… a continuation from the Floods & the Fat Duck

I was hesitant to share this vlog as it’s a bit different to the normal tatt I post 😀 , but I found it useful to talk through how I was feeling at the time to the camera and so I don’t see why I shouldn’t share.

To answer any questions that may arise, I’m safe for now and don’t plan on selling the FireWeem.
But I will need to find work in the next few months to make sure I can keep it 🙂


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  • Daniel Oakley 7 years ago

    This is an awesome Vlog 🙂 Any advice for a newbie?

  • Herrberrt Longrod 7 years ago

    Weem,turn on the captions on this vid,I laughed my bollocks off.

  • Jordan Dalton 7 years ago

    Precisely my thoughts when the rider doesnt return the nod. ‘FUCK YOU’

  • Beast Rider 7 years ago

    HA HA HAAAAAAAA HA HA HA!!! I loved every second of this.

  • St John Smythe 7 years ago

    That traffic would do my head in!

  • ljoch88 7 years ago

    Weeem do you ride with a crashed helmet ?

  • OfficialSmo 7 years ago

    Sell that Blade and I’ll pop round. You don’t want that.

  • The Silent Biker 7 years ago

    Bugger… Got to watch it again. I need a translator

  • Thunderous71 7 years ago

    So how much does a snott muncher usually get paid and are you any good at putting a fences up 😉

  • Theedappa 7 years ago

    i need one too part time is all i can get right now 🙁 better than nuttiin though

  • ninjanelly350 7 years ago

    Has that baby subbed you yet Wee Man? Hope you get sorted soon mate,you know if you sold the blade the next week someone would offer you a job.Have you thought about prostitution?….. Im sure someone would give you a bit of business….

  • The Infamous Biker 7 years ago

    Hope you find work soon bro, love your vids. Don’t be selling the fireweem, you’ll only regret it! Ride safe.

  • 33WingNuts 7 years ago

    Good Luck mate!

  • JakeThePeg83 7 years ago

    Goons reference!! YES! Haha. Is that a clue to your age? Though saying that I’m ‘only’ 30. Sucks about being unemployed. Selling the Fireweem should be your last action! Could you walk and Vlog?! Naaaah….

  • Josh Southard-Williams 7 years ago

    In the same position as you! In a race to get a job before I have to sell the bike! Hope you find something!!!

  • SpottyCat666 7 years ago

    Ecky, ecky, ecky ftang, weeeee….. (or should that be weeeeem?)Luv the Goons :)))Ride Safe, good luck with job.

  • Zed Head 7 years ago

    Keep your spirits up fella, good things happen to good people.

  • wody21 7 years ago

    Keep it up Weem, I hope that You will find soon a proper job which will suit You! 🙂 Unfortunately this vlog was too hardcore for me, I couldn’t understand the whole of it, but watching your vids gives so much fun – hopefully my english will improve in time 🙂 Cheers R2D2! :Đ

  • TheDippyDipper 7 years ago

    2:22 – U Turn advice, TAKE IT!I just went over the bonnet of a Saab on Tuesday 14th coz he did a U Turn in traffic! (video will come once insurance is sorted!)

  • Skeggy Cruiser 7 years ago

    Weeem your a total pleasure to watch and soothing to the ear, it’s a bit strange that I understood you more when ya went slightly more north on your accent, as for being unemployed I’m sure if you asked nicely someone out there would want you, maybe you could do some modeling with the Fireweeem! well stranger things have happened at sea, Oh wait were not at see are we, oh well your on your own then, that is apart from the 3000 follows you’ve amassed, Ride Safe Buddy.

  • brennig jones 7 years ago

    Nice piece. I totes understand the end of contract thing bounced with a tax bill, the whole deal happened to me just over a year ago. Had to sell the Bandit, my car and loads of tech to fill what turned out to be six months of no income. Hope things turn around for you. Subbed.

  • wyvernbiker 7 years ago

    I’m sure you will find a new job soon.

  • Scotty T 7 years ago

    Nice video clip buddy keep it up and hope life gets better for yas

  • Suffolk Andy 7 years ago

    good luck on the jobs mate

  • Nat thatgirlonthebike 7 years ago

    Brilliant video! I’m psychic and I’ve seen into the future, you will get through this and will find a job soon enough. No employer can be mad enough to not want the great Weem 🙂

  • tboatz99 7 years ago

    loving the goons

  • Sam Hamilton 7 years ago

    I can’t get the R2D2 noises out of my head.

  • Quentin Redbeard 7 years ago

    This is the 3rd time I’ve watched this.. I should really put vlog watching time to one side so I don’t get distracted! Sell the Fireweem?! 😮 fuck that.. sell your body, It’ll be worth it 😀 I’ve seen something similar to those bollards by the Marlow sign in videos I’ve watched on Pornhub.

  • DangleVonBallbag 7 years ago

    Time to get on the Special Brew an abuse people at the bus stop. Hope it all works out mate – I was unemployed for about 2 years a while ago. Sucks.

  • D Rudder 7 years ago

    Chest Hi-five buddy

  • Squeak Boulter 7 years ago

    Same club, good luck.On an aside, do they not hang, quarter and sexualy abuse the dead bodies of bikers? Or is that Harlow?Signed confused of Essex.

  • crotchrocket 7 years ago

    I worked in the hogs head, Marlow about 13 years ago :). Hope a job comes available soon.