ve gone to Spec Savers 😉


Background Music:
Niklas Gustavsson – One Life


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