The Fireweem needed to be taken in for it’s annual nipple greasing, so I booked in with Steve Jordan Motorcycles over in Great Bookham.

As the FireWeem was going to be in for most of the day and I had stuff to do, I was given one of their loan bikes.

SJM are a small independent bike shop, so their loaner is nothing fancy, but it gets the job done …… just about.


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  • TheFriskyBiker 5 years ago

    I had a 99′ GS500e it wasn’t half bad taught me a lot!

  • Rhin0Neil 6 years ago

    12:36 What you looking at ?

  • MADACE404 6 years ago

    Question from someone here in the states. I noticed on the road a few times that the white lines are all zigzagy. like at 4:11 What are those about? Are they like that whenever approaching a light or were the painters SUPER drunk that day? lol Serious question though.

  • tonto gomez 6 years ago

    I ride a Bmw Gs in the uk but recently went to Fuerteventura for a couple of weeks & hired a Suzuki 500 & because the speed limit is a LOT slower + it was 35centigrade the “little un” was a refreshing change, Glad to see you enjoyed your adventure on that one. Ride Safe

  • Skeggy Cruiser 6 years ago

    I wouldn’t say you where an aggressive rider more like assertive, It does you good now and again to get onto that sort of bike, makes you love your bike even more, good video buddy, RSMF.

  • InsideOver 6 years ago

    Drafty, isn’t it? 😛

  • dolfanyan1972 6 years ago

    lol…Sharpens ones senses!

  • 2WheelPsychosis 6 years ago

    Redhill & Reigate!! My home town. In fact I’m getting my Blade from Redhill on Saturday.

  • Daniel Oakley 6 years ago

    I don’t know how I would feel riding a bike like that, I prefer sports bikes, that said, its a higher cc than mine so I’d be grateful for a blast on something a little bigger 🙂

  • bakerXderek 6 years ago

    I’ll give you a loan bike

  • ninjanelly350 6 years ago

    You’ve been spoilt for soooo long Weeem! Welcome back to the real world,well for a few hours anyway! Nice thought as long as its got two wheels its all good ,even a monkey bike!

  • Thunderous71 6 years ago

    “I think I want a seat belt” my god I choked on my coffee then. Next time I take my bike in I’m gonna take the scooter loan bike ;)Oh BTW did my DAS on that bike!

  • ryand111 6 years ago

    Just be glad you weren’t on a ER-5, that drum brake still gives me nightmares.

  • Tuffy5132 6 years ago

    Bookham Steve Jordan?

  • D Rudder 6 years ago

    Just flops around 🙂 I love you

  • Sirly Penguin 6 years ago

    I don’t always have a bath… but when I do, I make sure it has wheels.

  • Freddyonabike 6 years ago

    Ahhhh 4 fingers…..

  • Neil Cole 6 years ago

    You know you want one!!

  • busa black 6 years ago

    The difference between the two bikes is like the difference between a large kit kat and a small kit kat.To work the brakes the gs needs 4 fingers and the blade needs 2 fingers.Riding on the motorway with no wind noise, what’s your secret weem?

  • The Gentleman Biker 6 years ago

    So when are you trading the ‘blade in?Suzuki don’t still make the GS do they? I can’t think of a bike they do instead now?

  • tritriplekylie 6 years ago

    Like all good Honda owners did you give it a good polish before handing it back? or did it just make you feel dirty touching a suzuki?

  • Beaver 314 6 years ago

    sounds like a lawnmower :s

  • MrWtfchicken 6 years ago

    I will be able to die a happy boy when I see you ride a supermoto XD

  • transdetendal 6 years ago

    one badass gs….my schoolbike!!!!

  • MrBradfordbiker 6 years ago

    sounds like the bottom end is fooked on that at the start lol

  • Whoops posted twice.

    I’m suprised they didn’t give you a nc750.

    I hate having sit up bikes now, I don’t feel safe.

    Are you coming on our Newmarket ride?

  • I’m suprised they didn’t give you a nc750 lol

  • JackSwatman 6 years ago

    I’ve been fortunate enough to have worked at Morgan for a week and have a ride in a three wheeler, they’re brilliant at drifting!

  • Scott Newbury 6 years ago

    Seems like a fair trade to me fireblade for gs500 lol

  • Tobias Newman 6 years ago

    How was the GS500? I’m thinking of getting one when I pass my A2 (Turn 19 in September) and it seems like a nice easy bike to learn to ride with more power. Plus Regular Car Reviews video on it was hilarious, which somehow makes me want one!