After a couple of years wanting to do this trip … I’m finally going
In August time I’ll be saddling up and flying out to the USA 😀 😀

I’ll be with my g/f and we’ll be doing a driving tour of the west coast of the states from Canada right down to Mexico.
Tthen I’ll be flying ahead to Atlanta to (hopefully) meet up with a few guys over there for a couple of days before heading home to London.

Excited doesn’t really cover it 😀

If you know of some great places to visit on the way (see the map in the video) or want to meet up as we pass through, then drop me a note in the comments or by Twitter, Facebook or Email

Now then – I just have to buy those tickets dag nabbit


Background Music:
James Brown – Living in America


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  • BrockGrimes 4 years ago

    Swing through Monterey, CA and take the coastal highway you’ll dig it alot.Also when in Atlanta stop off at the Varsity grab a burger let us know when you’re gonna be there and maybe some of us GA folk might swing by.

  • Jose Luis 4 years ago
  • vancouveride 4 years ago

    Sent email, hope we can meet up in Vancouver.

  • [HFF]Лаборатория Смарта:3 4 years ago

    HD овчарка, 10 из 10!

  • SKiNt Biker 4 years ago

    Lucky man :-)I would love to do a road trip in the states :-)Have fun 🙂

  • BongoFury 4 years ago

    The coastline from SF to LA [HWY 1] is bliss [on a clear day]…given the current situation …i would think twice about going into Mexico…also …Yosemite and Kings Canyon is a true California Treasure …if you make it to LA …Grand central Market is historic and has great food…..

  • bakerXderek 4 years ago

    I better see your ass out here in San Bernarghetto, i’ll treat you right ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Mrs.PalmBeachRider 4 years ago

    Thats awesome now you have to come to florida next time!!!

  • Cameron Choi 4 years ago

    Add a message to your video

  • Neil Cole 4 years ago

    Well……. Im going to Bognor for a week………so there!!

  • Faiz Naqiuddin 4 years ago

    hey everyone i want to ask you somethingWhat does the fox say?

  • Sam Frank 4 years ago

    Met him a few times. Truly a nice guy and really hard worker. I hope he has a great NBA career.

  • Andrew Wade 4 years ago

    why dont u play minecraft

  • 2ForFlinching 4 years ago

    Rover, wanderer, nomad, vagabond, call Weeem what you will. It’s cool that you’re willing to coordinate some meets w/the peeps. This continent desperately needs some Weeem exposure. Perhaps +Finnoctane could recommend an airline w/the dopest sleep pods so you can stretch out. Bye.

  • StreetTriple Mat 4 years ago

    Im now trying to rewrite living to America to Weeming in America.. All I do is vlog and vlog.. Ducati dealership’s here….. don’t have a bog.. Its a work in progress 😉

  • P4TARD 4 years ago

    The mountains around Santa Monica are some of the best roads I have ever ridden.

  • ivanandhismightysteed 4 years ago

    This video made me sick with jealousy 😉 have a great trip

  • Skeggy Cruiser 4 years ago

    Nice one weeem, I’m not jealous at all, much, ;-( hope you enjoy it bro and that all your plans work out, RSM8.

  • Triple Trouble 4 years ago

    sounds like a amazing trip, i would love to do one in the usa

  • shadetree surgeon 4 years ago

    Oh shit!i wish you were coming just a bit farther south than atlanta!! But regardless, you’re gonng have an amazing time, seeing america will be made so much because you have a network of people already in place here. Looking forward to seeing it!

  • Southern Fried 4 years ago

    I really want to get to the states and visit +shadetree surgeon in FL!

  • El Rayo X 4 years ago

    L.A. In August. Make sure the A/C works in that car. SLC is just as toasty.

  • ratman159 4 years ago

    Vancouver is not part of usa btw

  • Finnoctane 4 years ago

    This sounds sooo cool! What car are you driving?! Are you buying one, then selling or just renting American Muscle? Might (only might) be doing D.C. to Blood in September…small change from having to meet at Newlands for a quick brap 😉

  • TechT1999 4 years ago

    Sounds like fun man. Too bad no Texas stop on the map..

  • Lamb Chop Rides 4 years ago

    Amazing trip! Envious.. Better take shit loads of memory cards!

