aka The ‘Monkey Meet’ 🙂
Props go out to PicklePoo98, TheNonAngryBiker and KTM Dutchrudder for organising the Northern Vlogger meetup in Nottingham on the 1st July 2012

They were up on the Friday and stayed until Sunday, but the main meet-up and ride out was on the Saturday.I decided to go as a last minute thing. Seemed a long way to go, but the weather was good and so …. f*ck it off I went.

There were more people than I expected (35 or so bikes) which is small scale compared to some of the US meets, but as it was (unofficially the first) UK meetup it was a good turn up.

This vid is from the meet point on the A610 to Bakewell.
The second (and final) part of this wee adventure will be online soon(ish)