In this episode of “Buy this guy a watch”, we meet up with Mr.Smo in his native land 😉

We always planned another visit and so last year I had a week off and I popped down to his Island in the Channel to say Hi and check out the local sheeps.

Most of my regular viewers will already know Smo and know that he’s doing video and bike related media full-time. One of the challenges is to keep coming up with new content, so I took along my new camera (Canon G7x MKII) for him to to a wee review on as well as to let him take the FireWeem for a run…. hopefully all good content fodder for his channel 🙂

3 other reasons to visit… help him get some external footage, save him fuel and ferries coming over for meetups… and just to say hi to my buddy – cos we miss him on the mainland 🙂

I occasionally get accused of rating myself as good rider. This video will dispel any myths around that and show just how incompetent I really am…
I can’t even open my visor half the time 😀


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