After a month of riding with the camera, but not recording I was thinking: “Who can be bothered. Too much hassle…… I’m done with YouTube”

I’m sure other people that make YouTube content find themselves in the same lull at one point or another.
Unmotivated and the thought of vlogging building up in their mind to be a chore rather than fun.

But after a chance encounter and a few country hacks where I could clear my head, I can finally found some clarity.
It’s not the end ….. it’s just the next chapter 🙂


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The Prodigy – Phoenix


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  • I’m glad you’re still with us.

    It’s a thing, though, getting to a point of creative mehness. Staying ‘fresh’ is something that few people achieve without a considerable amount of effort.

  • CalmBiker 5 years ago

    Editing does take a while but nothing compared to watching videos. Then again, I’m off the bike for a few months so I’ve plenty of editing and watching time available now. 🙁

  • TheFriskyBiker 5 years ago

    Try not colour correcting see how that looks save yourself like 6-8 hours

  • Colin 5 years ago

    Weeeem! so glad you have not hung up your wee microphone 😀 I love your videos. I have been known to put them on continuous play on my TV before and just sit back and laugh.I know what you mean about taking a long time. mine take hours, and I could spend a whole day editing just one video trying to get it how I want it. But at the moment I am enjoying it, so at the moment it is worth the time spent.If I ever start to hate editing then I may become a bit less prolific with my uploads haha

  • FryRiding 5 years ago

    I’m glad you made this video. I am starting to struggle with it as well. All the comments and positive feedback really do give enough motivation to keep going but right now I am changing jobs and wont have as much time for vlogging which also means all the activity on my channel will slow down. I am afraid I will get stuck in a new routine and the vlogging will just get phased out. To give you a boost, I am a new sub but I love your channel. Keep it up! I’m sure you will find a way to make it easier on yourself.

  • Thunderous71 5 years ago

    Colour correction whats that? Hehehe thats how I keep my time on the edits down… that and two screaming kidz 😉

  • Jonas P 5 years ago

    Great news you stayed, I get that sometimes the first step of pressing record is just another step on a 30hour commitment. Remember at that moment then its what you want that powers it all. You can skip the chore of washing clothes.. but you want clean clothes. Its not a chore cus its something you want, not have to do.Anyway your to rare motovlogger to dissapear 🙂

  • sjbali 5 years ago

    Absolutely feel you, I have tons of footage lying and no time to edit plus funnily enough the video’s may important to us get less exposure as the simple ones. Keep up the spirit mate I know thats the hardest part

  • Triple Trouble 5 years ago

    I’m glad you’re staying, all for my own selfish reason though…… i love your videos and by all these YT comments you have a very good following 😀

  • Samurai H 5 years ago

    Very true it takes a lonnnng time to createNormally I try to start with the Music and then get the footage to match, might be easier for me don’t know as I don’t speak a lot and when i do i need to get courage from elsewhere lol.Im very glad you decided to stick aroundHappy Riding and Have funThumbs up

  • TheCcponyboy 5 years ago

    Vlog tastic… After featuring in a vlog you are fine with the occasional bleep! ? Cheers look forward to more.

  • Ron Beton 5 years ago

    Thank you Colin !

  • OfficialSmo 5 years ago

    It would most definitely be a shame if you decide to pack it in dude but don’t forget that you’ve not only been an inspiration to me and my videos but generally been one of my favourite peoples ever. You’ve got Smo support whatever it is dude, just keep in touch so we can keep uh… hangin’ oot!

  • vanvan13 5 years ago

    Your one of the vloggers that made me want to start, I will never reach your level I know that but knowing I can still watch your vids still gives me motivation to do better. Love your stuff, never, I repeat NEVER stop or I’m setting my dogs on you!!

  • ivanandhismightysteed 5 years ago

    Glad to hear u r carrying on – I am trying to stop swearing so much in my videos so I don’t have to take the time to bleep them out lol – ur shy? Don’t worry I am socially inept – I always end up saying the wrong thing at the wrong time 😉

  • Neil Cole 5 years ago

    Just to let you know Weeem we appreciate all the hard work and hours it takes!! keep on rocking!

