Baron goes back to skool to learn how to wheelie with the boys at Learn 2 Wheelie based at the Top Gear test track.

It took me a while but I did get it up eventually – story of my life…

Hopefully you guys will understand the technique as i tried to leave some of the tuition in the video – the best way of learning is to do a course with these guys though. Safe, and you wont lose your licence.



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  • russianmerc 5 years ago

    Gently used Quad for sale. 😉

  • Lawrenzho BB 6 years ago

    its got some beef for my burger! ahhahahahah

  • mark rushton 6 years ago

    im going Saturday cant wait,

  • James Madelin 6 years ago

    I did this yesterday, largely thanks to this video. Nick is a legend. And wheelie school is EEEPPPIIICCC ! I’ve got blistered hands from spanking up and down a runway on my (or rather Nick’s) back wheel. Ooo-eeer.

  • Nick 636n8r 6 years ago

    once you learn how to wheelie u will do it just about every time u go for a ride haha i know i do i just have to fucking do it its addicting

  • SecondLifeDesigner 6 years ago

    Found the Baron from Walterrific. 🙂

  • webslingercj 6 years ago

    Nice work.Lots of people fall on there ass.And forget about using there back brake . you can tap the rear brake and bring the front wheel right down.You can even hold the rear brake while your doing the wheelie and if you go back to far add more brake… Hope this helps keep up the great vids…

  • SuperMotoGuy99 6 years ago

    if Jake The Garden Snake watches this, he will be face palming the hole time or shouting at his screen.

  • YoloMcSwaggins 6 years ago

    “Acidic piss”Ten out of ten. ahahahh

  • 357Compton 6 years ago

    Sub’ed, Thank Dan

  • BlueSnowballGaming 6 years ago

    I’m gonna record my knob XD

  • Camo 25 6 years ago

    Do it with dan sent me to your channel and your really funny man

  • Johan van Rooyen 6 years ago

    Dan sent us 😀 You are quite funny

  • Ken Portman 6 years ago

    Sent by DO IT WITH DAN!!

  • Devin Rostron 6 years ago

    Dan sent me here!

  • Qball3794 6 years ago

    came here from Dan, you’re pretty funny.

  • Brandone Reed 6 years ago

    Tsince when the hell does a for wheeler have a twist throttle

  • Death666wish 6 years ago

    Hey! You can laugh!

  • m1k3turbo 6 years ago

    Can you please tell me what camera and mic you used ?

  • Do It With Dan 6 years ago

    This is definitely my favorite video from you 🙂

  • Guy Reading 6 years ago

    I did my CBT here 3/4 years ago!

  • Naisetlikoon 6 years ago

    Dude you ride big expensive motorbikes but you just cant wheelie ATV :O even i wheelie my Polaris 500 sportman

  • Riley Lowe 6 years ago

    i have a 2011 ltz400 and its soo easy to wheelie

  • LueXiong10 6 years ago

    Need some “Vlog Him!” stickers! I need that in my life!

  • John Mirror 6 years ago


  • Derek Schwartz 6 years ago

    So I’ve never actually ridden a bike before, but doing a wheelie seems pretty simple. Almost like peeling out in a stick shift car. You hold in the clutch and give it some gas (throttle) until get you get to medium to high RPM then release the clutch. The quick spinning of wheels will make you peel out in a car, or do a wheelie in a bike. The quick acceleration of the tires overcomes the weight of the bike and the front end comes up, hopefully under your control. Can anyone tell me if I’m wrong and if so explain the difference? I plan on getting a sports bike soon, even though I never plan on doing a wheelie because it just seems too dangerous to me, it’s still nice to know how to do. Thanks.

  • Kai Watts 6 years ago

    Top Gear track?

  • noah coll 6 years ago

    “boom band shackalacka i hurt my nacka

  • Scot Wilson 6 years ago

    It’s like an orgasmatron 😉 love it

  • Cesar Chacon 6 years ago

    Watching baron while high… Hilarious

  • staggabob 6 years ago

    They cut the power? How could they cut the power man? They’re animals!

  • Exalt 6 years ago


  • Chase Jasper Down 6 years ago

    This is so cool. Too bad they don’t have anything here in Orlando Florida.

  • Nacho Delfino 7 years ago

    What yamaha 4 cyl is riding the theacher?

  • dan Hamakua 7 years ago

    Baron Von Wheelie.

  • CustardRacer 7 years ago

    during wheelie school… you both elected for piss cubicles as opposed to (scary urinals)…. to much firmly upper awareness wheelie induced stage fright? 😉