If you like random, then you should like this. This video is a complete shambles.

What started out as a nice country ride turned into 2 near accidents and I totally lost confidence in the HusqaWeema.
The last thing you expect on a new bike is the front wheel to lock up … twice
Bits fall off, sure, but not seize up 😀

When it first happened I thought I’d blown the engine… so I instinctively pulled the clutch, but the bike was still stopping hard.
Then I thought the rear wheel must have seized or the chain came loose and wrapped around the hub. But it wasn’t skidding.

Confused, I managed to aim at the kerb and abruptly pull over.
Even though I couldn’t put the side-stand down, I managed to use the only tool I had, a small screwdriver (how lucky was that) to investigate the front brake lever and loosen it off a bit.
I saw the brake lever piston move back into the lever “cup” and that was it fixed.

… then it did it again later 🙁

Safe to say, they’re now lining the bottom of a bin and, since going back to the stock Husqvarna levers, I’ve had zero issues.

Cheap bloody suicidal deathtrap brake lever …. bloody thing.
Oh, and cats rule by the way 😉


Intro Music:
Sam Brown – Stop


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