TheHunter – Minj of the Wild : #WeemStream [ENG][PC]

This was from an off-line test where I was benchmarking OBS Studio settings using streaming bit-rates to try and get better stream quality on this game…. which is why you see me looking at random stuff like grass detail and ferns 🙂

I’d done 10 tests before this – all the same route and looking at the same detail, grass etc…. but this time … an animal appears.
Game on.

In case you’re interested, the settings I was using (with nVidia 880m) for this test.
Bitrate: 2765
Keyframes: 15 (keyint=15)
Output: 720p
FPS: 30
Compression: Lanczos 32 samples
Encoder: NVENC
Preset: High Quality

Twitch recommend a 2s framerate (=60@30fps), but the fine detail on this game really needs a quicker keyframe refresh).

I found the the overall quality – esp in complex darker or shaded areas is better with x264 at “Faster” or “Fast”, but it hammers the i7 (80+%CPU). At x264 “medium” it was up towards 90% and I was getting frame stutter in the game.

With this test using the nVidia NVENC it kept the i7 no higher than 50%. Not as good a final result, but good enough when viewing at native 720p 🙂

YT butchered the footage a bit, but if you compare it to an older video you’ll (hopefully) see an improvement

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