This was recorded back in April (20th) and I’d been putting off editing it because it was a LOT of footage to cut together and it was easier not to do it than to do it and I knew I’d need a couple of days clear to plough through it. Thanks to a rainy weekend – here it is 🙂

Some of the jokes in my vlog will make a little more sense if you see BaronVonGrumble’s vlog which he posted up soon after the day.

We started vlogging at the track and I didn’t record an intro/welcome, so I always knew that I’d need to fudge something later.
I had the idea of the phone calls and originally went out to Marinello in Egham to record the conversations. But it didn’t feel right, plus I was being watched so I gave up in the end.

It was on my way home from Marinello that I ran across the stranded biker, and that became the Brotherhood of Bikers vlog 🙂

For the intro that I came up with, I had to create the custom footage that’s showing on the TV in the background (see it in my Extra/BTS playlist).
It’s a gentle mock of MizShift who’s managed to get 10,000+ subscribers by videoing himself riding down the motorway (fair play to him)

For the record… The tights aren’t/weren’t my girlfriend’s 😉 She did give me an odd look when I told her I was getting some fishnets, but she’s getting used to me buying stupid props for vlogs 🙂


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