aka The ‘Monkey Meet’ 🙂
Props go out to PicklePoo98, TheNonAngryBiker and KTM Dutchrudder for organising the Northern Vlogger meetup in Nottingham on the 1st July 2012

They were up on the Friday and stayed until Sunday, but the main meet-up and ride out was on the Saturday.I decided to go as a last minute thing. Seemed a long way to go, but the weather was good and so …. f*ck it off I went.

There were more people than I expected (35 or so bikes) which is small scale compared to some of the US meets, but as it was (unofficially the first) UK meetup it was a good turn up.

This vid is from the meet point on the A610 to Bakewell.
The second (and final) part of this wee adventure will be online soon(ish)

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  • Alex Field 6 years ago

    Ohh fuck, that’s Matlock! You guys practically rode past my house, cool stuff.

  • 1975supermike 7 years ago

    Just round the corner from my house at the start 😀

  • Noonster33 8 years ago

    your special effect is keep the video rolling!!!!

  • WeeemRCB 8 years ago

    Photoshop 😉

  • Emir Sinanovic 8 years ago

    Wait! You mean to tell me it’s not raining in UK?

  • braincut 8 years ago


  • WeeemRCB 8 years ago


  • WeeemRCB 8 years ago

    Ta 🙂

  • Mrspeed593 8 years ago

    7:02 is quite funny lol

  • braincut 8 years ago

    why did they turn into a mob of hooligans?!

  • WeeemRCB 8 years ago

    No – he really was that squeeky 😉

  • BikerBoy492 8 years ago

    Small guy from 4.24 u made him to make me laugh editin his voice

  • BRM00RE 8 years ago

    02:57 lol

  • FKMNINJA1978 8 years ago

    I sure hope I can make it down next year, certainly looks an entertaining day haha

  • WeeemRCB 8 years ago

    Aye on yerel big moiiiin.Was a good laugh. Perhaps next year you can come down and we’ll show ’em how it’s done 🙂

  • FKMNINJA1978 8 years ago

    Great edit there and even better is I can understand everything you say unlike those norven munkeys and suffeners 🙂

  • picklepoo98 8 years ago

    It was tastefully done, suck it up hoon!

  • navythomas8 8 years ago

    Sub!! Trying to get your entire Group!! You guys and Girls do Great video’s!

  • WeeemRCB 8 years ago

    Cheers 🙂 … still makes me chuckle

  • WhirleyHog 8 years ago

    lady crashing into trafffic lights pure gold good vid

  • 848phantom 8 years ago

    nice upload, thats the only thing I hate about ride outs.the waiting about and the slowing down for corners.

  • WeeemRCB 8 years ago

    I lent him my tartan thong ;)Don’t know who gave him the tutu……

  • nguyenimproved14 8 years ago

    sorry couldn’t make it lads..had a wee problem at the rice factory.btw nice of you to lend Rudder-man your tutu.

  • wyvernbiker 8 years ago

    Nice video. It’s great to get another riders perspective.

  • WeeemRCB 8 years ago

    In order for there to be humour, there must always be a ‘victim’. Its the law of comedy.Just be glad I’m not level: Franky Boyle :DThere wasn’t much talking in this one, so I had to improvise 🙂

  • Olek Skilgannon 8 years ago

    Not sure i should sub considering the diss.

  • Olek Skilgannon 8 years ago

    Oi biker boy u cheeky sh1t!!!

  • Olek Skilgannon 8 years ago

    Oi bikerboy u s

  • BikerBoy4488 8 years ago

    Finally some footage of me (08 R6) lol LOVE what you did with Bart too (black triumph triple) he’ll love that 😛 you’ve just earnt a new subscriber

  • SamuraiHg 8 years ago

    Great video Looks like lots of fun Thumbs up

  • tedjones4246 8 years ago

    great vid…lol at the mob scooter high speed collision..and you seem to have a good unhealthy interest in rudders tutu 😀

  • picklepoo98 8 years ago

    If I see that Dutchrudder spaff his pipes again, it will be great!I’m seeing my GP next week due to excessive ballbag in my ears.Crumble makes that bike look tiny!David Guest a hoon, who would have thought?!?

  • davy1960hill 8 years ago

    noted you had a wee problem at the same corner as twowheelsrule88 – must have been the corner huh ? 😉

  • vancouveride 8 years ago

    Loved it.

  • WeeemRCB 8 years ago

    Never good to hear – Sad Weem 🙁

  • WeeemRCB 8 years ago

    You were missed on the ride, tho good you were able to drive up at least 🙂

  • HamSpamJamLamb 8 years ago

    Fucked up my face and got some scars the chicks’ll dig 😉

  • 2WheelPsychosis 8 years ago

    Quality vid sir, quality. Just wish I could have ridden instead of driven. Next time.

