This footage has been enhanced and you made think you see a wheelie being performed.

Not so.


Featuring Weem

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  • BitchBiggest 5 years ago

    “Are you having trouble getting it up ?” lmao

    • . “A disaster,” said Goldberg.” — PhilIf it’s Sunday, it’s Meet the Jews.—–Although they did have Keith Ellison, as “The Muslim Piñata” (“Congressman Ellison, why are your Muslim Brothers so Kee-Ray-Zee?!). Fortunately, they restored the traditional MTP balance by booking Rep. Peter King, Leader of the Asshat People.

    • That’s way more clever than I was expecting. Thanks!

    • Touchdown! That’s a really cool way of putting it!

    • Salam2all,Untuk pengetahuan ada lagi org yg pakai bugati dimalaysia. Salah sorangnya adalah anak kepada penasihat minyak malaysia. Dato M.Org Malaysia kita diluar negara dah ada pun yg memakai kenderaan lebih mahal dari buggati, kebanyakan tak de sebab nak bawa balik malaysia kenderaan mewah, semua seronok dgn jalan lebar dieropah.

  • DEVON MELON 5 years ago

    i bet that was scary, he got it up eventually, when guys get older its harder! lol

  • picklepoo98 6 years ago

    I want to learn.

  • picklepoo98 6 years ago

    It’s the only type of wheelie I’ll be doing any time soon!

  • SuperKax3 6 years ago

    Wheelies rock I love doing them feels great.

  • PistonHeadChaz 6 years ago

    I hate pillion wheelies haha

  • picklepoo98 6 years ago

    I’m good, aren’t I!

  • 87Slabside 6 years ago

    Some proper wheelies!

  • Tina Camacho 6 years ago

    i thought so 🙂

  • picklepoo98 6 years ago

    We were up!

  • Tina Camacho 6 years ago

    damn, that looks mighty convincing there girlly

  • picklepoo98 6 years ago

    Well, yes.

  • Mark Robbins 6 years ago

    You scream like a girl lol!

  • Daniel Rose 6 years ago

    Hell Yes! Split that money and retire.

  • picklepoo98 6 years ago

    App I want a different model.2, 7, 22, 45, 108We’re gonna win!

  • Daniel Rose 6 years ago

    Why not? Where you told what you can have? Maybe a KTM Duke. Pick 5 numbers between 1 and 50 and one between 1 and 25. If it hits you can have what ever bike you like or three.

  • picklepoo98 6 years ago

    I was told I can’t have that one!

  • Daniel Rose 6 years ago

    I saw the DRZ 400 U wanted on twitter. Best I can do is get a lottery ticket and if I win it.s yours.

  • chrisandhisbike 6 years ago

    Yea I took it easy.. I should be back to work tomorrow..

  • picklepoo98 6 years ago

    Glad to hear it, back on the bike yet?

  • chrisandhisbike 6 years ago

    Just seen your message as I don’t get notifications from here..? Yea I’m doing better thanks.. 😉

  • picklepoo98 6 years ago

    I think it might send you all over the edge!

  • The Silent Biker 6 years ago

    Just repeating what everyone else has commented…. Fantastic laugh 🙂 … think you should string all your laughs together from other vids… 20 mins of your laugh would be a great start to the day.

  • picklepoo98 6 years ago

    I would love that!!

  • Darknitevlog 6 years ago

    Gonna met up with Dafobra this weekend..we shall save you a seat on his bike lol 😉

  • picklepoo98 6 years ago


  • picklepoo98 6 years ago

    Well he was!

  • picklepoo98 6 years ago

    Aw shucks!

  • picklepoo98 6 years ago

    Hehehe, your go next!

  • picklepoo98 6 years ago

    I’m warm and fuzzy on the inside!

  • A.V. Crumble 6 years ago

    Through the tunnel as well – what a badass! Love your laugh sweetie x

  • louis silvano 6 years ago

    Hahahaha nice laugh 😉

  • Phil Jones 6 years ago

    Haha, that laugh is so cute. also “having trouble getting it up?” haha.

  • twowheelsrule88 6 years ago

    No where near as much as I love you =]

  • xNinjaMikEx 6 years ago

    Yeah thats exactly what i thought i heard coming past me outside the ace!!

  • BikerSam79 6 years ago

    Your nuts. I think I love ya.

  • BrianWest58 6 years ago

    Pfft. It’s genuine 😎

  • picklepoo98 6 years ago

    Just a lickle bit of sex wee!

  • picklepoo98 6 years ago

    It takes extreme forces to make me sound like that!

