Leftover footage from Brighton.

I finally see Skip, stroke Jambo then discuss mums and ‘the target market’.


Featuring Weem


  • CULCHETHSTYLE 5 years ago

    Wow, I’ve been watching your vids for nearly 2 years now and didn’t realise you had a sense of humour. You learn a new thing EVERY day!!! 😀 Lol. 😉

  • Jorge Antonio Negrete Avis 5 years ago

    Es el video de risas mas patetico q eh visto en toda mi vida

  • ThreeStreets42 5 years ago

    The exception is when you are not being a knob…. Knob! My mum was the BEST! She died in an quad accident when I was 10 and I had to go live with my shit head of a father. Cheers fella!

  • Cris Miguel 5 years ago

    Bombadilada de avião que loucura, o resto é historia

  • Finnoctane 5 years ago

    I watch you and imagine you smearing peanut butter all over my chain.

  • Marilou Ventayen 5 years ago

    Check out this baby’s reaction to cuddling!

  • Lamb Chop Rides 5 years ago

    Nice vid dude. Aren’t mums great eh 🙂

  • Eyal Raz 5 years ago

    We are so compatible…

  • Mario Muschi 5 years ago
  • Kriker Krikenses 5 years ago

    desde hace 1 año venezuela

  • klouism1 5 years ago

    Great tribute to your Mom. It demonstrates just how wonderful she is that you speak of her in such a way. My utmost respect to you. Keep having fun.

  • WeeemRCB 5 years ago

    Aww RR … 😀 Would have been weird hugging then saying “BTW, I’m coming with you guys to meet Spicy” >DAll #WeemHugs were accounted for by the end of the day :)Although she knows about the videos, my mum doen’t watch my stuff cos she’s terrified about me riding motorbikes.My brother watched occasionally and my dad check out my website now and again.Although for some reason there were a couple of months that my dad he thought I was calling myself Baron Von Grumble … Like he totaly forgot how his son talks ….!?!(maybe it was wishful thinking?)

  • vanvan13 5 years ago

    I had to advise my in laws not to watch my vids, didn’t explain why I just said no!!

  • ivanandhismightysteed 5 years ago

    Looked like a motovlogger sausage fest – coolio

  • Borgfeld Rider 5 years ago

    AAAAA!!!!!! Smo you have TWO right hands!! 🙂

  • SirJambo 5 years ago

    Sucks we missed you chap, we were in Brighton for a good while wondering what was going on, but we met up with Haribo so wasn’t too bad. Maybe next time! if our bicycles can keep up ;D

  • Crana 5 years ago

    Ah so my comment on your other video about the helmet is invalid. I need to find this city setting on my GT Air! I think I fucked up my pinlock because of leaving the visor up too often, it gets fogged up in a very specific place some times.

  • evilnunmit 5 years ago

    Your mum does do anything for me. In fairness I pay her.

  • sentryprime74 5 years ago

    I just got my SMO coffee mug and my SMO baseball cap,q^_^p..And pump me sore with a broom stick,mike at work knew your logo and said that he watches it to..( He`s a real life friend and not a C$£TBOOK-T#@TER fake in the cloud one) Anyway thanks…

  • outsidethewirevet 5 years ago

    I’m surprised you don’t have a “penis theme song” yet…!!! LOL 🙂 …”Me an me penis went for a ride… Me an me penis had a great ride… Me an me penis were fly…” Just a starter for you. Sorry Mom…

  • chaseontwowheels 5 years ago

    Yea, my mom is definitely not my target market either, but bless her cause she watches everyone of my videos. Nice video buddy.

  • ozjuice 5 years ago

    Sold my Street Triple R mate……..Mixed feelings!

  • bandit Brian 5 years ago

    i am glad you did not call the video, knobbing around & under 18 years of age

  • Skippy 5 years ago

    Hahaha look at the state of me! My head looked like it had wings. Nice seeing you for 30 seconds 🙂

  • EnglishFifer 5 years ago

    As ever an awesome vlog. Think I’m going to find it difficult to justify the term “knobbing” amongst my local group though lol. Can you imagine a whole group of knobbing down the road? Shame ya missed all your meets, but ya still had fun.

