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bakerXderek: bakerXderek LIVE Ep: 4 – Ft: My Girlfriend

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(No Weem audio until 2h 02m into the live feed)Streamed live on 21 Dec 2013New live stream with a special guest, my lovely lady. Plus a lot more, go ahead and join up :)

Bran7701: First MMH of 2015 + Brand New Shout Outs (05/01/2015)

1.09K Views12 Comments

Happy New Year boys and girls. During tonight's broadcast, I will be giving some channel shout-outs before everyone joins in. I will also be going over some things for my channel in 2015. NEW CHANNEL SHOUT OUTS Jo...

Burnin’ Rubber for The Last Stream on 4G : #WeemStream [ENG][PC]

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Last stream using a 4G router and ADSL. Fibre is coming ..... Broadcasted live on Twitch at

20170131 – Tuesday #WeemStream: Dirt 3 (1 of 2)

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20170131 – Tuesday #WeemStream: Dirt 3 (2 of 2)

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#WeemStream Wednesday – Dying Light Walkthrough- 4 of 5

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Little Nightmares 2/2 : #WeemStream [ENG][PC]

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Broadcasted live on Twitch -- Watch live at

Saturday Night in the PUBG : #WeemStream [ENG][PC]

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Playing tonight with (in alphabetical order): @DABPanda @Duck-99 (Mira) @EN187 @FusioNi @OfficialSmo @TwistedTek @VtwinVlogster Recorded live @

Bran7701: Monday Motovlogger Hangout (24/02/2014)

1.48K Views62 Comments

It's here!! It's Monday night, and you know what that means! Come on in and enjoy some laughs, who knows, you might even learn something. We kick it off at 9:00 EST

Bran7701: LAST MMH OF 2014 !!! (29/12/2014)

1.06K Views2 Comments

It's here, the last Monday Motovlogger Hangout of 2014. Come on in, say hi. Let's talk... about anything. Let's FILL THIS COMMENT BOARD

Bran7701: Friday Night Motovlogger Hangout (24/01/2014)

5.66K Views69 Comments

Back by popular demand! It's a hangout with motovlogger friends =) Ask us questions, we'll answer them! Maybe. Grab your popcorn and come on in. Show time @ 09:00 (ish) EST

MotoVlog Live Edit : #WeemStream

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20170113: Dead By Daylight – 1/3

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Future Unfolding – first 2 hours live gameplay [EN] [PC]

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The Future is Unfolding : #WeemStream #Drunk Stream [EN] [PC] Broadcasted live on Twitch -- Watch live at

#WeemStream Wednesday – Dying Light Walkthrough- 2 of 5

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Bran7701: Monday Motovlogger Hangout (29/09/2014)

915 Views1 Comments

This hangout was tested and WORKED. Doesn't mean it will again, If it doesn't work, please go to my FB page for directions on where to go. Directions will be given during the live hangout ...

TheHunter – Minj of the Wild 1/3 : #WeemStream [ENG][PC]

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Watch live at

TheHunter – Call of the Wild – Head shots Vs Heart shots

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TheHunter - Minj of the Wild : #WeemStream [ENG][PC] This was from an off-line test where I was benchmarking OBS Studio settings using streaming bit-rates to try and get better stream quality on this game.... which...

Bran7701: Tuesday Night Monday Night Makeup Hangout (11/03/2014)

1.81K Views88 Comments

Well, if you missed last night's hangout, no worries...we all did. Come join me tonight to make up for it. Hope to see ya there.Come on in and join the Q&A. =)

Little Nightmares 1/2 : #WeemStream [ENG][PC]

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Broadcasted live on Twitch -- Watch live at

Tom Clancy’s Long Division : #WeemStream [ENG][PC]

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Broadcasted live on Twitch -- Watch live at

TheHunter – Minj of the Wild 3/3 : #WeemStream [ENG][PC]

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Watch live at

CapeVoice: Friday Night Vlogger Panel, Rick Roll, Google Inception

1.70K Views12 Comments

Vloggers and Friends

Bran7701: Monday Motovlogger Hangout #436 (17/11/2014)

1.23K Views15 Comments

Come on in and lets chat. Don't forget to click the link below  to get the Q&A section!!