I’ve eluded in the past to being shy and, for the most part, I can deal with it, but sometimes I get thrown into the deep end by going to a large gathering where I’m expected to be … “normal”

As an introvert, normal is a bit of a stretch.
Well, at least until I’m comfortable with those around me enough to relax and just … be me without fear of offending someone with my goofy humour.

Fortunately I’m good with my own company and so you can see in this video the extreme of me being shy in a large group vs being free in my own head.

For me YouTube has been part of the process to help me speak more freely, but I’m hoping that the message in this video will reach someone else and encourage them to find ways to break down the mental barriers that lead to anxiety in social situations.


Intro Music:
Depeche Mode – Personal Jesus [Acoustic]


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