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  • amosthecat337 7 years ago

    they’re very diminutive… it was just letting him know what the deal was…and that it was a wild goat controlled area. When you’re out in the woods, sometimes it’s best to play by their rules.

  • Ramón José Serantes Rico 7 years ago
  • Claudiu Militaru 7 years ago

    i would fucking beat it with a bat… or stick

  • DeKipish 7 years ago

    о ржака! хаха!

  • MODZzINFECTIONS 7 years ago


  • Vidmary777 7 years ago

    01:06 Oh Shit!!! I jumped!! Scream LAMBCHOPS! at that jerk!!!

  • Elliot Heard 7 years ago

    I hate when this happens:( saw a bear on a narrow trail one time thankfully it didn’t stand ground hahaha

  • imot886 7 years ago

    next time just hit him nose he dosnt like it 😀

  • iM4rWin 7 years ago

    1:50 LT RT skyrim kombo..

  • wiefdiwbofdbw 7 years ago

    i wonder if that ram was just being excited and playing or frightened, aggressive or whatever

  • faqdajews 7 years ago

    you passed the level congrats

  • Mehmet Yavuz 7 years ago

    i would had grilled that bastard

  • Nelson Bomber 7 years ago

    Hell yes it hurts, they have been known to break legs. I could have held him down but when I let him go he would have been more pissed than before.

  • BeyondDestiny 7 years ago

    would it actually hurt if they rammed into you? why didnt u just hold it down

  • Nelson Bomber 7 years ago

    Haha, I have a pitbull & she is scared of this ram, he has been attacked by a couple of dogs & he beat the shit out of them, one needed stitches.

  • StormSixx1447 7 years ago

    HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA brilliant observation xD

  • ediie1000 7 years ago

    Lol! Where can i get one ill get ride of my pitbulls hahaha!

  • JagHeterAxel2 7 years ago

    Here’s a tip to anyone who finds him/herself in the same situation:Don’t start backing when standing in front of a ram, ’cause he’ll interpret that as a challenge. Just go straight ahead and he’ll soon or later move.Or on second thought, there wouldn’t be any fun videos like these if everyone knew that… So keep on backing!

  • kennste nicht 7 years ago

    very good xD

  • Sidewinder2553 7 years ago

    Damn, i hope that sound wasn’t from your knee 0:55 1:05

  • astrid bostrom 7 years ago

    Omg that’s so funny! But im pretty sure that’s a cheap!

  • Bshara Faddoul 7 years ago

    omg i can’t stop laughing hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  • jairo ORO 7 years ago


  • FuzzyDoesGaming 7 years ago

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha this is so funny! XD

  • Sascha Böhner 7 years ago

    outbaited and outsmarted 🙂

  • Nelson Bomber 7 years ago

    Done – /watch?v=lkckrSs4K2Q

  • Nelson Bomber 7 years ago

    Good idea, I’ll see if I can find the footage. I might have deleted it, didn’t expect it would be so popular.

  • Samurai Silhouette 7 years ago

    Holy shit! Glad that thing didn’t gore you!

  • ecxpac 7 years ago

    Is there a third version with all the footage left in (as in here), but no music? I know it’s funny WITH it, but having the variety is good.

  • Maxim Kysil 7 years ago !

  • Gustavo Bugnon 7 years ago


  • TheSteinmetz342 7 years ago

    You cannot pass! I am a servant of the secret fleece wielder of the wool of arnor. Dark fleece will not avail you! Wool of Udun! Go back to the garage! YOU… SHALL NOT… PASS!!! *rams the biker*

  • Adam Groves 7 years ago

    Failing that putting your leg on its neck and breaking it’s neck, I’ve never tried with a ram but a deer’s easy enough

  • satura winter 7 years ago

    that;s the mountain guard for ya

  • halaljerkbeef 7 years ago

    lol dominated

  • Nelson Bomber 7 years ago

    Haha, what is it with farmers & wanting to jump on sheep

  • Torgue Flexington 7 years ago

    Maybe I’m being biased having farming experience, but oh my god this guy’s a pussy. Just chase the thing, jump on it.

  • conspiritor2 7 years ago

    This goat must be an ancient gate keeper be aware!

  • Nelson Bomber 7 years ago

    Definitely, I haven’t seen it for years.. classic comedy, I was going for the sped up chase scene style they used to use. Don’t worry I won’t let the haters get me down…. 600k views, I must have done something right 😉

  • Nelson Bomber 7 years ago

    He got me off balance & I Iost my footing, no serious injuries though, just a couple of bruised fingers

  • sainkanzaki 7 years ago

    Wow, at 1:05 did it hurt you?

  • Hans Von Mannschaft 7 years ago

    Yakkety Sax was a great choice, don’t let the young and/or ignorant bring you down.And now that we’re on the subject, wouldn’t it be great to have some Benny Hill re-runs?Cheers

  • Mike Blacknail 7 years ago

    That’s one bad ass mountain goat!!!

