*** Sticker Stickers Stickers ***

You have them? I want them. You want mine? You can have them too 🙂
The current progress of the Wall of Vame can be found here

As I was adding other vloggers to the wall, I decided to create my own stickers too 🙂
So, I got cracking on with redesigning my WeeemRCB logo doodah for 2014 and I set it up so it can be used a couple of ways as well as be used for my new 2014 intro/outro 🙂

I did these mainly for me, but I know that some other people may also be looking to build a collection and perhaps they’d like to have mine included, so I set up a link on my site so that people can order the one(s) they want 🙂

If you do your own stickers and would like to do a sticker swap then use the contact form to get in touch (or use the YT inbox) and we can sort out an exchange 🙂

Stickers Manufactured by:

Background Music: Deadmau5 – This Is The Hook
Pob – Boiler (Humate Mix)


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