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  • Silviucool1234 7 years ago

    Hahaha this is epic bro

  • JkJ165 7 years ago

    sit down on the ram like on Downhill Domination on PS2, and ride it off down the mountain… 🙂

  • Ascar as 7 years ago

    Next time just go forward with motor and use horn. Or sit down on ram 🙂

  • adamsat 7 years ago

    YOU SHALL NOT PASS!! Ram 1-0 motocycle 😀

  • knightwhosaisni 7 years ago

    At least these animals are predictable and you can quite easily bluff yourself a way through if you know what you’re doing.Considering that, I’d prefer running into a ram like this during a hike any day over crossing a (dirt)biker’s path…

  • SplendidSAHILx117 7 years ago


  • pajkica 7 years ago

    This video is so funny and the music is just perfect.

  • jake mendelson 7 years ago

    coward 😀

  • Joe Ke 7 years ago


  • HeaIth lnspector 7 years ago

    Keep moving forward, less distance for him to charge thereby reducing its effectiveness

  • Luuta Skuuter 7 years ago

    Morning all! +Viki Fairweather

  • Nelson Bomber 7 years ago

    That’s what he wanted me to do… so he could smash me in the leg

  • Alpaca bong 7 years ago

    hahahaha fuck why not just go around it

  • NoamMota 7 years ago

    Gandolf is that you?!

  • maxxx589 7 years ago

    I was laughing my ass off when it started chasing out

  • Nelson Bomber 7 years ago

    Wow that’s crazy, yes they are powerful animals

  • Marko Mihajlovic 7 years ago

    Do not be stupid, one Serbian actor was killed by a ram when the ram hit him in the chest, they are extremely dangerous.

  • waldenbuilder 7 years ago

    Reminds me of my neighbors Great Dane puppy. A 100 pound puppy with sharp puppy teeth that loves to grab you around the leg and play 😉

  • Nelson Bomber 7 years ago

    Na that would just piss him off

  • jim b 7 years ago

    why are you afraid of a ram dude? just kick it once it will be off

  • Abraham Moua 7 years ago

    o shit…. run bro, RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • myreviewsps3andxbox 7 years ago


  • FuckDatShitLoser 7 years ago

    lol tomate

  • alexsandra stoyanova 7 years ago

    that you girl friend XD

  • blackhawkX02 7 years ago

    LOL!!!! i have to download this!

  • sebastien boudreau 7 years ago

    1:34 gave me cancer

  • NikXpertGames 7 years ago

    It just wants to be friends with you.

  • Josh Domingues 7 years ago

    One ether hit it or two put a. . 40cal in it

  • nuno417 7 years ago

    maybe one day some one can do that to u…

  • TheTomatoIsTheEdibleOftenRedFruitOfThePlantSolanumlycopersicumCommonlyKnownAsATomatoPlantLOL 7 years ago

    can someone who understands ram behavior tell me what this is about? was it just having fun?

  • Michael Cardiff 7 years ago

    Run that bitch over and say it was roadkill

  • fakewebz1 7 years ago

    0:41 ” It’s go time”

  • frayner06 7 years ago

    That jokes older than you

  • John Kuro 7 years ago

    Amnesia: The Mountain Ascent

  • Vampire1997Diaries 7 years ago

    OMG This is SOOO funny. I’M crying … xD xD

  • Dom Gia 7 years ago

    Pokeball go!

  • rumblebeast08 7 years ago

    If you can’t dodge it, ram it!

  • Cris Mateo 7 years ago

    Ram:u shall not pass mememem

  • Jimme CrackCorn 7 years ago

    Now this is funny! YEEEEEEE HAAAAAALLLL! Little ram rodding can’t hurt anyone, nice fight kid! You did a good job keeping that ram from busting up your happy sack. HEHEHEHE

  • RambroHD 7 years ago

    Dats ma Boy!;)

  • scousetomo 7 years ago

    this is class this rams crazy lol

  • Tom Wu 7 years ago

    Lucky the motorcyclist is not Asian

  • sasyukatsuki 7 years ago

    NO , You shall not have a youtube account !!!

