Someone made a comment on my last video suggesting that I get a loud exhaust on the FireWeem so people wouldn’t pull out on me at junctions.

A loud exhaust is a great suggestion.

But … the FireWeem already has one 😉

Akrapovic Carbon end can
No catalytic converter
No Baffle (ever)

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  • TechT1999 6 years ago

    The Akra is pretty sweet bro. I got an Arrow Indy on mine. I need to get a video up..Just got a GoPro a couple of weeks ago..

  • Scott Thomson 6 years ago

    Have you had any crank rattle on yer bike weem also does yours use oil? I have just bought a 2011 reg but it was made in 2010 I think I have heard it can be at risk of these problems. Have you any info on said troubels.

  • SirCov 7 years ago

    I plan on getting a blade next year. What are they like for travelling long distance on Weem ? as ill be using it for my 25 mile commute to work

  • Alan B'Stard M P 7 years ago

    good ol fireblade. Long model run testament to the bike

  • muttonshutter 7 years ago

    Where the fuck was you taking the bike in the end scene?

  • Agony Yukuma 7 years ago

    Yup thats loud

  • ninjanelly350 7 years ago

    Steam powered! Where do you put the coal in a trailer behind Weeem?

  • DangleVonBallbag 7 years ago

    T’is a sexy pipe too.

  • WeeemRCB 7 years ago

    Oooh… I forgot I’d done this too: v=W83030erv4A

  • WeeemRCB 7 years ago

    Told ya 😉 🙂

  • blacktest 7 years ago

    AHAHA YESSSSSS DAMN IT YESSS WEEEM! as promised 😀 holy crap

  • WeeemRCB 7 years ago

    It was the first time I started the bike after fitting it. I think it was condensation in the silencer wadding(?) + running on choke meant it was running rich.It still does it a little bit when cold, but not as much as that 🙂

  • Phil Jones 7 years ago

    Oh my, stuff came out.

  • bootstrapbe4 7 years ago

    Does that much smoke just come out because it is cold or always does that at idle?

  • theamazinbagman 7 years ago

    dont wear high viz just buy a fackin loud exhaust, correct decision yob

  • HamSpamJamLamb 7 years ago


  • OfficialSmo 7 years ago


  • WeeemRCB 7 years ago

    HaHa … nutter 😀

  • AriGoldLLOYD 7 years ago

    oh yeah kitty, ooooooooooooooh yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

  • WeeemRCB 7 years ago

    Ta Karlos 😀

  • WeeemRCB 7 years ago

    Cheers TWD 🙂

  • WeeemRCB 7 years ago

    Cheers Quentin.I recorded this just after I put it on. It was condensation from the new can 🙂

  • Karl Logan 7 years ago

    That sounds orgasmic xD

  • Quentin Redbeard 7 years ago

    Badass! Also doubles as a smoke machine 😀

  • WeeemRCB 7 years ago

    Fixaroonied.Well spotted shouty HammaLambaDingDong 🙂

  • WeeemRCB 7 years ago

    Me encanta! 🙂

  • WeeemRCB 7 years ago

    Nope – usual yellow.Colour balance is poop as it was streetlights

  • Twowheel drone 7 years ago


  • HamSpamJamLamb 7 years ago


  • ErmaTheKitteh 7 years ago

    Me gusta!

  • DEVON MELON 7 years ago

    is that a white number plate?!

  • The Crumble 7 years ago