  • Adrian Byte 5 years ago

    WEEEM! I’ve missed you, fuckin hell man.

  • Skeggy Cruiser 5 years ago

    Nice one weeem! I for one am pleased you’ve chosen to continue bro, I always enjoy what you produce, and yep I agree you are very shy, lol, for me It’s the same, i tend to record about 2 hours then go back and chop it up, however the last video I’ve just put up was great, all I had to do was chop off about a minute at the beginning and about 30 seconds at the end and stick it up, altogether from taking it of the camera and viewing it on youtube it took just over an hour, I suppose it also depends on what upload speed you’ve got, mine tends to be around 16mbps and around 76mbps download, RSM8.

  • Jarrod ST955ise 5 years ago

    Having just read all the comments so far there’s not much more to add really, totally agree with everyone, just like to add that I didn’t realize just how much ‘faffery’ went in to producing such work, 10/10. 🙂 grand job.

  • fisher boy 5 years ago

    I’ve met Colin two he is an amazing man A man who knows a lot and would you like to sign my book

  • AdjrianNickelodeon 5 years ago

    I think every single Motovlogger in the world knows what you’re going through, myself included. I’m at the exact same crossroads atm with regards to making it easier on myself. Editing takes soooooo long for me. Days or even weeks working on some edits. It’s all extremely demotivating hence the need to streamline and plan vlogs. You and I just gotta find that new ‘groove’ 🙂 Ps: coming from an extreme introvert, vlogging has helped me so much also. It would be a shame to lose that aspect.

  • joentje292 5 years ago

    Yay! Weeem don’t stop! I’m glad Collin(?) saved the WeeemRCB channel 🙂 I love your video’s and the coke snorting marks on your helmet :’) keep going!

  • Jackorias 5 years ago

    Glad you’ve not packed up shop Weem, where else would we find a Scot riding a ‘blade and dropping innuendos!

  • MazGeordieVlogger 5 years ago

    Glad u stayed! Stay safe x

  • MazGeordieVlogger 5 years ago

    I upload about once every one or two weeks. With work and family uploading and editing takea a long time but, I just go out with a subject talk about it and get random clips and piece it together. Also dont keep my vids too long, five minutes so, its short and sweet. X

  • MarshDonky 5 years ago

    Lol you just spent possibly 24 hours, too say nothings changing .Hahaha Weeem this why you should never stop, that and your cross-dressing XD

  • clanmac66 5 years ago

    Macaroons are alright but you can’t beat a Tunnock’s Caramel! More than worth 30 hours of your time for me to enjoy during one of your great vlogs!!!! 😉 RSM8

  • Layton Dunkley 5 years ago

    love you videos all of them mate ,keep it up

  • Surf Pilot 5 years ago

    Hey buddy glad you’re sticking with is mate, just so you know you’re one of the vloggers who I stick with right to the end of the piece. Your annotations always raise a smile, well placed and timed, I know it seems mechanical and planned but having topics and trying to nail that topic in a 10 minute faultless performance will cut down the editing, far far easier said than done though. A very easy topic would be how surfpilot looks like a women when nude due to his moobs and munt. :-/ love your work matey x

  • harleyman5521 5 years ago

    I record two or three vlogs in one ride and post the one I am most happy with.. I leave my ummms and arrrrs in , and trust me i do a lot.

  • metalhead18241 5 years ago

    Glad that you decided to stick around Weem 😀 I’m in the same boat as you, I’m immensely shy in real life :-(I agree that the editing process is the part that takes the most amount of the time. Luckily for me, I lack the creativity/artistic gene so make a rough cut of 10 minutes or so and leave it at that as I’m not sure on what to do to make it more fancy… Still takes around 6 hours for the entire process though…

  • Patrick Chapman 5 years ago


  • wody21 5 years ago

    Thx Weem, for not to quit YT, You are a pretty unique one on the tubes! Keep it up gentleman.

