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My Addiction, Tai Chi Weather, Tesla and Regional Accents

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Holy crap.... well someone had a coffee before going out for a ride. 3 months since the last vlog and I dump 3 months of updates on you in 15 minutes.

Cheap Chinese DeathTrap Levers…! + Random Chat

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If you like random, then you should like this. This video is a complete shambles.

Weem was AFK….

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I've been away for a while, so time for a catch-up

Response Video: Idle/Tickover Challenge

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This has to be the easiest and safest challenge. How fast can your bike go .... without any throttle?

The Last Ride of 2016

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Come with me on a lovely warm day in SE England as I take you with me on my last ride out for 2016

The Isle of Smo #2

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In this episode of "Buy this guy a watch", we meet up with Mr. Smo in his native land :D

Street Triple : SABOTAGE

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Triumph Test Ride : SABOTAGE

The HusqaWeema – Husqvarna 701 SuperMoto

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Well somebody has a new bike ..... it isn't me ;)

The furry Butt-Hole of the UK

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Cycling can be a pain in the ass ... literally.

Social Anxiety vs Social Butterfly

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As an introvert, normal is a bit of a stretch. But weird is good, so ... bite me :D

Royally Pointless?

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A peek behind the curtain of Windsor when the cameras were finally off and no-one was watching.

How to YouTube or Twitch stream when you have Cr*ppy ADSL Internet

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Can't get Fast Internet in your area, but you want a fast upload to YouTube or live stream on Twitch? I figured out how make a solid 20Mb/s internet upload using ADSL