One of the things that’s great about being a biker is that we often ride alone, but we’re all part of something much bigger.

Hog, Scooter, Sportsbike…. It doesn’t matter what you ride.
I’ve never experienced anything that bonds us to complete strangers like being part of the biking fraternity.

The backstory:

This poor lad it trying to learn the knowledge so he can become a cabbie. He was stranded about 25 miles away from home on an unlit stretch of road between Staines Upon Thames and Ashford when his bike broke down.

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  • János Takács 6 years ago


  • From MySeat 6 years ago

    Very decent of you to help that fella out. I’ve pulled over to look at the map and surprising how many people ask if you are OK. #bikerbrethren.

  • Captain Kirk 6 years ago

    I am 45 now and wanting to become a biker lots of people my age ware becoming bikers wonder which on to get.

  • n0veD 6 years ago

    This is the best thing I’ve seen in ages. Well done!

  • Annette Morris 6 years ago

    sharing this vid again… as promised. well worth a watchThe Brotherhood of bikers +WeeemRCB

  • Tom Berry 6 years ago

    Wait what is that, is that…oh goodness my faith in humanity just came back

  • Kobus Janse van Rensburg 6 years ago

    I myself are on the way to becoming a biker, well I would love to be one, whenever I’m riding and see a fellow biker stranded, I do what I can, but what you did here just shows what it is to be a true biker. Me and my friends always talked about helping one another out in a time of need, although there wasn’t much that you can do, you helped him by making his night more bearable with tea, cookies and some company. This is how I would like to be treated if i were to be stranded. Thanks for this man. Enjoy the rest of your rides.

  • Anathelus 6 years ago

    Nice one! Thumbs up from me and I hope you come to my rescue sometime

  • Adrian Marmolejo 6 years ago

    Just amazing

  • Rey August 6 years ago

    nice vid… i dont care about your true purpose about this vid, but you just made that guy happy and feel warm… respect from me in indonesia…

  • Tam Tamulevicz 6 years ago

    2 wheelers, we help them out when we can.

  • sponge01 6 years ago

    mate top marks to you bro , keep the brotherhood , could of got him some crumpets though

  • Renegade1987 6 years ago

    Nice one – Subbed!

  • Gatis Jegorovs 6 years ago

    Respect for this guy. Ride safe everybody.

  • A Sam 6 years ago

    Man you are SUPER SUPER SUPER helpful. Seriously dude, thank you so much for being a helpful guy.

  • ZuneBase 6 years ago

    Nice job bro!!! Amazing!!!

  • ZuneBase 6 years ago
  • James Runnegar 6 years ago

    This is one of the reasons that I personally got into motorbikes. I love the fact that everyone looks out for each other rather than just leaving stragglers at the roadside! Got to subscribe for this!!

  • James Baird 6 years ago

    Good Job Mate!! I know you didn’t do this for recognition…But hey, how many everyday ppl, not only bikers would stop and or do as such…There is hope for humanity!!

  • Niko Koski 6 years ago

    Hello fellow biker(s), this is what restores my faith in humanity as well as us other biker folk out there, i know there are some cunts out there that dont care at all about others, and just laugh at others for their misfortune.I believe in karma so if you help some youll resieve it in turn in the future, its a shame that i live in a country where nobody gives a rats ass about others, Finland that is.Im still eagerly waiting for the summer so i can take my baby out on the roads again <3 (Suzuki Gsx-R 750)Wish you the best rides and keep up the great attitude and respect for others, Cheers from Finland 🙂

  • Darcy Parker 6 years ago

    That was definitely a sweet thing you did! Was sent to your channel from a recent upload by iamramekin. Subscribing to your channel now! 🙂

  • srvmotoman 6 years ago


  • nljoram3 6 years ago

    And bikers don’t even wave to me

  • littleritchie 6 years ago

    You’ve just earned yourself another subscriber; fantastic stuff mate.

  • Nick Wildman 6 years ago

    Top guy

  • Hamada Elmasre 6 years ago

    they send that truck for a scouter ? come on man O_o.