  • vitaly deuterium 5 years ago

    Keep on keepin’ on man.

  • SirJambo 5 years ago

    Glad to hear you changed your mind! You were one of the first vloggers I started watching 🙂 You certainly are right about the amount of time it all takes, guess it doesn’t help with all your different memes 😀

  • Andi Kuehni 5 years ago

    Glad for you mate!!! you are shy…..well….lets ask your girlfriend about that ;)…It is always good to hear different opinions and life events of fellow riders…be able to take part of their life for a short time and share the experience (no stalking….erm…).Looking forward for the meet….even just for getting on your nerves for a bit 😀 RSMF

  • Dracati Ducati 5 years ago

    That last clip took an 1hr to Edit, too !!!lolGlad ur Staying…this one was aClassic episode…nice roads @ 7min.& u made this edit look easy, haha !!!;)

  • Lamb Chop Rides 5 years ago

    Your not giving up young man, I WONT LET YOU!! 🙂

  • Motorcycle Extremist 5 years ago

    Find a way to do it that is lower stress and maximum fun, whatever that is. I’ve considered making a Vlog myself just to try it out and see what it’s like, but just never did. It doesn’t seem like a “me” kind of thing, but I know I should at least give it a go and see if I like it. Who knows, maybe I would?I’ve definitely really enjoyed your work here, and I’ve even shared some of your videos with non-riding friends of mine who enjoyed them as well. I think you have a natural gift for it really. I hope yo can find a way to keep on with it that suits you better.

  • Red Renna 5 years ago

    Weeeem! so glad you have not hung up your wee microphone 😀 I love your videos. I have been known to put them on continuous play on my TV before and just sit back and laugh.I know what you mean about taking a long time. mine take hours, and I could spend a whole day editing just one video trying to get it how I want it. But at the moment I am enjoying it, so at the moment it is worth the time spent.If I ever start to hate editing then I may become a bit less prolific with my uploads haha

  • Suznet 555 5 years ago

    editing is for those rainy days when you don’t want to get soaked, but I try not to spend too long on a video a couple of hours for my usual crap, but as you said, rendering & upload times suck, glad Colin gave you a wake up call.

  • matthew wyatt 5 years ago

    🙂 keep going weem, you’re awesome

  • Quassymoto 1 5 years ago

    I rather enjoy watching your vid’s and thank god you are not throwing in the towel . Most of the time I am smiling and giggling my bum off so its great you are going to continue 🙂 .

  • 2ForFlinching 5 years ago

    Weeemb! I think of you as an earthquake b/c your vids always rock my tectonic plates. Your archive thus far is beyond unique. Your efforts are noticed and appreciated. Bye.

  • The Crumble 5 years ago

    Chuffed you’re sticking with it young man. I totally understand how you feel. There’s been many a time I’ve considered jacking it in. Sometimes I think you just need a break from it. It is the comments of viewers and their enjoyment that keeps me doing it. I always enjoy your vlogs and I hope you will keep sharing your thoughts with us for many a year yet!! Love and kisses, Crumble x

  • Kmoto94 5 years ago

    I do enjoy watching your uploads there entertain for me to watch, you’re really the only popular Scottish motovlogger out there, It would be sad to see you go. P. S. What bike do you ride?

  • Red Shoes Moment 5 years ago

    Funny how Editor Weem admonishes Rider Weem for adding to his work load…perhaps they should get together, have a coffee and work some stuff out. Anyhoo…so glad Collin offered the words you needed to hear, but rest assured, he spoke for thousands…..take care and stay safe…

  • The XT Donkey 5 years ago

    +WeeemRCB You are one of a very small group of vloggers I Will actively make time to watch and trust your work speaks for itself and the effort you put in is pretty clear …… And trust me IF YOU QUIT I WILL FIND YOU AND I WILL ……And lets just say you will become a Coffee filter 😛 Keep`er Lit Weeeem !

  • HamSpamJamLamb 5 years ago