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The furry Butt-Hole of the UK

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Cycling can be a pain in the ass ... literally.

My Addiction, Tai Chi Weather, Tesla and Regional Accents

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Holy crap.... well someone had a coffee before going out for a ride. 3 months since the last vlog and I dump 3 months of updates on you in 15 minutes.

Social Anxiety vs Social Butterfly

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As an introvert, normal is a bit of a stretch. But weird is good, so ... bite me :D

Royally Pointless?

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A peek behind the curtain of Windsor when the cameras were finally off and no-one was watching.

The HusqaWeema – Husqvarna 701 SuperMoto

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Well somebody has a new bike ..... it isn't me ;)

Weem was AFK….

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I've been away for a while, so time for a catch-up

Response Video: Idle/Tickover Challenge

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This has to be the easiest and safest challenge. How fast can your bike go .... without any throttle?

Cheap Chinese DeathTrap Levers…! + Random Chat

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If you like random, then you should like this. This video is a complete shambles.

The Isle of Smo #2

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In this episode of "Buy this guy a watch", we meet up with Mr. Smo in his native land :D

Street Triple : SABOTAGE

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Triumph Test Ride : SABOTAGE

Will the real WeeemRCB, please stand up…

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A wee vlog about the psychology of Social Media as a creator and as a consumer. What you see in Social Media is often not what you get in real life.

Weem’s picture challenge #WP30

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For a long while I've been looking to get a good compact camera... but wait.... there was a new G7x coming out? mmmmm ... new camera

Hunting Infinity

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I love my Rukka jacket ... but the zip began to fail, so I headed out to Infinity Motorcycles to send it back for repair. While I was there I wandered into the local countryside to find RAF Odiham - where I'm booked for a trackday :D Where the f*ck is it?

Editing a picture for Social Media

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There are times when taking a snap on your greasy phone and running it through some clunky filters is enough before pushing it out into the world. But then there are times when you want to up your picture game and st...

How to YouTube or Twitch stream when you have Cr*ppy ADSL Internet

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Can't get Fast Internet in your area, but you want a fast upload to YouTube or live stream on Twitch? I figured out how make a solid 20Mb/s internet upload using ADSL

Emergency Bump Start

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Ack!!!.... Damn dead battery After 5 years and 25k miles, the FireWeem's battery is getting tired. It will start first time, but if it doesn't.... then I'm fooked. So, what do you do whn your bike won't start? ...

Naked in Public

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Forget a face reveal .... Weem lets it all hang out :D

Après wheeee….

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Right, enough of the chitchat, I need morphine. Do you have any .... I NEEED SOOOME

Managing Dangerous Moments on a Motorcycle

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A motorbike is a bad place to mess up badly and this an example of one of my worst ones. But keep a calm head and your eyes open and everyone will get home safe.

WeemUSA: The Snake: Mullholland Highway in a new Dodge Challenger

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#WeemUSA trip part #1 One of the places we wanted to visit on the WeemUSA trip was The Snake - part of the Mullholland Highway. Made famous by the cars, bikes and ocassional celebs that travelled up and down - so ...

Where the hell did you go!!!??? (looks at watch)

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Normal servix shall resume in 3 .... 2 .... 1 ....

RAF Odiham and Spotted in the Wild

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Following the last vlog (Hunting Infinity) this is the onward search for RAF Odiham in preparation of the OMCC ARD Airfield day. As usual ... usual stoopid ramblings and singing occurred after I thought I was done ...

First time riding Motocross – KTM MX Experience

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I've ridden road bikes forever..... forever ever. Well, that's not strictly true. I've had my share of holiday scooters and even before that, the first motorbike that I slung my leg over was a 2-stroke MX bike for an...

2 Crashes in 1 Day

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2 Crashes in 1 Day? .... FML And there was nothing more I could have done to avoid it.