Waaaaay back in January I was on one of Bran7701‘s Google Hangouts and the question came up: “Who would you like to meet [that you haven’t already]”

I’ve met a few already, but there was one special deviant that came to my mind….. Him with the massive heed ….. the Redbeard :

Around the same time he started seeing TriTripleKylie who’s just as much a deviant as he is.
So I sent a message and we arranged a 3-way … er … meet-up 😉

On the way to the meet point in Petworth I got rained on …. and then more rain … and more … :/
It didni’t help that I had my camera in the exposed Frame mount, so it got soaked through. I hadn’t realised, but the water got into the camera, shorted the power button which switched it on for about 20 minutes without me knowing (hense the wet footage at the beginning)

Although it was recording, the camera display was dead, it was showing 1 solid red light and it was unresponsive.
Bucked 🙁

So I pulled the battery and put the camera in the seat unit face down where it must have been dried out by the warmth of my arse juices (…. and the Power Commander). By the time we stopped later in Whiteway’s Cafe for a bite of lunch it had dried out and was working again …. 😀

…. and that’s where the video starts 🙂


Monsieur Redbeard:
Madame Kylie:


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King Unique – Obscene Dirty Filthy Immoral


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  • StreetTriple Mat 5 years ago

    You need to meet the Devon knee down specialists MrSparyAprilia and myself

  • bakerXderek 5 years ago

    I would love to ride with them with Sena intercoms, they are TOO funny. This vid was aRREEAALL good.

  • Skeggy Cruiser 5 years ago

    Great video bud, and I love the special High pitched ending, you should keep that, lol, I sub Kylie and Redbeard so thankfully knew what to expect, pleased to see your not tied to a chair missing a limb or two, RSM8.

  • tritriplekylie 5 years ago

    Weeeeem. We’d like to apologise for lack of involvement until this point. We had a a very busy few days and we promise to eat you out until its sparkling clean :DQuentin is now a Honda owner, so just like in avatar he has mated with his blade for life and attaches to it via a weird extra long tentacle that grows from his crotch so he can control it using his oversized cranium he calls a headit’s good to see you managed to crawl free from the condom filled sands of the desolate lands we call Hayling island. I hope you gave the anal dwelling sea mouse a good home and use him occasionally for the freaky sex acts you told us about in great detail you dirty wee bastidRS-wee-MF

  • Quentin Redbeard 5 years ago

    Weeeeem. We’d like to apologise for lack of involvement until this point. We had a very busy few days and we promise to eat you out until it’s sparkling clean :D959!? It’s a 954 xD Kylie does love those cyclist arse grabs, I could make a 15 minute vlog out of those alone haha. You should have said you needed a piss, I was thirsty 🙁 Your rear shock definitely needs a drop of oil, creaking badly there :pRS Wee MF 🙂

  • Toobi-wan Onroadi 5 years ago

    What a treat, in that you survived the encounter and got your bike back. Nice gathering and am sure it was filled with plenty of laughs.

  • Neil Cole 5 years ago

    Did they shave your balls and rape you?

  • The Biker Bean 5 years ago

    great video and your definitely Quentin’s & Kylie’s commentator! haha 😀

  • borstalboy24 5 years ago

    does quentin not understand that you cant just type ‘somewhere dry’ in TomTom as a destination.not to sure is spicy was luck or not that you 3 did not find him

  • Static Ironhead 5 years ago

    The first meeting was to size you up. Now the next time you will be more relaxed and this is when they will tie you up and toss you in the dungeon! LOL

  • Hi Weem, I don’t believe this, first you rode in my old stomping ground in “Meet My Maker” and “Posh Beans” and now you’re down my new neck of the woods in this vid !!. We must meet sometime ??

  • DangleVonBallbag 5 years ago

    Looked like a fun and/or rapey day by all accounts! Nice one sex smurf!

  • ninjanelly350 5 years ago

    A succesful mission,you made it in….and you made it out.Well done Weeem and your body wasnt violated,result!

  • CaptainCranky 5 years ago

    I’m glad I watched your vid after theirs – kind of a return to some sort of sanity… almost…You were brave stepping off the bike and turning off the engine!!I would have been escape-ready the whole time 🙂

  • The XT Donkey 5 years ago

    If you ever find yourself in Northern Ireland I’m sure I can find the time to come say heyyyy 😛

  • Dracati Ducati 5 years ago

    Those ‘detour’ days, are sometimes the best memories…;)Funny Stuff, thx for Share

  • spicy110 5 years ago

    An invasion!!! Lol

  • alightvlogging 5 years ago

    holy shit you escaped! you must have taken my advice not to accept the sweeties he offers you.

  • Surf Pilot 5 years ago

    Qrb, Kylie and weem in one day, brilliant..and you escaped in one piece too, that is unless you edited the part where they milked you? great vid mate.

  • SouthernFried Tom 5 years ago

    I heard Kylie wanted to keep you as her butt-plug as her old one has gone all rusty from being inserted since 1836!

  • busa black 5 years ago

    That’s you now met the von crazies.It was a good idea not to get your wee man out in that lay by, other wise we could have been watching a whole different video.

  • The Gentleman Biker 5 years ago

    Loving the cable and punching sound effects Weem. You’ve got massive balls going to see them, they’re mental!

  • HamSpamJamLamb 5 years ago

    Dude, you’re like the third wheel in their relationship 😉

  • Blahdeblah52 5 years ago

    Mate, I saw their video. OMG. You actually went and met these nutters. Kudos.I so need to meet Kyles. Quentin, well he can do one 😉

  • Rozgriz 5 years ago

    come meet the roz we need class over here

  • webby724 5 years ago

    I went over a gravel patch once. Wasn’t pleasant, could feel my wheels shifting.Then I rode to Tesco and bought Red Bull. I was happy that day. Because Red Bull.

  • Flaczyy 5 years ago

    I love those little sound effects you add to your videos, always crack me up!

  • JackSwatman 5 years ago

    Didn’t know you’ve met BvG, you have a video of the encounter?