My internet is shit …. like “Holy Balls I could deliver this video faster on my push bike” slow.
Ok, not quite that bad, but ADSL is hella slow compared to a lot of internet services that are available.

If you want to Live Stream to internet services such as Twitch or Youtube at anything higher than 360p then, forget it. And uploading to YouTube takes so long that you might as well do it overnight

But there is way and I figured out how to do it.

My internet was around 16/1 down/up.
To stream on Twitch I’d need at least a 2.5mb/s to 3Mb/s upload connection. I wasn’t even close.

By purchasing a MiFi router (and a separate 50Gb/month 4G mobile broadband package from a mobile carrier) I was able to Network Bond the (slow but stable) ADSL and the (fast but flaky) 4G mobile connection together to get basic fibre speeds.

Last of all, make sure the streaming or uploading computer is connected by wire to your ADSL router and then by WiFi to the 4G MiFi router.
In the Speedify software you’ll see the connected networks and for maximum upload performance, just select Speedify to be in Redundant Mode.

If you’re wasting data using Speedify to download, then just keep it in Speed mode as it downloads much faster this way.

And that’s it. Fast internet if you’re in an area that only has ADSL or some other slow internet available.
What you find is that most people don’t need faaaast internet all the time and this way will give you that speed boost available when you need it.

One hidden advantage is that Speedify is also a VPN service. This means your internet data is encrypted plus you can also “spoof” being in a different part of the world.
For example, if you’re in the UK and YouTube says some music isn’t available in your region, reconnect Speedify to another server (like NYC) and the music should play.
Nifty 🙂

For a Speedify streaming set-up, I’d recommend the following OBS-Studio settings for Streaming (e.g. Twitch):

Bitrate: 2212 for content that’s static – e.g. RPG or card games
2765 for constantly updating content – e.g. fist player shooters or driving games

Encoder: your choice of x264 or NVENC if preferred/available
Custom Encoder Settings: keyint=15
(Twitch default is a 2 second keyframe which =60 on a 30fps connection, but I found it has much better playback/viewing when the keyframe is set to refresh every 1/2 second (=15 @ 30fps) using the lower bitrates)

Output: 1280×720
FPS: 30

Stream Delay Enable: Yes
Duration: 1s
Preserve Cutoff Point: Yes (will delay twitch playback if 4G drops for a bit, but it also keeps the Twitch stream alive)
Bind to IP: Default (OBS will automatically use the Speedify connection)


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