Last ride of the year 2013 🙂

I spent Christmas up in Scotland with my family.
Meanwhile, the South of England had rubbish weather and was partially flooded 🙁
Still … I had a good time 😀

In this vlog I talk a wee bit about the Wall of Vame and my roots.

If you know anyone with a sticker for the wall then get in touch here:

Peas oot


Background music:
PM Dawn – Personal Gravity


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  • 2ForFlinching 6 years ago

    Hey Weeemb – any chance I could get the title/artist of the snippet at :30? Admire the variety in your library. You keep pulling those deep tracks. PM it if you want to keep it quiet. Regardless, please resume rocking the moors w/an iron Blade. Flinch out.

  • TheFriskyBiker 6 years ago

    Same with me, If I go to Scotland they say I sound like a Geordie but when I go to Newcastle they say I’m Scottish

  • Callum Mcleish 7 years ago

    At least nobody thinks you sound as if you were from Stirling haha

  • Zed Head 7 years ago

    I stay on Paisley and work in Coatbridge so sometimes ( if I’m on my bike ) go home via EK

  • Radical2301 7 years ago

    Added you on Facebook buddy I’m only in twickenham should go for a ride when my bikes back on the road!!

  • finnoctane 7 years ago

    One of my favourite stretches of road from 3:20 onwards with the North Downs flanking on the right. But the B roads round there give the ol’ girl a shitty arse this time of year! Subbed

  • Radical2301 7 years ago

    What’s your twitter or Facebook?

  • ninjanelly350 7 years ago

    Reminds me of a bloke I used to work with,he was chatting with a posh English woman ‘do you know of a place called Green Oak?’ Aye I do …’s Greenak ya fookin idyat!

  • CaptainCranky 7 years ago

    I hear you mate! Since I moved to Australia, EVERYONE has a bloody accent !!

  • OfficialSmo 7 years ago

    Totally hear you with the ‘not feeling at home’ stuff dude – I don’t feel like England’s my home either and I was born here!

  • Gabriel Scott 7 years ago


  • Gabriel Scott 7 years ago

    Sunshine on leith happy new year ride safe

  • ninjanelly350 7 years ago

    Could we have a translator next time cause I didn’t understand a word of that! Happy new year pally.

  • ThreeStreets42 7 years ago

    I believe the term you are looking for is moose-knuckle.

  • DangleVonBallbag 7 years ago

    If I decide to ever make stickers you can have a free one, but only if you promise to stick it up Julie.

  • Theedappa 7 years ago

    Yay i recognise those roads!

  • Altholas 7 years ago

    Great vid!Your videos always give me quite the chuckle

  • Camberwell86 7 years ago

    Fucking hell this sounds like my story. I moved from Camberwell to Rugeley when I was 15 and have also refused to lose my accent. Likewise, people up here say I’ve got a Cockney accent and try getting me to say “apples and pears” and all that bullshit, and when I go home they all say, “what you talking like a Brummie for?”Fell your pain, brother. Also agree about the “not having a home” thing. I don’t feel bound to either place. I’ve done 12 years up here now so I’ve got just under 3 to move. That’s my ruleset now – never get a mortgage, never live anywhere for more than 15 years 🙂

  • Nat thatgirlonthebike 7 years ago

    I could watch your videos all day not only because they are entertaining but also because I absolutely love your accent. I have never brought it up before because it’s a creepy thing just to randomly come out and say, but as your video was about accents I can finally say it. Happy New Year Weeem! I’m looking forward to all your videos in the year to come 🙂

  • BK--- 7 years ago

    Happy new year from a not so sunny Scotland, can’t tell your Scottish at all ha ha. We all know you’ve really been ‘into’ your next door neighbour Julie 😉 Another great video though. All the best for 2014.

  • shaarrky1 7 years ago

    Christ i’ve got camel toe lol funny. Happy new year.

  • Suffolk Andy 7 years ago

    good vid mate

  • exjay252 7 years ago

    Nice vid, all the best for 2014..

  • Lewis H 7 years ago

    East Kilbride? I was there this weekend. Only 20 minutes up the road. Hope you had a good Christmas and new year weeem, And good luck for 2014!

  • younge27 7 years ago

    Class act, great vid!

  • Quentin Redbeard 7 years ago

    Haha, I have an accent?! :p Scouser in the corner cracked me up xD Happy New Year ya porridge gobbling sporran jockey 😀

  • SouthernFried Tom 7 years ago

    I can’t believe you only have 3k subs, there are others out there nowhere near as entertaining as you who have more. Here’s to hoping it rises, so I will share this so more people can join the Weeem Barmy Army. I have no trouble understanding accents, even though I am a southerner born and bred, it’s odd. No matter how strong someones accent is I can pretty much understand anyone, even you Weem! Maybe that’s my super power?

  • Triumf Ant 7 years ago

    Double the Celsius and add 30. Close enough for government work.

  • Jack Jones 7 years ago

    Happy new year weeem 🙂

  • Skeggy Cruiser 7 years ago

    Happy New Year Weeem! Send me your Address by YouTube PM and I’ll send you a Skeggy Cruiser Sticker! and you can stick it where ever you like, even up Julie if that’s what floats ya boat, lol, Great Video again and no comment on my accent, Ride Safe Bro.

  • m22rdy 7 years ago

    You got my sub after helping that guy who was stuck with his bike. Kudos To You!

  • BattleBeard 7 years ago

    Happy new year, you nutter!

  • Scott Harman 7 years ago

    Hey man, hope u feeling ok after that Smirnoff last night??? Lol!! Nice work man, can’t believe the amount of fucktard drivers in ur vid today. I’m sure everyone’s driving around pissed. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  • matthew wyatt 7 years ago


  • BKarol 7 years ago

    Nice video! 🙂 but the audio is shi*… :/

  • odd john 7 years ago

    oooooo, I’m first.