Coming soon to some internets near you…
Sorry Germany, its blocked because of the audio 🙁
In March 2013 i rode solo from London to Barcelona. This was my first ever attempt at touring, there were some hard times (leaving London in the snow!) and some things i will never forget.
The series will be release one section at a time soon on YouTube.
Hope you enjoy the teaser.

As for mobile devices – Youtube wont allow it 🙁

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  • David Hutchinson 7 years ago

    mr baron…. what song is this?

  • Danny Cox 7 years ago

    feck me im lookin forwrd to seeing this bad boy! Grumble, how do u mount your camera for the trackday where its looking back at you???? would like to try that at donington in september!!!

  • Vinz Shady 7 years ago

    3:34, Le Baron aurait été aperçu du coté de Monfort – spotted ! Cmon guys, let’s chase him down 🙂

  • motormerc 7 years ago

    This trailer has me more psyched about a vlog than I’ve been in ages.

  • ProAudioSurf 7 years ago

    Still cant wait to see the full Euro series. and idea on when you’ll be releasing it all for our viewing pleasure Mr. Bloodcock?

  • equiliser 7 years ago

    not sure why but i could watch this on apple tv… then it was removed from the baron playlist. i can only watch it on the laptop now 🙁 i think it’s because you have Monetized platforms ticked…unless youtube did this…joy killers.

  • Geriafrican 7 years ago

    Was this all filmed with your Drift HD Ghost?

  • FreshLeagueNation 7 years ago

    Dear Baron.. its not blocked! – And if so, we got ProxyTube(AntiBlock). 😀

  • ̽ʷ̽ᵉ̽ʳ̽ᵉ ʷᵒᵉˢ 7 years ago

    If you’re in the UK/Europe Shoei tends to market them as X-Spirit 2’s. I think from memory.

  • ̽ʷ̽ᵉ̽ʳ̽ᵉ ʷᵒᵉˢ 7 years ago

    It’s a, brand: Shoei, make: X-12, design: Vermeulen 4 (TC9). He also wears another one for his daily commutes in London it’s an X-12 but it’s in the orange/black B-Boz.

  • Stock Brot 7 years ago

    I love you, i watched only part of the trailer (still going) but i can tell its going to be awesome!!! And btw, Why dont you do that in London sometimes? Putting a camera behind you? Looks great!

  • KoolStoryBreh 7 years ago

    Baron, if u dont mind me asking.. what helmet is that? rf-1100?

  • BaronVonGrumble 7 years ago

    Youtube basically enforces advertising on the video and takes all of the money. Im assuming they pass it on to the artist, but who knows.

  • Robert Benson 7 years ago

    How did you get over YouTube’s copywrite issue? Any recommendations where to get background music/ special effects etc etc?

  • MrReygonzodaboss 7 years ago

    Too many feels I CAN”T WAIT

  • khairikhaidir 7 years ago

    jewish bike?

  • feveredsmile 7 years ago

    That. Was. Amazing.

  • Tomskii5 7 years ago

    Watch what? The trailer?

  • OneindaXamber 7 years ago

    Best motovlogger in the world. Period

  • vwhelmot 7 years ago

    Great Suzuki ad. 😉

  • megafranekkimono 7 years ago

    what sound????

  • shivex 7 years ago

    Can’t wait.. where is it?

  • FlavorInSaNeZz 7 years ago

    i got the same c2w shirt. 😀

  • KT3CAM 7 years ago


  • Ian Gavin 7 years ago

    OMG I would pay to watch the whole thing no joke!!!

  • h07swilkinson96 7 years ago

    LOL same

  • excited.

  • Pown3r88 7 years ago

    Defenitely a favorite..

  • BlackFalcon16 7 years ago

    Oh man totally awesome!!!

  • Rubenrandom 7 years ago

    Mr. Baron! When is the tour videos coming out?

  • motorbikehorseman 7 years ago

    We should definitely get you to do the motorbike show instead of what’s his face, oh but then we would have to see yours.There is a shadow of you without the helmet on, will someone gets the CCTV records please from the Track!!!

  • spotcube 7 years ago

    This makes me want to learn how to ride a motorbike

  • Joni McBride 7 years ago

    Amazing, i aspire to this.

  • jubamix90 7 years ago

    perfect omfg

  • speedyambarish 7 years ago

    Bloody amazing trailer.

  • CaptainNoBeard13 7 years ago

    I almost forgot to watch this today.

  • N0iseNL 7 years ago

    Yes indeed, and you know you liked it.

  • N0iseNL 7 years ago

    To do what?

  • Jay Bear 7 years ago

    Bad ass song, for the trailer

  • 3rduncle 7 years ago

    Reckon a well ridden Islamaha R1 could take the Jewcati.

  • mrb3n 7 years ago

    I have actually emailed Suzuki UK Head Office and drawn their attention to this video.Hopefully the Baron gets contacted. Would be awesome.

  • Audrick Rustandi 7 years ago

    add RST and Shoei the mr baron gears 🙂

  • ClossHD 7 years ago

    Baron, i know you’re changing nappies now, but i literally have been on here every single day for the past month waiting for your new series.

  • BmoReYCE 7 years ago

    What? Only 42k views? I could have sworn I’ve watched it more than that many times…

  • Joe fancypants 7 years ago

    Love it.. this is riding!!

  • HontoImakuni 7 years ago

    Were you seriously slapping your arse at 2:15? Hm

  • Von Mudd 7 years ago

    I watch this over and over haha, When can we expect more videos on Tour De Baron? 🙂

  • mrglobalbob 7 years ago

    jewcati huhuh

  • lec071111 7 years ago

    Just got into riding and found my first and only motovlogger I plan on watching. Thought you were hilarious and awesome and then I watched the teaser to your euro trip and it had to be a sick song too. Keep it up im a big fan.

