Coming soon to some internets near you…
Sorry Germany, its blocked because of the audio 🙁
In March 2013 i rode solo from London to Barcelona. This was my first ever attempt at touring, there were some hard times (leaving London in the snow!) and some things i will never forget.
The series will be release one section at a time soon on YouTube.
Hope you enjoy the teaser.

As for mobile devices – Youtube wont allow it 🙁

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  • commexec 7 years ago

    absolutely epic!!!!

  • MatrixTime69 7 years ago

    Such a dope video

  • Gareth Prior 7 years ago

    Any idea why this does not show on xbox live youtube. It shows ‘view all 69 total’. you click it and only 68 show up…This one is missing?? Cheers

  • bikergal89 7 years ago

    this is awesome baron!

  • Prussian On 2 Wheels 7 years ago

    Morning mate, I really like your videos and cannot wait until you finally release the Euro trip series. I understand that it takes a long time to go through all the raw material. What software are you using? Is it Premier Pro or are you using After Effects as well? Software is bloody expensive but necessary as this Windows Movie Maker is driving me nuts :-/ Keep up the good work and drive safely!!

  • DumplingD MV 7 years ago

    This truly looks amazing, looks like so much fun.p.s. the song goes so well 🙂

  • XTGSharpy009 7 years ago

    When will it be out?

  • Sova Klr 7 years ago


  • BaronVonGrumble 7 years ago

    Vimeo link added to description 🙂

  • captainpoonslayer 7 years ago

    Video is down. Baron wut do?

  • youtubesucks 7 years ago

    He looks like Boba Fett, a modern day bounty hunter

  • Ryan Brown 7 years ago


  • spiritbuu 7 years ago

    2:33 I see your face, lol

  • RamblingsOfABiker 7 years ago

    This is my favourite song ever. Great choice.

  • MrTripsJ 7 years ago

    Chaseontwowheels shirt!

  • ilostintheuk 7 years ago

    Blocked in uk?????

  • paulcoombes78 7 years ago

    Been waiting for this an age!

  • Ivica Stavljenic 7 years ago
  • james griffiths 7 years ago

    I would love to do this looks amazing, and I think you are pushing me into the decision of getting myself a camera

  • David Field 7 years ago

    Blocked in ireland!!! Sound for that

  • ikill4joy 7 years ago

    Baron Von blocked

  • Aqila Ferardin 7 years ago


  • frazerhynds 7 years ago

    Blocked ??

  • BigBadBlobMan 7 years ago


  • BigBadBlobMan 7 years ago

    Sadly block because of the music

  • Joshua Sturdavant 7 years ago

    Why would this be blocked =[

  • Omar Castillo 7 years ago


  • BruceMoolee 7 years ago

    Really looking forward to the series, any updates on releasing dates yet?

  • Amin Khayati 7 years ago

    Blocked in Sweden, great 🙁

  • james griffiths 7 years ago

    this video looks epic and your an awesome rider….. love the channel 🙂

  • ApLiRi 7 years ago

    Blocked :-\

  • Simon Vassallo 7 years ago

    Hmm getting a copyright notice for this video 🙁

  • ben allsopp 7 years ago

    looking good

  • ferrarithedude 7 years ago

    imagine dragons – Radioactive

  • BaronVonGrumble 7 years ago

    haha, as an inspirational piece of video – this is probably better than the series – but the series adds a more ‘behind the scenes’ and journey feel. Good luck with all things motorcycle 🙂

  • Nassen0f 7 years ago

    This video is what pushed me over the edge to go ahead and get my motor lisence. Im now almost done with it, and this video still isnt out in its full glory! Lets see whos done first BaronVonGrumble! :p

  • cheeseney304 7 years ago

    Because they are utter wank balls….

  • Druitt07 7 years ago

    How did 5 people dislike this?!?!

  • spiritbuu 7 years ago

    IN LOVE!!!

  • Dannie Olsen 7 years ago

    Love the Jewcati! That’s so awesome!

  • Mitchumthegreat 7 years ago

    If this video had insertion it would be the best video in the history of insertion…

  • Rotary Tim 7 years ago

    this video is awesome, respekt !

  • raidkoast 7 years ago

    I wanna go touring, might go with a buddy next year.. This is what freedom is, isn’t it?

