So Weem decided to come to my Island and fuck my Drift Ghost… again. This time he left Badger’s crotch alone but he managed to get part of my cat in his mouth.

I don’t know why I hang out with him to be honest.

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Featuring Weem


  • outsidethewirevet 5 years ago

    What’s up with all the metal plates and grates in the middle of the road? The ones I’ve seen on some corners made my testies cringe for fear of getting a good smashing about! I’ll bet in the winter they are slick as snot… the city engineer that planned that out, should get a good swift kick to the twins and the limpytwig every time a motorcycle runs over them!!!

  • MattMoto46 6 years ago

    i have traveled all over the world, worked as far as the states and the far east… and one of the resounding things that is so amazing about the UK is the green. No other country like it!

  • haha…there I was sat flickin thru machine mart minding mi own bizz-niss then all of a sudden ‘6-42’!!!….byyyy Christ that got mi attention hehehope ya well brother smo..

  • Ellis01234567890 6 years ago

    You’re not alone in disliking the Lego Movie. I watched with my girlfriend (now ex girlfriend not that you need to know that) She thought it was brilliant but I found it very difficult to share her enthusiasm. I’m not sure if it was trying too hard to be funny, I think more along the lines of trying too hard to be likable. Or lovable. If that makes sense.Any who, just found your channel and now officially a subscriber.

  • Derek Olsen 6 years ago

    Very funny how that spot of moisture covered up your speedo on that overtake!!!!

  • SkyTheDragon37 6 years ago

    Right mate, how much for the link to the film of the make out session? Just picturing Weem getting Smo’d on makes my pants get tighter.Fucking hell, whats wrong with me, yeah? I must say, that triple sounds amazing.Legendary as always mate.Lego movie was proper shite. How to Train Your Dragon 2 however…was awesome.T’ra! You Spaz!

  • KaySee Moto 6 years ago

    Didn’t +WeeemRCB Also break your twitch stream… hes a Terrorist I tell you.

  • ThreeStreets42 6 years ago

    I like touching your balls for comfort as well!+WeeemRCB is far to much of a loud obnoxious cunt for me! Dark weeeeeeeem was the tits though!

  • Beaver 314 6 years ago

    you’re not alone, i like chris pratt and all, and i love lego, was hoping for some kind of nostalgic catharsis but i was just wishing it to be over already, the whole movie…

  • Gary Hamill 6 years ago

    agreed about the Lego movie. it wasn’t even funny or even that good. what was all the fuss about? the same with Frozen.. I hated the snowman in it btw! lol

  • worntread 6 years ago
  • Alex Round 6 years ago

    8.20 = Eargasm for them workers! Unlucky that you lost the weem footage but still a great vid! Good work

  • WeeemRCB 6 years ago

    I noticed the smoothness .. it was appreciated ;)I’ll tickle your belly next time 😀

  • TheMotoFiles 6 years ago

    I just realized we may be a bunch of dudes watching each others videos while cupping our balls.

  • zombies4sale 6 years ago

    It’s awesome you’re still not uploading in 720P60fps. It’s so nice to be able to watch a video in HD, cheers Smo.

  • BKarol 6 years ago

    I meet weem last year 🙂 It was awesome, everything is awesome (I don’t know how the song goes)

  • Ethan Senior 6 years ago

    I know the Weeem! But I might not know him in the way you do? 😉 Dark Weeem scared me aswellO.o How can you ride with Kevlar jeans in November/December without getting cold knees? Ugh…. Fuck winter and it being cold!

  • alasdair taylor 6 years ago

    Keep it up

  • alasdair taylor 6 years ago

    First comment woop woop

  • OfficialSmo 6 years ago

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