This time from chez Weem … we roll things back to an old vlog recorded in 2014 that I never got around to completing.
I have lots of old 1/2 – 3/4 finished vlogs that just need a spit ‘n polish to get them out the door 🙂

This was pretty much my first test ride on a new bike. Long before the BMW S1000RR test ride and was the first time I experienced a quick-bloody-shifter.
Now, roll forward to today and I’ve ridden a few bikes that’ve had quickshifters, and only one of them was good (test-ride to be released soon…ish).

I’m sure the over-lean, jerky fuelling of the Trumph didn’t help, but it was pretty rough.
Not a good advert for quickshifters.

I’ve since ridden SmoIOW’s bike a couple of times and, with a flashed ECU correcting the over-lean emissions map it runs like a charm.
Get rid of the quickshifter, flash the ECU and the bike is sweet. In fact, I probably would have bought one if it wasn’t for this demonstrator 🙂

On a side note, you can watch a recording of the live-stream
I did while editing this vlog: /motovlog-live-edit-weemstream


Intro Music:
Rahzel – All I Know


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