  • mrb3n 7 years ago

    Thanks! 🙂

  • Josh Zeman 7 years ago

    we’re right there with you baroness

  • Aron Douglas 7 years ago

    So here is what just happened…I was playing my favorite PC space game (KSP). I was bored so I pulled up YouTube and hit the “Recommended for you” button. BaronVonGrumble came up as a suggestion because I watched some ++AB videos (and I’m a Tribe member). This video was suggested. I clicked on it (having heard of Grumble and seeing some of his past videos). I heard this song, stopped playing my game, put this video on my second monitor, hit that HD button, watched video and finally subscribed.

  • Shenanighandi . 7 years ago

    I second this.

  • mrb3n 7 years ago

    All Suzuki need to do is just stick a big logo at the end of that video.And there you go. The brand new Suzuki advert. Job done.Oh and pay out some serious cash to Mr Von Grumble…

  • ollie mew 7 years ago

    glad i’m not the only one…

  • Baroness VonGrumble 7 years ago

    When can we expect to see this full episode uploaded Mr Baron ?

  • Dean Ansermoz 7 years ago

    When is the euro series coming?! (sorry if thats the 7,556th time you’ve been asked)

  • IAaronHDI 7 years ago

    the best video on youtube.

  • Mr69fuckthesystem69 7 years ago

    Fuck , man you look like The Stig , everywhere in helmet 😀 Your vids are inspirations…

  • truenolevinAe86 7 years ago

    awesome video! Hope your bike didn’t sustain any significant damage when you went down on the track.

  • David Slybacon 7 years ago

    Hi Baron, great video, when’s the series coming?? XD

  • N0iseNL 7 years ago

    Ah yes, i came across that video a few weeks ago and added it to my watch later list. Will do that soon.

  • MarchingHome 7 years ago

    I absolutely love BvG’s videos, but if this gave you goosebumps, please also watch this: /watch?v=85VErvTqgWc&hd=1

  • Jim Bill 7 years ago

    Baron, if you do another video like this I’d recommend using ‘faster’ by within temptation. :DJimbo

  • xTH3xMoDsZx 7 years ago

    Nope, Circuit de Catalunya.

  • QuesadillaWarfare 7 years ago

    Great video, honestly, nice work.

  • arepoustimou 7 years ago

    lets enjoy the video ..again;p

  • dale cross 7 years ago

    I cannot wait for this. DVD please, speak to Duke video.

  • dk10016 7 years ago

    This looks promising.

  • Twitchy Cyclist 7 years ago

    That was an amazing trailer! Looking forward to the series!

  • Simon Touzin-Provost 7 years ago

    Drift Cameras with some kind of monopod I guess.

  • LobnBullets 7 years ago

    what camera do you use to get those forward facing shots?

  • PericolosoEsquire 7 years ago

    Great Trailer. Talk about building suspense though.

  • The5thOfJacks 7 years ago

    Looking sharp young Baron, I’m anticipating further coolness – sub’d!

  • rikollinen1 7 years ago

    2:30 = Nurburging?????

  • arepoustimou 7 years ago

    awesome !!

  • lIlllllIIIllllllllll 7 years ago

    2:22 “JEWCATI”… That just made my fuckin’ day!! hahaha.

  • wearespeedjunkies 7 years ago

    I bloody love this video… starting to show your skills Baron.Double…Bloody…Decker!

  • spadxiii1919 7 years ago

    WOW!, Fantastic video. Appreciate the time and effort put into this. Great angle using the pole. Love it. Hope you don’t mind, but shared this on face book

  • bob trumpit 7 years ago

    hello mr grumble! love your vlogs when will you be posting the videos from your trip? 🙂

  • Harry Beckett 7 years ago

    You look sick in ur biking gear

  • N0iseNL 7 years ago

    Still giving me goosebumps every time i watch it.

  • Jim Bill 7 years ago

    Great video Baron. It’s easy to see you have video editing talent.When will we get to see the series?!! 😀

  • ljf95 7 years ago

    oxford one

  • FiveAlive71 7 years ago

    Great Video…. Ill be looking forward to more!ConGrats on the New Arrival,.It very inspiring watching this kind of stuff!Keep up the great work! \m/ (>_<) \m/

  • Johnny Arias 7 years ago

    good video man. I just bough a camera and im doing small videos too. this is inspiration for me.

  • ThePlaneShow 7 years ago

    I really cannot wait to see this!

  • MrDrunk Lawl 7 years ago


  • OKScottish 7 years ago

    Does any know what tank bag that is?

  • MrBikerNI 7 years ago

    Just watched this again.. busting to see the end product

  • MegaShaft007 7 years ago


  • Iván Duran 7 years ago

    Graciaaaas!!! jejejeje 😉

  • Thebigsnake 7 years ago

    Good travel in France i hope ^^ even if the road are pretty bad and too f**king much speed radar along >_<

  • wouter kals 7 years ago

    watched it over and over again!

  • alexzandz 7 years ago

    This is an amaxing vid. Should have 100,000 views easy

  • buzznoob 7 years ago

    the best vid on youtube by far

  • dizrhuptz 7 years ago

    I don’t want to admit how many times i’ve watched this.

  • KineticGamingAUS 7 years ago

    Aww man, I want a Jewcati.

  • roaddrifter hd 7 years ago

    Great “taster” Baron. Looking forward to seeing the finished article. Keep up the good work.

  • xTH3xMoDsZx 7 years ago

    In english: Hi, I congratulate you on the work you’re doing and especially for this video, I never tire of seeing it, I encourage you to keep uploading videos like this, a greeting, you are a phenomenon