#WeemUSA trip part #1

One of the places we wanted to visit on the WeemUSA trip was The Snake – part of the Mullholland Highway.
Made famous by the cars, bikes and ocassional celebs that travelled up and down – so we had to go and have a look …. give it some Weem lovin’ 😀

I took a few photos, but it was crazy hot .. like 44C/112F, so we didn’t stay outside of the car for long.
This clip was from our second trip down The snake. After this we had to get on our way to Los Angeles, but it’s a fun wee road and only a few miles long.

Our car for the trip was a 2015 Dodge Challenger. The eco V6 model, but with 305bhp to haul it’s mammoth ass up the road, it did alright.
For such a heavy car, the handling was amazingly good. With electronic suspension and decent brakes, I was able to make it dance a little going down the road. Compensate for the lack of ponies under the hood 🙂

Next time …. I might go on a bike 😉


Background Music:
Nick Warren – La Fabrica (Warehouse Mix)


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