    • 今が一番イライラしちゃう時ですね。貴女は頑張っていますねみなさんいろいろと良い事を書いてくださっているのになるへそ~と感心しまひた^^いっぱいおるのよ、そんな男ども・・・・^^;息子達(もう成人しましたが)には家事育児は彼女が出来たら同じようにこなさなくちゃいかんよ?働いて帰宅したら御飯が待っている方が家事育児よりもずっとラクなんだから。と日々言い続けております。なぜならうちはぴっぴさんのご主人以下の旦那だから~(爆)子供が新生児の頃から旦那も姑も横抱きに抱きながらタバコは吸っていたし@@@逆の発想で「煙草に無縁のひとでもガンになる人はなる」もちろんベランダなんかに出ません、どこでも灰皿状態「今まで火事をださないだけでも儲けモノ」もちろんオムツ換えなんてしたことなかったし「母親だって本当はやりたくないもんね」喧嘩っぱやいから上司はもとより通勤電車でも知らない人と喧嘩しちゃった♪と喜んで帰ってくるようなアホ・・・おかげで定年までヒラ@@@「リストラにならなくて良かった」酒でモノ失くしたり(携帯・財布・定期等)大怪我して救急車騒ぎになったり・・・「死ななくて良かった」今朝のNHKは家人がバタバタ出勤登校時間でついていただけのような感じでしたが主人は思い当たるふしオオアリでだんまりむっつり出勤しましたわ(笑)大きな一番手のかかる子供・・・と認識してきました^^;子供以下の手伝いも期待しちゃ~ガッカリするだけなんだもの^^他所で聞く熟年離婚の危機?を感じてか55歳を過ぎて夕飯の洗い物(だけ)を最近するようになってきました。趣向を変えて・旦那のどこが素敵・旦那に感謝した事・旦那の良い処毎日書き出してみましょう・・・・・この際ダメな処(世の中の男なんて所詮同じ)はちょいと横にうっちゃって・・・・^^毎日少しの項目しか書けなくても、同じことしか書けなくてもたぶん・・・・少しずつ、いえいえ沢山見えてきますよ8年以上も仲の良いご夫婦だったのなら・・^^きっと大丈夫貴女の意識改革と少しずつの調教で乗り切れますよ^^

    • Dude.. I’m not substantially into studying, but somehow I obtained to go through lots of guide content with the net website. Its great how attention-grabbing it genuinely is for me to go to you pretty frequently.

    • Yeah, they should have more respect…lets see the senate is made up of liars, tax cheats, funneling of money to their own coffers, and ex KKK member, one that died was a drunk ,womanizer, responsible for a womans death., onehad a *** thing going in his basement…HEY SHOW SOME RESPECT!! IMAGINE calling a politician a LIAR!!! Most of these people should be in jailr…who has any respect for any of them…..the cost of the Botox alone for the 2 behind Obama..could feed the poor! Give me a break!

    • I dont know about predictions, but when a rejected SRK movie ends up with 70 cr nett, i have doubts about the claim that 200 cr is unreachable in today’s market … and IF it is then i still dont see Aamir repeating it in the next 4-5 years … but someone claiming both at the same time is a bit hard to digest.I wud think well accepted decent big movies can get into 150-200 cr range irrespective of who the superstar is.

  • stutch2000 6 years ago

    Ive never heard u so excited!! Id be touching cloth!! Brave u!!1111

  • Skeggy Cruiser 6 years ago

    Awesome Vid, bet you had a little wee come out, lol.Ride Safe Mi Duck.

  • picklepoo98 6 years ago

    It wears a little think after a while!

  • BrianWest58 6 years ago

    You have the best laugh!

  • picklepoo98 6 years ago

    I almost did the first time!

  • ..Mr Stresshead.. 6 years ago

    Id shit it on that

  • picklepoo98 6 years ago


  • ThePunkstig 6 years ago

    Insert uncontrollable laughter here, oh wait, you already covered that!

  • picklepoo98 6 years ago

    Cheers my crispy friend!

  • picklepoo98 6 years ago

    As much as you love me?

  • picklepoo98 6 years ago


  • Picklepoo 6 years ago

    I bloody loved it! How are you doing?

  • Glen Thistlethwaite 6 years ago

    i think a little picklepoo would come out

  • WeeemRCB 6 years ago

    You should’ve seen it from my angle… You were hanging on like a wee chipmonk 😀

  • Picklepoo 6 years ago

    I do all my own stunts.

  • Jeep198503 6 years ago

    You are only the second person I ever know who can scream and laugh at the same time. That made my day and this day sucked ass. Thanks for the smile.

  • Picklepoo 6 years ago

    You need me as ballast!

  • 33WingNuts 6 years ago

    yeeeeeehaaaaaawwwww 🙂

  • offtheclockuk 6 years ago

    Filthy laugh! 😀

  • Picklepoo 6 years ago


  • Picklepoo 6 years ago

    It was fun!

  • Picklepoo 6 years ago

    I’ll look it up!

  • OrcaGT 6 years ago

    Future riders watching this going for their Mod 2… take note! When the Instructor asks you what you should consider for pillion passengers: “Wheelies are easier and stoppies are harder!” 😛

  • MarshDonky 6 years ago

    pLEAsUre 🙂 You reminded me of the cockleshell bay intro lool

  • Picklepoo 6 years ago

    Why thanks. Mine, mine, mine.

  • MarshDonky 6 years ago

    You sound like a seagull xD

  • Picklepoo 6 years ago

    I couldn’t stop cackling!