The last ride of 2016.
Come with me as I take you on a ride out on a lovely warm day in South East England.
I share with you all the sights and dangers found on a typical ride up to Box Hill and then over to Newlands Corner before looping back to Esher and then home.

It seems so long ago but it was recorded at the tail end of our late UK summer 2016.
There was a pretty big computer upgrade at work which took me out of action for a couple of months, so this really my last proper ride out for 2016.
(It also explains why there hasn’t been much vloggage from me this year).

I tried a slightly different style of editing for this vlog.
A little bit looser. Not quite so edited to try to capture more of the feel of the ride.
Not just jibber-jabber, but also some quieter stretches where you switch off and just lose yourself in the moment.

A little bit different.
Hope you like it 🙂


Intro Music:
The Goons – Eeh! Ah! Oh! Ooh!


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