  • Surf Pilot 8 years ago

    Loving it mate, subbed 🙂

  • WeeemRCB 8 years ago

    Too late … I was in Burnham-on-Crouch a few weeks ago.Had my photo taken there (see my FB page for the pic 🙂 )

  • WeeemRCB 8 years ago

    I hope you didn’t crush your brussel sprouts :o/ 🙂

  • PSBiker72 8 years ago

    Great video matey, it was a great day

  • BritishBiker Matt 8 years ago

    Nice one man 🙂 I’m coming next time 🙂

  • HamSpamJamLamb 8 years ago

    That lady crashing into the pole was … me. A few weeks ago. On my bike. Into a greenhouse.

  • Richard Ford 8 years ago

    Oh weem… I love you so… Come to Suffolk!

  • wody21 8 years ago

    Wow, this video was pretty cool! It looked like fun, huge fun 🙂 Keep it up UK MotoVloggers! 🙂 Weem, You are a very funny man, the edits + vfx were awesome!

  • TigerVlogger 8 years ago

    Brilliant vid, wish I could have made it :(Next time 😉

  • MadMax 8 years ago

    Loved it weem!
    those effects were hilarious!

  • WeeemRCB 8 years ago

    His aftershave is Ode de Cinnammon :)As for his wife – he longs to be in cider 😀

  • WeeemRCB 8 years ago

    Whaaaay ….. spotted.Gold star 🙂

  • MarshDonky 8 years ago

    Lucy you nobber lol

  • Surf Pilot 8 years ago

    Brilliant mate some very funny editing in there, loved the database vlogger search 🙂 and now it can finally be confirmed AVC is actually made from apples, no suprize really.

  • WeeemRCB 8 years ago

    Bit of an inside joke that ‘un :DWonder if he’s seen it …? (I’m expecting 1 dislike … so worth it tho 😀 )

  • WeeemRCB 8 years ago

    Cheers AVCHere … is your nan Granny Smith? 😀

  • WeeemRCB 8 years ago

    He be a tall ‘un. He also be a top lad 🙂

  • WeeemRCB 8 years ago

    Very good… we like that a lat 😀

  • WeeemRCB 8 years ago

    GET A CAMERA 🙂 :* :*

  • WeeemRCB 8 years ago

    Cheers Younge27, but I’m waaay to short and my nob isn’t green enough 😉

  • WeeemRCB 8 years ago

    If that was a request and a statement then ….. er … no thanks, and yes he is 🙂

  • WeeemRCB 8 years ago

    Nope.I sometimes wear earbud headphones as earplugs and for satnav, but I never listen to music when I ride 🙂

  • WeeemRCB 8 years ago

    Cheers Ludo ….. Hawaaaaay!! 🙂

  • 444lee 8 years ago

    Nice work 🙂

  • mrpiehole 8 years ago

    an apple!!! and johnny cash playing at the end? was that coming from your helmet?(earphones)

  • MrBradfordbiker 8 years ago

    fuck me crumbles tall!

  • younge27 8 years ago

    Looks like we’ve got a new baron, great vids mate love watching them! great sense of humor.

  • fman nottingham 8 years ago

    Editing skills!

  • MrBanditMania 8 years ago

    Awesome vid mate well done 🙂

  • DangleVonBallbag 8 years ago

    Haha! Nice one!

  • Skeggy Cruiser 8 years ago

    Great vid as usual buddy, just gotta love your editing skills, and as for AppleVonCrumble we all knew he was a fruit!Ride Safe Buddy.

  • Skeggy Cruiser 8 years ago
  • reg rr 8 years ago

    Great vid fella..enjoyed that very much…been watching everyones monkey vids…;)

  • The XT Donkey 8 years ago

    Dam that be one big Looking crumble !!!!!!!!! Great vid :)Ride Safe

  • MrJiffy1078 8 years ago

    What could you not like about that! Fast and Furious scoots, Apples shiny…..well apple! And the monkey love of Angry and Rudder!Fuooony!

  • Alfa persius 8 years ago

    Brilliant! I watched a couple of this meet from thenonangrybiker before I watched this, frankly your’s is much funnier! 😉 love the graphics and sound effects!

  • thenonangrybiker 8 years ago

    Fackin quality stuff dude. Screeching scooters and apple von apple head. Brill.

  • The Crumble 8 years ago

    Hahahaha!! Loved it Weeem!! David Guest thing was genius and loved my apple head at the end!! People now know the truth about AVC!!

  • D Rudder 8 years ago

    Boom. !! The Best Monkey Meet vid by far ,, so many good things going on … The shopper scooter at the traffic lights & David Guest made me cry with happiness 🙂