  • MrWilai 7 years ago

    How does the ram always follow you ? 😀

  • MusicOfOthers 7 years ago


  • SuperMegaBert199 7 years ago

    Hahaha This is great! 😀

  • Nelson Bomber 7 years ago

    I think it suits the situation

  • Nelson Bomber 7 years ago

    Thanks man, glad you guys like it 🙂

  • MrWilai 7 years ago

    osaisitko käyttää vastaus nappulaa

  • mickketenhovuori 7 years ago

    Ei ole paras video ikinä

  • MrWilai 7 years ago

    This is probably the best video i ever seen.

  • frtbcn 7 years ago

    hahahaha. The enduro is a very hard sport. Great video!!

  • omar nawaz 7 years ago

    You destroyed the video with that gay music

  • sHoCkWaVe448 7 years ago

    so u thought a twig would work better? 😀 funny vid!

  • Zef Inius 7 years ago

    Are u a Three-arm dog?

  • thebeatjackson 7 years ago

    Ewe shall not pass

  • Savvas Vasiliou 7 years ago

    HAHAHAHA HILLARIOUS DUDE ! ! ! omg srsly that goat is so cute ;d

  • rwaxzy 7 years ago

    flute@him lål

  • Joan Figueroa-Jiménez 7 years ago

    OMGGGGGGGGGGG!! You made my day, even my parrot Lola is laughing LOL!!! I have to share this video with my FB friends LOL!!!!

  • Leonardo Sestini 7 years ago

    I don’t know what i could do in such circumstances but i swear that if that happens to me i would try to ride on his back 🙂

  • EmoladyHUN 7 years ago

    A hülye állat nem hogy áthajtana rajta még neki áll verekedni vele 😀

  • LibberzHedgie 7 years ago

    Awh. The Ram is so cute! >w<

  • MyYKz 7 years ago


  • MyYKz 7 years ago


  • mnlanthony 7 years ago

    i need more of what happened…did it caught you up down the road….. hahahahahahaha!!!love this video!

  • Alan Casas 7 years ago


  • pejapl13 7 years ago

    Hahahahha the way you attack it tge run!

  • ashleybooker94 7 years ago

    I love this, pissing myself laughing because I’ve had one ram my bike.

  • MaxAcid21 7 years ago

    That ram made you his bitch

  • conspiritor2 7 years ago

    SHift + c , hit him with fire!!! with fire!!

  • Michael Scharna 7 years ago


  • Bushman Canuck 7 years ago

    Sheep: Baa-ram-ewe, baa-ram-ewe. To your breed, your fleece, your clan be true. Sheep be true. Baa-ram-ewe.

  • nintendokings 7 years ago

    I would have kicked it in the face for trying to ram me

  • Sideways Ford 7 years ago

    Awesome! that must have been a long duel! funny as!!!

  • juanita escobeitor 7 years ago


  • Sam Doddle 7 years ago

    lol sheep 1 motorcyclist 0

  • Nelson Bomber 7 years ago

    haters gonna hate 😉

  • rrolls54 7 years ago

    Not a motorcyclist if you ask me. Other than that, just trying to get laughs and attention. Might not be such a bad rider after all, just maybe.

  • JA forU 7 years ago

    dwl..i luv this…was dying while watching

  • Ale Moitinho 7 years ago

    hahahahahahahahahahahaha omg… me too hahahahahahahahahahahaha I can’t even imagine… hahahahahahahahahahahaha

  • 83dvl 7 years ago

    wost thing you could do he would see humans as a source of food

  • Lachdanun 7 years ago

    made my day XD

  • Paulo Martins 7 years ago

    0:40 omg 😀

  • RebelForce8 7 years ago

    A weaponized goat..

  • PicklesPalace 7 years ago

    ROFLMAO just feed him a treat and he’ll greet you friendlier.

  • Adrian Rudalski 7 years ago

    hahahha amazing Greetings from Poland 😀

  • straMaxxa 7 years ago

    hahaha wonderful video!!

  • seasonsbleed 7 years ago

    w w w responsibletechnology org it is time to learn

  • randy orton 7 years ago

    my dog would eat that fucking beast

  • Matheus Dorn 7 years ago

    pode ter saido com a moto ao invés de ficar enchendo o saco do bixinho

  • edumorettic 7 years ago

    assisti esse video 8x e nas 8, cheguei a chorar e passar mal de tanto rir…kkkkkkkkkk

  • SunnyStudios97 7 years ago

    Haha, made my day :’D

  • poutses mple 7 years ago

    It’s not funny. A ram can easily break bones.

  • Günther Woldrich 7 years ago


  • Lawrence German 7 years ago
  • Dimitrios Kanellopoulos 7 years ago
  • Cloud VgzGR 7 years ago
  • Cesar J.B. 7 years ago

    Not a KTM but still hilarious!

  • Not a KTM but still hilarious!

  • Nelson Bomber 7 years ago
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