  • Jacob Finlay 6 years ago

    you sir, you are a gem, and am proud to be part of your brotherhood

  • TriplePlay 6 years ago

    TEA by WEEEM!

  • Egorich_Personal 6 years ago

    That was really nice of you, mate!

  • legend

  • 1duskyknight 6 years ago

    Greetings bro, you are an angel, and even to go and get a cuppa for him plus biccies. That’s class. I too stop when i see a stranded biker and try and help eventhough i’m no mechanic. There should be more people in the world like you then you could start a “help a biker epidemic.”Peace and safety.

  • Scott Taylor 6 years ago

    Respect! Liked and Subscribed.

  • Online User 6 years ago

    You went back twice, now that is freakin’ awesome, I’ve been stranded before and always was so grateful when someone stopped to offer aid. Nice work.

  • Toslis Tosliauskas 6 years ago

    You are super man, Thanks for sharing.I miss the days when I ride a Suzuki and after your video like to buy again motorbike 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • 9000maikel 6 years ago

    wow much much MUCH Respect for you Weem, all that effort for a stranger dayum! <3

  • Jesus Navarro 6 years ago

    Weem u are like a God, I always help other bikers too when I can, this video makes full inspiration to all bikers around the world. Doesn’t matter CC or HP, all bikers do the same: ride. From Spain 😉

  • Elmantukas 6 years ago

    Wow man.. what you’ve done there is something very special and inspiring, when my clutch cable broke loads of bikers past, none stopped, all i needed was pliers, you show what it means to be a real biker, look out for one another, that’s what i always do, if a biker has stopped on the side of the road il stop and ask if he’s alright, we all should do that but i guess most of us are too busy in life… anyway thanks for the video il subscribe 🙂

  • EmikillerARG 6 years ago

    that was fantastic man.

  • jasmin reign 6 years ago

    this is one of the reason i want a bike.

  • DerbJd 6 years ago

    Great video :). I used to do a lot of voluntary recovery when I had a big Range Rover classic with tow gear, in the snow, and a diesel Vitara. Spent hours around the lanes pulling cars and vans. Once I drove through a long deep flood and found a group of well dressed people standing by the waters edge. They had been abandoned by their taxi on the way to a wedding up the road. Me being a wedding photographer knew the church, so I piled them all in and drove them thru the flood to the churhc, just as the Bride and father were getting out of the carriage. They gave me a tenner for my trouble which they wouldn’t have back. 🙂

  • Tombo 6 years ago

    haha nice one mate!

  • Love Dollar 6 years ago

    In Indonesia we push the bike with other bike

  • Carlos Ferraz 6 years ago

    And a biscuit! nice one. Salute.

  • Kerol-Sander Kuuder 6 years ago

    Yeah, i got my own bike too, i have seen many people who are stuck and some animals that are stuck. Everyday i am going out with 3 people just driving around and that stuff and everyday we are finding somebody… “ALWAYS HELP PEOPLE!”

  • yasser kahtane 6 years ago

    man your a really nice guy +1subs

  • shineesideup 6 years ago

    sharing this vid again… as promised. well worth a watchThe Brotherhood of bikers +WeeemRCB

  • Shay Sha 6 years ago

    Wow u have an amazing heart. I love this video

  • Daniel T Peace 6 years ago

    God Bless you Brother.

  • matti games 6 years ago

    Im astonished of how strong the brotherhood is within bikes 🙂

  • Christopher Loh 6 years ago

    Great deed. I love your narration along the way. its a blast. I don’t ride bikes although I would love to. But if I ever have a breakdown I do hope someone as kind as you would past along. You are the best.

  • Persona Non Grata 6 years ago

    You are gerat dude…Nice to know there are good riders like you..

  • Colton Prieto 6 years ago

    Way to go man

  • mark C 6 years ago

    Proper biker; you sir are a legend, top man well done

  • Menace II Society 6 years ago

    I feel like I want a bike now because of this video

  • jackass534 6 years ago

    Solid effort and big respect for doing this.

  • 5TRYD4 6 years ago

    Awesome what you did bro truly chuffed lol

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