A wee vlog from the summer archive…
A quick ride up to Box Hill … then back because it started raining (dammit)

While we go along I chat a wee bit about the Sena SMH10R I use and the oddest things people have asked me to do.
I’ve had some odd requests in the past – have you?


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I Wish – Skee-Lo


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  • Jim Jarrett 5 years ago

    I think you should have agreed to her idea and then suggested that whilst at the hospital she could have a breast augmentation and a nose job.All that aside nice vlog.

  • DangleVonBallbag 5 years ago

    Surely you’d be left with short looking shins?

  • Finnoctane 5 years ago

    I quoted for it because I’m not a prude…LOL Can’t think of a crowning weird request…either I’m way too open minded or need more crazy in my life!

  • OfficialSmo 5 years ago

    Acting like you’ve never taken dick pics before…

  • CalmSpeed 5 years ago

    you sound like a faggot! I love it!

  • StreetTriple Mat 5 years ago

    An ex wanted me to bang her in the middle of Coventry City centre on a fountain.. We’re the same height Weem

  • Steve Kada 5 years ago

    Best intro song 😉

  • Arson Rides 5 years ago

    girls always want me to get that dick shortening procedure where they cut your dick in half and take a couple inches out of the middle and glue it back together….

  • TheSpikeyBiker 5 years ago

    Weirdest thing I was asked to do was shave my sack but I ain’t complaining she gave good head haha.

  • vancouveride 5 years ago

    I once considered getting my legs shortened when I realized I could not fit in an MG-A. Altering the car is obviously not something anyone should consider which left only the one alternative. In the end I decided to just stick with my B.

  • Southern Fried 5 years ago

    I’ve never had a woman want to break my legs for aesthetic reasons. As for weird requests, I was once asked by a “friend” if I would fuck her boyfriend in the arse whilst he fucked her in her arse.I declined…

  • JackSwatman 5 years ago

    ‘Helloh peepul’

  • Stealth 5 years ago

    You do need penis legs or a shorter girlfriend.

  • Dracati Ducati 5 years ago

    A bunch of drunk girls (4-5) on a scavenger hunt late night…@ Mt Adams (pub area, Cincinnati OH) asked for my Boxer Shorts…& since they were cute and the best outcome could be me getting a bj…I took the two cutest in the alley and dropped trou…sadly, I didn’t the blowie…but Ya never know

  • jarrod simister 5 years ago

    I can’t believe you wouldn’t have both your legs broke for her! How selfish are you? What a mentalist!!!

  • ivanandhismightysteed 5 years ago

    wait what??? get ur legs extended? why didn’t she get hers shortened?? check mate lol

  • Ethan Senior 5 years ago

    Don’t think I have had a weird request as of yet! But being asked to lengthen your legs?! Da fook?

  • metalhead18241 5 years ago

    Weirdest thing I’ve been asked to do is to reverse a car out of a parking space for a lady as she didn’t know how to reverse… How she got her licence I’ll never know