Guest starring Finnoctane, WeeemRCB and PhilTonic.

Sorry about the horrid condensation inside my camera lens ruining the footage 🙂 the problem has now been resolved (I hope) by leaving the camera in a warm dry place overnight.

Equipment I use:

Drift Ghost HD set at 60fps and 720p.
Drift external mic.
Final cut Pro X and imovie video editing software.
Garageband music editing software (where I can be arsed)
CBR600F 2012 plate
Shoei GT air helmet
Crappy Frank thomas textile jacket
Excellent Triumph textile trousers
Amazingly waterproof RST boots
Sometimes I get out in my sexy Dainese leathers too!

Want to know anything else just ask!
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Featuring Weem


  • Nathan Bellows 6 years ago

    Love Daytona Sandown! Won the John Lewis race there last year 🙂 Do you visit Loomies often?

  • Picklepoo 6 years ago

    You talk so nicely it doesn’t even register when you swear!

  • Picklepoo 6 years ago

    Weeem is powered by waffles and dark thoughts, it’s a potent combination! Go karts are weird.

  • Lamb Chop Rides 6 years ago

    Proper raining there horrid! Glad mine wasn’t ready haha

  • Finnoctane 6 years ago

    You got some proper drift on gurl! But more karting to get your lady arms beefed up 😉 But WTF hit you…sounded a bit splatty…ewwwww!

  • Southern Fried 6 years ago

    Awww I wish I could’ve made it! =(

  • Bigsmokeandthemonster 6 years ago

    Now I’m really envious! 😀

  • vitaly deuterium 6 years ago

    Good stuff ! ‘Orible weather.

  • Rhin0Neil 6 years ago

    Been there to Esher carting before. I came second against 6 others.. Would love to go again..Put your camera in a tub of rice with a lid for a few days. That will draw out the moisture..

  • MyKeyVlogs 6 years ago

    That was so cool, more kart vlogging please! :PAlso, at least you know now that we can hear you when going 8….erm 70mph! 😉

  • InTheNameOfJustice 6 years ago

    How did it feel talking to a day glow banana and asking directions? I think you did well for the first time out there. I gather its all about track position and small steering adjustments but I have never done it myself. Looks like jolly good fun though.

  • WeeemRCB 6 years ago

    I thought you did brilliantly …. got footage of you drifting like a hoooooon :DThe ride home was shit tho :(We should have waited for it to pass – I think you were chasing it south 🙁

  • Carrotcruncher Southwest 6 years ago

    Your just proper girl doing pirouette

  • Captain Rambunctious 6 years ago

    Looked really good! You can’t be expected to be brilliant at everything first time! Next time you’ll be lapping them! X

  • Biker Sin 6 years ago

    this looks like sooo much fun!!!!!

  • ivanandhismightysteed 6 years ago

    Now that looked fun – don’t worry u probably had a dodgy cart or something 😉

  • OfficialSmo 6 years ago

    I totally have to come next time – really wanted to make it to this one! Looked awesome.

  • Rasoar 6 years ago

    I read putting it in a bowl of rice would out the moisture.

  • biker tench 6 years ago

    lol it is hard for me to talk English. put cam in rice over night.

  • metalhead18241 6 years ago

    I’ve been go-karting once and loved it, would love to go again at some point, I got third fastest in our group (there were 8 before you say anything) and I had the slowest go-kart (or I’m just a fat bastard)…I was out on my bike that day and managed to get in just before it started to piss down 🙂

  • Ethan Senior 6 years ago

    Not only did you win at the slowest you also won at driving the fastest……Backwards 😉

  • Phil Tonic 6 years ago

    I love how you Romain Grosjean’d into the pits 😀

  • Suznet 555 6 years ago

    Battery out , flap open, Airing cupboard, long time should dry it out :-)mildly moist weather there

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