White Stickers 6″+4″


WeeemRCB Stickers: White
Comes as a pair of: 6″ + 4″

(6″x 0.9″ = 15.4cm x 2.4cm)
(4″x 0.7″ = 10.2cm x 1.6cm)

These are the best quality and most robust stickers available. Suitable for harsher environments and will stick to most surfaces.
I had the “www.weeem.co.uk” cut, but not removed, so you have the option to leave it solid black if you prefer.

NOTE: If you do want to pick out the “www.weeem.co.uk” then I'd recommend picking it out before you apply it to the final surface. That way there's no risk of marking the applied surface by trying to remove fiddly wee letters.

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Weight 0.5 g
Dimensions 15.4 × 2.4 × 0.01 cm