I vowed that I would never do a mic/helmet setup video…..  here it is 😉

I was asked quite a few times recently what I used as my setup so I thought it easier to put together a video showing the bits ‘n pieces that I use.

Hopefully it might answer some questions you have on what you need and perhaps give you some ideas for your own setup.

Useful Links
Polar Pro :
Decal Girl :
WindCut :


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  • dlinquencious 5 years ago

    Doing my homework! Thanks Weeem!

  • ChronoJustin 5 years ago

    When I think of Spongebob, I think of JonTron. :P(ya know cuz.. dis guys icon huehuehuehueuhuehue)

  • TheSpikeyBiker 5 years ago

    That is real helpful mate. I have had problems with it on my chin with the angle too low so I will use some of your ideas haha. Subbed you mate.

  • NF33075 5 years ago

    Weeem… Thanks for all the tips. I pretty much copied what you’ve done an Arai Corsair and it works great! Cheers from California!

  • Watch the Hewitts Do It 6 years ago

    Awesome video. Keep up the good work.. Maybe if you get a second you can check out my channel… Maybe comment or subscribe

  • MyDayPlay 6 years ago

    It says No result found on everything. Fix?

  • Rec Helmet 6 years ago

    Very nice man.. Subscribed!!!

  • Flatline Gaming 6 years ago

    That’s not true! I live in Switzerland and Marchettino has footage of a blue-ish grey Enzo.

  • The Northern Vlogger 6 years ago

    Best set-up I have seen for the GoPro. Much better than sticking out ontop or at the side which makes it look like Vegas RoManiac’s avatar!

  • DEVON MELON 6 years ago

    if you ever want to sell that hero 2 just let me know (first before anyone else) 😛

  • DangleVonBallbag 6 years ago

    I like the rubber band idea! Mine’s held in place with velcro (as is the mic cable…fnar) Only other difference I have is I use the deadcatdot mount and my mic in inside the lining of my helmet.

  • bakerXderek 6 years ago

    Too much of an “arse ache” lol

  • Syncopy 6 years ago

    i notice you have a sena – is it possible to use that to record audio or is your setup better?

  • Graham Smith 6 years ago

    Great vid, will be amending how I mount my GoPro now – you make it look easier than mine!

  • OfficialSmo 6 years ago

    Nice and clean dude – if possible do you still have a link to the Chinese GoPro audio cable please? I could do with another.

  • Mrbadger Martin 6 years ago

    nice vid

  • Quentin Redbeard 6 years ago

    I’ve never bothered with wind filters, I’ve always used whatever I can find which is very furry and easy to wrap around the mic, do you think it’s worth paying for a proper wind filter matey? I’m kinda pissed off with the Drift though, It’s my main vlogging cam now and the audio is way too sensitive, I’m not sure if the mic itself is the issue or if the firmware is set badly, but for my booming voice it’s way too sensitive 🙁 I’m going to resort to wrapping it in electrical tape to try and bring the input volume down, as different positions don’t seem to help. This video should be incredibly helpful to some people, giving a good overview of how in depth a vlogging setup can be 🙂 I also have a semi. And it’s 7 am. Good work WeeWeem 🙂

  • The Gentleman Biker 6 years ago

    That’s one tidy setup ol’ boy, very nice indeed. I use a drift but I think the chin mounted option is the best, the drift doesn’t suit that location though. Oh well.I’m gonna look into that mic and sock, that’s looks very handy. Cheers!

  • Prenash Pillay 6 years ago

    Awesome Weem -i should of watched this first before filing down the air vent button lol

  • Henri Thomas Borno Vatican Answers. 6 years ago

    Innovation A + Innovation B = Invention A Innovation A + Innovation C = Invention B Innovation A + Innovation D = Invention C And, Invention A + Invention B = Innovation A Invention C + Invention A = Innovation B Invention D + Invention A = Innovation C Plus, Innovation A + Invention A = Innovation, or Invention Innovation B + Invention B = Innovation, or Invention Innovation C + Invention C = Innovation, or Invention

  • Arson Rides 6 years ago

    I may have to invest in one of them recorder doohickeys… I just think my go pro is completely fucked even though I only used it about 4-6 times…. I’d still rather do it properly… But if this is what it takes I’ll just have to pucker up my gooty hole and do it

  • The Silent Biker 6 years ago

    Congratz matey I think you are the 1st person to make the GoPro look good on a helmet

  • Dracati Ducati 6 years ago

    Well Done !!!these are always helpful;)

  • MisterMotoVlog 6 years ago

    Awesome, similar to mine I use a GoPro 2 and Sony PX333… The PX333 has noise reduction built in which find helps a treat! 🙂

  • SKiNt Singer 6 years ago

    That’s a well thought out set-up Mr W :-)Nicely done (especially since you said you would never do a vid like this…)I can’t believe you’ve sold out ;-)Ride safe bud 🙂

  • The Crumble 6 years ago

    Great video matey and thanks so much for your help and advice on the Twitter! I am slowly moving towards your setup as it does look so tidy. I still can’t get my cheap adaptor to work though!? Thx again buddy-great job!

  • Lamb Chop 6 years ago

    Good setup, will have to try the leccy band trick myself. Thanks for sharing

  • Gazzatron 6 years ago

    Nice set up mate, I have the RPHA 10+ but couldn’t find a way to mount my go pro. I went out and bought a Drift instead because I didn’t want a go pro sticking out the side or on top. I don’t think I could take a hacksaw to my lid though no matter how clean the set up is. Good to know though if I decide to go back to the go pro. Cheers mate.

  • Troy Nguyen 6 years ago

    Holy fuck.That is stealth.I need to make mine like that

  • linny919 6 years ago

    The Sena bluetooth audio pack for gopro may interest you.

  • MotoMaryland 6 years ago

    Lol Clean Video Weeem! love when vloggers show their setup Thank you!

  • busa black 6 years ago

    Thank you weem such a helpful video.Have you tried the drift?What made you go for the go pro.?

  • ThreeStreets42 6 years ago

    Have my babies Weem! You can turn off the lights btw love.

  • guillermo diaz moleres 6 years ago
  • freddieeatsgoldcoins 6 years ago

    Hi Temp. Wow what a lovely prize..very generous of you to give them as a prize to your subscribers! please enter me in the competition…all the best,g.;)

  • Hunter Favell 6 years ago