  • Marco Freitas 7 years ago

    How to secure a lane… learn from the mountain goat…

  • Gandalf The-Grey 7 years ago

    That’s my ram

  • Nelson Bomber 7 years ago

    Yes, we might have to shear him with summer coming on so he doesn’t overheat… could be interesting

  • digger dagger 7 years ago

    sheer it, thatll show it whos boss

  • Ohara Leaks 7 years ago

    i know there an animal and everything but those rams are assholes. one of them hit me in the back of the leg at a petting zoo one time >:(

  • Kevin Galloway 7 years ago


  • RandomGamingChannel 7 years ago

    ITs like a slenderman but worse

  • tomthebomb990 7 years ago

    LOL, that was hilarious. Seriously though, that thing could have fucked you up hardcore if it would have got you just right.

  • Terje L. Reiersen 7 years ago

    What an ugly troll.#womoco #angryram

  • kossshhh 7 years ago

    damn bashes

  • Matthew Murano 7 years ago

    grabs the bull by the horns and still loses

  • Ivan Barrancos 7 years ago

    You shall not pass!!!

  • stuff4ever 7 years ago


  • zacklevanful 7 years ago

    I would have taken it home and Kept it as a protection animal

  • มนตราวายุ ร่วงโรยดุจสายฝน 7 years ago

    it seem delicious :p

  • Mappo Boom 7 years ago

    LOL this just made my day =)

  • Su-Hyun Hong 7 years ago

    very very angry sheep!!! haha

  • Bruno Mantovani 7 years ago


  • Terje Nesthus 7 years ago


  • KingEpicSneeze 7 years ago

    Brilliant haha

  • Николай Кошман 7 years ago

    нехуй блять

  • Pzychosis 7 years ago

    Dude serious shit, that ram could have fucked you up, gored you quite easily with it’s horns, and that ram has pretty small sized horns

  • 0IIIIII 7 years ago


  • awesomedude601 7 years ago

    Now i think i should always bring a knife to a ram fight

  • inalavalamp 7 years ago

    WHAT?!? Is the capital of Assyria?

  • ice gem 7 years ago

    i would put it on a leash and take it home and scare my mom with it XD

  • Andrew Sinnott 7 years ago

    this is why i wish i lived up north

  • Andrew Howard 7 years ago

    You got chased out of there lolol

  • killall217 7 years ago


  • ramjet177 7 years ago

    What a pussy…Thing musta been no more then 20 pounds…Pick him up and throw the cunt into the woods…

  • edleedavis 7 years ago

    Aww its so cute! I want one.

  • Jhonatan5 7 years ago

    Looks like you went to the wrong neighborhood bro. loool

  • Curfew Walks 7 years ago

    What was the twig gonna do?

  • krisztiancsaszar66 7 years ago


  • Bk94541 7 years ago

    HAHAHAHA..sooo cute little fatty <3 <3

  • valtjou 7 years ago


  • HeroicDarkness6 7 years ago

    grabs a fucking stick lol

  • thekoalak 7 years ago

    RWJ NOW !

  • int3rl0per 7 years ago

    Having seen several videos like this by now, I’m prompted to say: man, rams are professional assholes. :E

  • bcrichwarlockmaster 7 years ago

    not if I’m 300 pounds and pure muscle and have a friend to help slaughter it with muahahahahaha

  • george foreman 7 years ago


  • Mr.panda 7 years ago

    Lol the ram’s so cute xD

  • Selena Jamie 7 years ago

    Im laughing so hard im crying now

  • plantsIvsItrevor 7 years ago

    be serious, if you grabbed him by the horns, he would kick the crap out of you and tigers arent the only thing that bites necks, almost every predator does and not to kill by suffication, too kill by bleeding out.

  • jay shannon 7 years ago

    I would grab that bastard by the horns, and wrestle it to the ground. Then I would do what a tiger does and bite its neck to kill it by suffocation then eat it!

  • Jonathan Charles 7 years ago

    The ultimate troll

  • Devon Wash 7 years ago

    Guts. Glory. Ram!

  • Nguyen Tuan 7 years ago

    ha ha ha so funny

  • Stefan Bozic 7 years ago

    Some say that the ram is still chasing him to this day..

  • Norbert Kicsi 7 years ago

    looool xD

  • immy10000 7 years ago

    This deserves a million views lol.Still laughing as I type

  • immy10000 7 years ago

    Friggin hilarious!

  • Polly Anne 7 years ago

    I laughed my ass off lol

  • orestis Drivas 7 years ago

    it reminds me of gandalf vs the balrog

  • Frankske Verstraeten 7 years ago


  • nfinnnn 7 years ago

    just punch him in the face!

  • skate96production 7 years ago

    that was epic shit ;DDD