A weem thank you to all the motovloggers out there.

I’ve been watching motovloggers for a long time on YouTube and they’ve been a big part of the inspiration for me to get back on a bike as well as making my own vlogs.

The first motovloggers I watched were from back in the days of (the sorely missed) Svengalie and I even remember the early days of BaronVonGrumble …. before 2 lorries conspired to brake his leg (that was not a fun video to watch 🙁 ).

Sometimes vloggers come under criticism for the videos they make, but what people don’t think before they start sticking the knife in is the amount of time and effort (usually) it takes to make a vlog. And no-ones paying them to do it… it’s all done in their spare time.

I’ve yet to see a critic strap a camera on themselves and show us vloggers “how it’s done”.

For some MotoVloggers it may be a form of therapy, for others it’s a way of recording their day like a journal and for others it’s just for shits ‘n giggles 🙂 (what happened to the FakFak guys?)

So, because no-one really says it…. I thank you and I’m proud to be making videos alongside you all 🙂

Peace out

Background music:
X-Trax: Plan 94 (The Voyager)
Stuart B: Latin Twist


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