  • BAEMERZ 7 years ago

    this is by far your best video !:D

  • BrEnNo1023 7 years ago

    Sucks that you went with an Apple product doesn’t it 😛

  • Fuck me, that was inspiring.

  • Chainsaw Dude 7 years ago

    “coming soon” cough cough “COMING SOON”?

  • Aqila Ferardin 7 years ago

    the song name, please?

  • TicklinTwine 7 years ago

    Holy shit you’re tall are you like 6’5″ or something lol

  • Niklasbre 7 years ago

    This Video really made me think of getting a Motorcycle licence!

  • Brad Bird 7 years ago

    Did anyone else notice the “Jewcati” – Hahaha

  • James Simkins 7 years ago

    is that a ChaseOnTwoWheels shirt at 2:01 ?!?! shit yeah

  • Fuck You Google Plus 7 years ago


  • iDevaz 7 years ago

    2:21 jewcati LOL

  • Bernard Visagie 7 years ago

    This is fucking awesome man!

  • skinbobuk 7 years ago

    Suzuki should use this as a advert for their bikes! Awesome!

  • DarthLukesDude 7 years ago

    baron where art thou?

  • Aqila Ferardin 7 years ago

    Nice video mate, awesome…hope i can do that

  • MrBeboopman 7 years ago

    jesus can this shit get any better,,,… again I say THE BEST ON YOUTUBE!!!

  • Carbon Black 7 years ago

    still watching this and still enjoying every minute.

  • cheeseney304 7 years ago

    F-ing cool Vlog

  • carldale123 7 years ago

    CAN’T WAIT pleassee be quick on editing mr baron and release some , I enjoyed the choice of music you used on the trailer but hope there is not too much on the final edited pieces 😀 great job

  • magnapillow 7 years ago


  • magnapillow 7 years ago

    Baron, do another video where you take a nice motorcycle and crash it into a ditch/stream in the middle of nowhere.

  • Nassen0f 7 years ago

    This is the 6th or 7th time i watch this. I dont care if you get the quality of the release as good as you would like it to be, we all want to watch it! Specially the start in the snow! I have my first winter owning a bike coming up soon, and im scared of even letting the bike out in below 5 degrees days!

  • MegaShaft007 7 years ago

    Published on 24 May 2013. It’s about time to release the full version you lazy bastard 😀

  • bullshittin 7 years ago

    I think I’ve watched this at least once or twice a day since it was uploaded, I can’t get enough of it.

  • haraldhArfager 7 years ago


  • Alex Bolton 7 years ago

    I occasionally watched some of your videos from time to time if they popped up on my suggestive feed and I think your Vlog are pretty epic and this trailer just finished me off and I’m definitely subbing. That trailer is F******* epic, some of the camera angles look amazing and the starting scene is the perfect start. Keep up the good work 😀

  • GenisisPredator 7 years ago

    One of the best songs ever, and very fitting for an epic road trip like this 🙂

  • Atristiel 7 years ago

    Baron, you’re like Stig on TopGear, always in helmet no matter what. 😀

  • pizzodk 7 years ago

    best video Baron, want more!!!

  • Craig Anderson 7 years ago

    That was a fantastic vid ,,, loved it 🙂

  • TooleyHD 7 years ago

    Also, I am I the only one who thinks the start of this video feels really sad?

  • Aaron Dunkley 7 years ago


  • TooleyHD 7 years ago

    BARON, Can I use part of this video in a school project about photography? 😀

  • Druitt07 7 years ago

    Looks absolutely epic. RST, quality, yes barron! ;D

  • THENOOBIERIDER 7 years ago

    i know he’s done a briliant job of editing this, would be nice to see baron von tt 😉

  • John Winters 7 years ago

    Change the Audio please.. for germany–… just take the music out and upload two videos

  • Elliot Jackson 7 years ago

    that bike at 2:22…. give it to me!

  • Kronx1970 7 years ago

    Was that a condom machine outside a church? Haha!

  • mads bach 7 years ago

    chase or C2W =)

  • Jordan Birt 7 years ago

    holy shit your bike is quick and when will the euro trip be uploaded on to YouTube? also just like to say you are a really good streamer I love your videos keep up the intresting and funny travels you may take and ill catch you later.thanks Jordan

  • parapax 7 years ago

    Not available on mobile :-\

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