Guest starring Finnoctane, WeeemRCB and PhilTonic.

Sorry about the horrid condensation inside my camera lens ruining the footage 🙂 the problem has now been resolved (I hope) by leaving the camera in a warm dry place overnight.

Equipment I use:

Drift Ghost HD set at 60fps and 720p.
Drift external mic.
Final cut Pro X and imovie video editing software.
Garageband music editing software (where I can be arsed)
CBR600F 2012 plate
Shoei GT air helmet
Crappy Frank thomas textile jacket
Excellent Triumph textile trousers
Amazingly waterproof RST boots
Sometimes I get out in my sexy Dainese leathers too!

Want to know anything else just ask!
Talk shit to me on twitter @MissRedRenna


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