  • MotorcycleJosh1 5 years ago

    3:06 Agreed, official term

  • sjbali 5 years ago

    i think mom could tell us lots of stories involving your penis tho ;)EDIT: ugh that doesn’t sound the way it should :/

  • Zalonka 5 years ago

    My mom is a drug addictSo no not everyone.

  • Keith Wong 5 years ago

    Thumbs up for selfless mum in the world 🙂

  • HamSpamJamLamb 5 years ago

    I liked the fact you spoke about your penis repeatedly in this video. GG Smo, GG.

  • MorryMotoChief 5 years ago

    I might be considered in that 3% lol even though penis and balls are present lol and when I ride down to see you some time, I’ll stop in at badgers parents and demand coffee lol

  • Red Renna 5 years ago

    😀 I must be part of the three percent… I hope…I don’t talk about my penis much in my vlogs hahaWe need to organise another meet!

  • Daytona Days 5 years ago

    Brighton is such a nice ride, nice to hear that Trumpet whistle in another video! 😉

  • GoPro Photographer 5 years ago

    knobbing and vlogging all in one video – Standard!

  • Ethan Senior 5 years ago

    Just a thought…. Hot Bath,Alcoholic Beverage, Activity involving Vaseline and then bed 😉 If you know what I mean! Huehuehue.

  • fisher boy 5 years ago

    Hopefully next time I could meet you along with more moto-vlogge as always enjoyed the video

  • JackSwatman 5 years ago

    Cannot wait to get a striple! Looking at 3k for my injuries (4000 – 25%) I’ll be the coolest new kid at uni in October

  • Southern Fried 5 years ago

    You’re in my top 5 motovloggers I want to meet, along with Spicy and Cpt. Rambunctious. I went to Southend Shakedown, it was alright but I wouldn’t bother again unless more people came along. I grew up in Saaaafend, by the sea. The smell of the sea makes me feel homesick.

  • metalhead18241 5 years ago

    I’d never really thought about like having a target audience, I just thought I post crap and some poor souls watch it 🙂

  • Go Bogies Go 5 years ago

    personality is pretty much all moto-vloggers offer to an audience. I mean, its not like you/they ever get in front of the camera or do anything other than ride around and sit in traffic! -I don’t mean that in a negative way-

  • Red Shoes Moment 5 years ago

    How awesome to see Badger, Renna, Weem, Skip, Jambo, and Jambo’s wiggling arse. As for your mum (SMum), she sounds lovely and you are lucky to have her….big hugs to her.Now…… if you’ll excuse me, I have a therapy session to book in order to help me work through the fact that we have “similar personalities”. Stay safe….

  • Chrissy Hardman 5 years ago

    If people don’t stop putting faces to names I’m gonna flip, where is the mystery people. Hahaha another great vid dude

  • SpikeR ! 5 years ago

    No love for Red ???? epic fail lol and a hot bath and a glass of wine no doubt ….such a tart lol

  • matt46vale 5 years ago

    I’d say we have a couple of things in common that bikes and our interests in badgers. Haha

  • Liberty Ninja62 5 years ago

    Me and tripleshift thinking of visiting the island, in June, would you be about.

  • Will Stubbs 5 years ago

    What did your parents first say when you wanted a motorbike?

  • Spray190 5 years ago

    nobbing? we call it smoing round here 😛

  • TheParkourAttitude 5 years ago

    Who would ever deny Renna?

  • Liberty Ninja62 5 years ago

    Good stuff, man,

  • LammyIOW 5 years ago

    Is the smell of “Sea Air Dude” a man whom goes dogging near the sea?

  • Psyche 5 years ago

    13th view! WHOOHOO

  • OfficialSmo 5 years ago
  • Top Gamer 5 years ago
  • mc with OLIVER 5 years ago

    So sweet

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