WeemRCB is headed to the US! Woot! Can’t wait!


Featuring Weem


  • Perry Zim 5 years ago

    Just clutch it to use right hand so you don’t engine brake

  • Darkest Knight 5 years ago

    Weeem will be away.

  • RenoNuski 5 years ago

    I thought you said RenoNuski not WeemaRuski. lolAsk me how I exposed myself to a Nun at Heathrow someday Rammy.More people asked me about the Cheetah while I was over there too??? Totally unexpected!Biscuit is a cookie over there and just try to get enough ice in your drinks at a pub/restaurant.Looking forward to meetin Weem in the 30+ C degree Atlanta heat.

  • WeeemRCB 5 years ago

    Awwww…. #BigAssWeemHug p.s. I wish I was 8stones of weight ;)And I hope the gales of wind don’t chill the chicken biscuits out there too much :Dp.p.s You’ve started head nodding …. we’re beginning to anglicise you 😉

  • MrSlowestD16 5 years ago

    You don’t wave or respect to people not in gear? That’s some cold shit, man, lol. I wave or nod to everybody, haha.Nod isn’t really different in culture since half the people do it here, is it?Sounds like Weem is a good guy and it should be fun!

  • Wesley Caneup 5 years ago

    Would love to meet up with all of you guys, and gal, whenever he comes to visit. Please announce details!!!

  • Daryl K 5 years ago

    Kool video, I hope never have to feel 100’F, lol. Question or video idea, what are the pros-n-cons of your two cycles? FZ8 & R6. Dlinquencious just test rode a FZ-09, other nice video. Thanks!

  • Rabid Wolfe 5 years ago

    LOL with riding and spending time in both countries England and USA, very much know both differences in riding styles and all, even in England here I tend to use left hand to wave still and the odd nod in some situations.Yeah both of our countries have our pro’s and con’s, just wish there was a in between for the perfect life. :PTake it easy and ride safe bro.

  • Keith Wong 5 years ago

    Weeem~! Loved his videos ^.^ together with Dark Weeem

  • MorryMoto 5 years ago

    we ride on the correct side of the road 😉 lol I actually wave from time to time but with my left hand……..and the nod is really annoying when 20 bike go past… think your at a rock concert lol

  • BrockGrimes 5 years ago

    Where does “the wave” come from anyway?There are a few stories floating around the internet about the origin of the rider’s wave.Some say that, in “ye olden tymes”, knights crossing each others path would lift their visors with an open hand. This would show that they were unarmed, and allow them to see each others faces as a sign of trust and goodwill; a tradition that has gradually made its way over to modern-day motorcycle riders. (As one person commented, this is more the origin of the military salute than “the wave.”)A more realistic explanation comes from the surge of returning service members after WWII, who bought military surplus motorcycles in droves. The abundance of motorcycles and the solidarity among veterans gave birth to the American biker culture as a whole, and motorcyclists in those days were eager to greet each other with a wave on the road. It wasn’t just as a biker thing, but also as a veteran thing – it was safe to assume that any male of that age group on a chopped Harley or Indian in those days had served in the war.There are many types of waves, but the signature “biker wave” tends to be some variation of two fingers pointed parallel or down toward the ground like a “peace sign.” There are many explanations for this too: a “V” for V-twin; a “two” for keeping it “on two wheels”; or just a peace sign that keeps your hands close to the controls.

  • TheAdorableTauren 5 years ago

    Whats a chicken biscuit?Yeah we head nod, I have 2 different head nods, 1 is to nod by a quick down nod and the other is a quick ear to shoulder with a bit of a head twist.Do you have any more UK trips planned?

  • Roxic12 5 years ago

    Alright Weem!

  • iamramekin 5 years ago

    Weem is coming to the US! Check out the video for the deets!

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