  • Momentum NZ 4 years ago

    Sounds like a wicked roadie. Enjoy

  • wody21 4 years ago

    +vancouveride plus +WeeemRCB that would be an exciting combination! 🙂 Keep it up gentlemen, for the awesome videos!

  • Diefullah 4 years ago


  • ThreeStreets42 4 years ago

    Doesn’t sound like you are coming any where near me…. Cunt! Hope you have a fun trip man!

  • von schwarze natter schwarze natter 4 years ago

    dont forget to bend over at the airport for the nsa hand up your arse enjoy

  • Thunderous71 4 years ago

    Awesome trip, is this a plan before the kids 😉

  • spirda7 4 years ago

    damn +WeeemRCB your route takes you right past me. but its a 154 mile return side trip (77miles out 77 back) i could show you some wonderful roads. but i do believe thats during your “driveing” portion. dont know if there is a bike hire service in my town or not.

  • Florida Outdoor Adventures 4 years ago

    On your mini map it seems you will be near Zion National Park. Make sure you drive it and spend some time in Moab, UT if possible. Have a great trip! Zion vid here

  • Picklepoo 4 years ago

    Angry and I are doing a short version of this! San Fran – LA. We’re out there first week of September.

  • From MySeat 4 years ago

    Good for you. Trip of a lifetime.

  • Onyx Haze 4 years ago

    sweet, you’ll be riding right by me on the west coast…… have fun, we drive on the right side of the road good luck ;P

  • DangleVonBallbag 4 years ago

    Lucky sod! Have you un-folded your mirrors yet?!

  • sjbali 4 years ago

    sounds like a great road trip, hope you will have an awesome time

  • wyvernbiker 4 years ago

    Zions a must. Have a an awesome trip.

  • MotoTwitch 4 years ago

    You should come see me in Florida 😉

  • OfficialSmo 4 years ago

    You son of a bitch.

  • Stealth 4 years ago

    Weeem aways to Merica ….. sweeet. Shhhhhhh …… don’t tell everybody. lol

  • Red Renna 4 years ago

    Mirror paradox! The mirrors are looking at each other so what do they see??!

  • The Mumble Bee 4 years ago

    Do you ever sleep? If you do an America-related upload then I expect plenty of Neil Diamond “They’re Coming to America” in the background. Only replace “they’re” with a very badly overdubbed “Weeem’s”. It’ll make sense once you do it…

  • bmorisquati 4 years ago

    Yes sir I’m here in atlanta!! Haha come on down!! Dude this video just made my day!!

  • drienkm 4 years ago

    I have several bikes too:)

  • drienkm 4 years ago

    I can probably meet up around Seattle or Portland. I’m moving to Yakima, WA in a month. Are you traveling by car or bike?I second the PCH (CA-1)! It’s about 19 times as beautiful and interesting as I-5 through the Great Valley. Make sure you take Avenue Of the Giants starting just south of Rio Dell, CA… it’s totally different than the nearby US-101

  • CNCycle 4 years ago

    Let me know when you’re in Los Angeles/Orange County. I’ve got an extra bike.

  • SWG Moto 4 years ago

    I live about 4 hours or so from Ramekin. I may try to head up when your are there.

  • XXXDeadhead 4 years ago

    Hit me up when near San Francisco and you can hijack my bike and motovlog set – shit, will let you hijack the channel with a vid if you would like – make sure you drive the PCH along the west coast – hit Zion and Kolob Canyon in southern Utah on your way to Salt Lake – cheers

  • code3kc 4 years ago

    Also gotta do In N Out! Here in So Cal when you’re passing through

  • Dracati Ducati 4 years ago

    That plan looks Incredible !!!WoW !!!Have a Safe & Fun Trip in our Country,If I can get west from AZ & catch u,I’ll do my best !!!;)Either way, I’ll be watching

  • Just remember, no filtering over here (Cali excepting)! Sounds like it’s going to be a kick-ass trip through a gorgeous part of our country! When you’re in Cali, try and stop at a Slater’s 50/50, their burgers are 50% bacon, 50% beef. Oh man, so good…Also, now I have that damn song stuck in my head…

  • BongoFury 4 years ago


  • Pavement Chasers 4 years ago