On my travels you can imagine how lucky I was to come across this modded Dodge Viper SRT.
It sounded like a beast…… and so the dance began 😀

The Dance is something most of us experience in our time driving or riding.
Our vehicles flirting and posturing to each other with a conversation made from rev blips and road positioning.
Sometimes it’s as simple as blipping the throttle at a set of lights and sometimes it’s a slightly more graceful dance … like today 🙂

I should probably point out that I don’t do or condone “street racing”, but I do see value in occasionally stretching your vehicle’s legs a little and only when it’s safe to do so.

That’s why when I go, you’ll hear me short shift and back off.
The car was fast for sure, but I’d gone up to where I felt was safe for me on that section of road.
10 years ago I’d have overtaken her, but today (older/wiser) I don’t feel the need 😉 🙂


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  • Scarlet pimpernel 4 years ago

    awesome mate!

  • TheSpikeyBiker 5 years ago

    That was one nice car.

  • joentje292 5 years ago

    Supra love <3

  • Ethan Senior 5 years ago

    Weeeeeeeeeeeeem! That sounded AMAZING;)

  • somayas alibi 5 years ago

    I bought tons of panties for 3.99 and $9.99 bras Perfume 15.75

  • SelfExplanaTori 5 years ago

    Tyler, what are you trying to hide on Louise’s page???

  • Andy Man Cam 5 years ago

    I tried to Goad a Lambo driver into the same shenanigans this week. Turns out he was more interested in texting than playing!!

  • stuart curant 5 years ago

    I live like 10 minuets from there cool behind him all the way down the road is the a316 and then it is the m3 cool

  • The Belfast Biker 5 years ago

    Haha found the same car (4 mins 44): Petrolhead Nirvana Ace Night March 2014

  • Jack Jones 5 years ago

    Sure I seen this car on the latest episode of wheeler dealers when they were at the ace cafe haha 🙂

  • DafBnTs 5 years ago

    Great decision not to go after him, although it was very tempting. It’s all fun and games until somebody gets hurt.

  • JamandTheHolograms 5 years ago

    IS that a 2001 Dodge Viper ACR with a GTS-R body kit? Looks like a track car they were probably out tuning it.

  • Speedy Goon 5 years ago

    Ermagod a that Viper is too sexy… and that suupraa ooooooo. All types of gud.

  • tiiim85 5 years ago

    Im sure i just saw this viper on wheeler dealers on discovery. Was at the ace cafe in london saying it was running 500+hp

  • DJP946 5 years ago

    I’ve just seen that viper on wheeler dealers ha ha

  • ThreeStreets42 5 years ago

    Like I said in a previous post, its always the kid in his mom’s 4 cylinder minivan that wants to race never the sports car.

  • TheTripleTwister 5 years ago

    NFS “weeem” edition.

  • The Flying Yetti 5 years ago

    americans lol, bigger doesn’t need better ( thats what i keep telling the mrs ) 🙂

  • vancouveride 5 years ago

    You hooligan!

  • Skeggy Cruiser 5 years ago

    Great Vid Weeem, I do like the Viper, but the bikes better, RSM8.

  • akasa231 5 years ago

    Check out Dodge Tomahawk to see a bike with the same engine! 😉

  • thy shadow 5 years ago

    Lub you weem 🙂

  • Crana 5 years ago

    gorgeous car

  • bakerXderek 5 years ago

    I love you Weeem

  • 5 years ago

    Woooow what an awesome car. Honestly, that is fucking sick.

  • MyRandomLife247 5 years ago

    Good old Viper

  • Chris THEKiwi 5 years ago

    Supra probably was fairly stock, would of been fun if it was modified to 800HP haha.

  • Stealth Rider 5 years ago


  • RoyalJordanian 5 years ago

    Nice, vid. Not sure blurring the number plate will help that guy much, how many Vipers with such decals are there in the UK 🙂

  • Nat thatgirlonthebike 5 years ago

    At least the driver wasn’t one of those pricks with a big ego and a “come on mate, I’ll race ya!” type. He was a nice man. I’m not a car fan either but that sounded nice.

  • 848phantom 5 years ago

    very nice pal, not a car fan but yeah that was a nice motor.them old wide lenses always make things look faster,keep up the good work 😀

  • DirtRider500R 5 years ago

    That Viper is a beasty!

  • mrsparkyaprilia 5 years ago

    You bad man you!

  • ninjanelly350 5 years ago

    You are a very naughty boy Weeem! Go and stand in the corner mate! Would be fun to try that on a runway, 0/100 and then back to 0 again .As Blah always says ‘there’s a time and place’ well restrained (sort of).

  • Samurai H 5 years ago

    You never seen it much because after that little race ha had to stop on the petrol station to fill up lol “Damm that Viper sounded good “Nicely doneThumbs up

  • Nairy Hipples 5 years ago

    Great vid Weeem 🙂

  • Dracati Ducati 5 years ago

    Nice Share !!!…a Good ‘ol Detroit Ten,& the Supra, …that Twin Turbo was one of thebaddest cars to have in the 90’s;)

  • busa black 5 years ago

    Brilliant video weem. That viper is a match for most bikes, you resisted the challenge well. Maybe you will meet again when it is safer to whip his ass.I’m off to watch it agian.

  • Beaver 314 5 years ago

    what an amazing find 🙂 that’s the sound thunder is made from 🙂

  • OrcaGT 5 years ago

    You’re attracting all kinds of naughty now aren’t you! Not a half bad Viper… although I’ll bet after that little burst it’ll need to run to the petrol station asap 😛

  • Thorin Cole 5 years ago

    Competition Viper! Very nice factory race car. But great job holding back for the road Mr.WeeemRCB. Not the easiest thing to do at the moment 😉 Ride safe bro

  • Jandax 5 years ago

    No speed cameras round there apart from the traffic lights, that’s why I like it 🙂 Although there are quite often police. Hey it’s still one of mine and my dad’s favourite stretches of road on the way to a mates house 🙂

  • philjonesuk 5 years ago

    Naughty Weem! Not saying people have tried against my new 1050cc Tiger Sport ;-D

  • nogisimon 5 years ago

    what a car

  • Sir Jambo 5 years ago

    Nice little bit of road fun 😀 Sometimes I see unmarked police cars along that road, be careful Weem 😉

  • Blahdeblah52 5 years ago

    OMG Weem.Had the same today. The Ferrari had the drop on me as I had to pull out around Traffic. I had him well in range though and then he turned off the road. Bastid!!!Cannot post it, I touched 110 KPH….in a 60 MPH road…Ye get me.Mate, enjoy these times. Nice vid mate, really enjoyed that!!!And the best bit. You guys BOTH understood the Rules. Safe but fun. Awesome!!:-)

  • Piotr Kwieciński 5 years ago
  • lukethekanefan 5 years ago

    the firebeam could of smoked his ass

  • Edgar Sandoval 5 years ago

    That Supra <3

  • Picklepoo 5 years ago

    You naughty!

  • The Gentleman Biker 5 years ago

    Fapping hell that Viper is as mad as a bag of badgers! Fantastic.

  • TotalKB Lp 5 years ago


  • Mr Foxhound 5 years ago