*** Sticker Stickers Stickers ***

You have them? I want them. You want mine? You can have them too 🙂
The current progress of the Wall of Vame can be found here

As I was adding other vloggers to the wall, I decided to create my own stickers too 🙂
So, I got cracking on with redesigning my WeeemRCB logo doodah for 2014 and I set it up so it can be used a couple of ways as well as be used for my new 2014 intro/outro 🙂

I did these mainly for me, but I know that some other people may also be looking to build a collection and perhaps they’d like to have mine included, so I set up a link on my site so that people can order the one(s) they want 🙂

If you do your own stickers and would like to do a sticker swap then use the contact form to get in touch (or use the YT inbox) and we can sort out an exchange 🙂

Stickers Manufactured by:

Background Music: Deadmau5 – This Is The Hook
Pob – Boiler (Humate Mix)


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  • Graffiti Games 7 years ago
  • suleman isik 7 years ago

    God will do this soon , there will be famine on earth .

  • Beaver 314 7 years ago

    finding new cool channels every day. thank the crumble 🙂

  • Shamus Hussain 7 years ago

    No I just lost my grip on the phone lol no biggy

  • Moto Badger 7 years ago

    Good vid man! I always regret burping in my helmet, turns it into a smelly face bowl.

  • Shamus Hussain 7 years ago

    No problem mate it’s only the back so it’s fine for now 🙂

  • DangleVonBallbag 7 years ago

    Stickers look pretty cool!

  • Sam Walsh 7 years ago

    Cool video buddy!

  • Shamus Hussain 7 years ago

    Dropped my phone and broke the back watching this lol good vid mate and I might buy some stickers

  • DEVON MELON 7 years ago

    i felt like i was on drugs when i was watching this, that slender man thing spun me the heck out haha.

  • The Crumble 7 years ago

    You crazy trespassing biker you! Stickers look good dude!

  • Scott Harman 7 years ago

    Awesome vid man! Funny as! Loving the sticker collection! Have you heard anything from Old Man Triple lately. Loved his vlogs too and he’s gone quiet? Take care bro! DEUCES!

  • Scotty T 7 years ago

    Great video buddy, stickers look great. Keep up the good work and ride safe

  • ninjanelly350 7 years ago

    Busted! Obviously nothing better to do,and we pay their wages! You were obviously a terrorist and we’re going to vandalise the park……Mmmm …..

  • Thatguyon2wheels 7 years ago

    If the slenderman came around me I’d be like, “Thundercat HOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!”nice stickers mate, Thundercat HOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!you’ve been thundercatted!!!!!!!

  • BikerBoy492 7 years ago

    What option do you go on on the website to get same type of sticker

  • Bouncer 7 years ago

    Don’t vlog, Can’t even ride! Print yourself a sticker!

  • Nat thatgirlonthebike 7 years ago

    Ooooh was I the first one to get a sticker? I feel really special now. They are brilliant quality and I love the design. Awesome video once again, ride safe Weem 🙂

  • Jamie Glasspoole 7 years ago

    Another great video worth watching! Cheers Weeem XD

  • Andi Kuehni 7 years ago

    YEAH! Schtickerssss !!!!

  • Skeggy Cruiser 7 years ago

    Nice Video Weeem, whoops nearly got yourself booked danno! any chance of an exchange for the one I sent you, just a wee one, I know they don’t come cheep, I ride a cruiser weeem, so of cause I check myself out in windows, I look F@ckin awesome riding and stroking Ooooh yeah! lol, Ride Safe Buddy.

  • DigitalSignFx 7 years ago

    Look mum were on tv! Thanks weeem 🙂

  • 33WingNuts 7 years ago

    haha not the warden… :-O

  • Jack Jones 7 years ago

    Good video mate and nice stickers 🙂

  • gary millard 7 years ago

    Just down the road from me dude!

  • BrEnNo1023 7 years ago

    I do it all the time when I’m in my 300zx…glancing in shop windows to see it roll past. it’s so purrrdy! <3333

  • Pauly V 7 years ago

    Weeem and his Crown Estate criminal record ;)Those stickers look good man, I’ll have to get some pennies together when I’ve paid the rent this month and grab a few!

  • Mord Fustang 7 years ago

    I’ve been waiting for this when pres goes against a FaZe member

  • Pager1991 7 years ago

    so did she tip or not LOL