A group of vloggers from oop north came down for a mini-meetup early August.

My GoPro only recorded the second leg (UTFS) from Finchingfield Essex round to …. wherever (I dunno – I was just following in line). I got about 20 minutes and had given up blabbering at this point (ice-cream does that to me).

So just a flyby of those attending and some stoopid pish to go with it 🙂


End clip from: SimplePingu

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  • Jamie P F 7 years ago

    This is Finchingfield right? I went there the other day with my friends and i couldn’t believe what a nice village it was!

  • SimplePingu 7 years ago

    Oi! Weem boy! Stealing my footage at the end… 😉

  • alanbstard4 7 years ago

    haha video ” liked “

  • D Rudder 7 years ago

    Poontang 😀 that was the best 1:39 of the day .. Let’s take our tops off & jump on the sofa

  • SuperKax3 7 years ago

    My bike is a girl can’t find a swinging cunt. 🙁 and my wife won’t hang off the back. Ride safe lad

  • WeeemRCB 7 years ago

    Just needs velcro pubes…. 😀

  • DangleVonBallbag 7 years ago

    Weeem, I fucking love your balls.

  • SimplePingu 7 years ago

    We should remix and copyright my Weeem song. Does it sound sexy my ginger stalemate?

  • WeeemRCB 7 years ago

    How about we go under the douvet for kisses instead 😉

  • WeeemRCB 7 years ago

    That’s all I had from this meet :o/

  • ninjanelly350 7 years ago

    More please……

  • VectXJ6 7 years ago

    No fly-by footage of me? I’m hurt.

  • LynPatey 7 years ago

    Now do it again and tell us who everybody was … apart from Pickle Angry and Dutch Ta!

  • SEOmers 7 years ago

    I came a bit close in that didn’t I

  • RidingOnWings 7 years ago

    Pro Ninja Turtle! 😀

  • matt wyatt 7 years ago


  • WeeemRCB 7 years ago

    GoPro only recorded 20mins … :o/

  • Picklepoo 7 years ago

    We were out for hours! HOURS! Love ya.