A mini-vlog from when I was out on The Loan Bike from Steve Jordan Motorcycles.

Talking about how peoples perception changed just by riding an old bike as well as how we judge each other by the gear we wear (or don’t)


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  • Sonny Neal 5 years ago

    Sorry Weem, Im just getting into biking (16), But whats a Squid(er)?

  • thy shadow 5 years ago

    is supermoto not an option ?

  • Steve WK 5 years ago

    Weem……I’m from Canada, where there are helmet laws everywhere… Recently took a trip down to the USA, and in Maine, I saw men and women on their cruisers EVERYWHERE riding with absolutely NO gear!! It was visually so freaking shocking to see people speeding past everyone on the highway……….no helmet…no gloves….sleeveless shirts… Ughh…. My brain just couldn’t compute….. It was stunning to see….lol…I had a bit of a slow speed come off on my bike this spring… and my knee turned into hamburger, nearly tore off a foot, and was bedridden for two weeks!!!! And I had gear on ;S Imagine these guys?

  • Dan Retrolixus 5 years ago

    Hey Weem, I ride a 125cc and wear full gear, I can see why people don’t especially when young due to funds, but as you say the risk is far greater than cost, like full armour for Β£100, id rather spend that than lose a limb! Subbed to you now, loving the vids, Stay safe. Retro πŸ™‚ ps ive been in Triumph Woburn Sands a few times, they always seem quite sound.

  • Daryll Moto 5 years ago

    im on 125 scooter for the road atm (doing the direct access soon as Β£ allows) and i would say only 50% nod back…i dont blame them i look like a twat πŸ™‚

  • lol I’m a part time squider than… lol riding isn’t a job.. If I commute for 20miles daily.. than yes. I’ll ware appropriate gears… if It’s a max 10miles pleasure ride in a hot day “through London traffic”, than maybe I would drop gloves and jacket. And no I would not nod at you for the sake of it… but if I like your bike or your gears I may as well approve it and let you know. =)

  • tboatz99 5 years ago

    It all down to personal choice. But then some fully kitted out bikers are guilty of driving like bell ends which just increases their chances of ending up flying down the road ! On another note. What are peoples feelings on leather pants and a textile jacket because I just can’t seem to get along with textile pants. Or would I just look like a knob ?

  • Stewart Hamilton 5 years ago

    It’s so true what you said about dealerships, a mate of mine was out on a sunday ride on his ratty old honda xl and went into a landrover dealership and was completly blanked, left and went into another one where the salesman was really helpful, went back to the second one two days later and ordered 15 110 landies for the firm he works for, and got the guy to email the first dealership about the order cos its part of the same firm.

  • Cat Dragon 5 years ago

    Glad its not just us who have ignorant sods who ignore our nods :-/As for the squidders – their choice but it mildly annoys me that they are so ignorant of their own skin and the consequences of even a small off… Still, I look out for myself, as long as they don’t impede me let them get on with it.I bought my Triumph from a dealer in Leicester -they were great, friendly AND a free bacon sarnie

  • duncanwilkinson1280 5 years ago

    In my personal opinion i only wear full or artificial leathers when I’m on my fire-blade or cafe racer, i just wear jeans on my trail bikes and moped ( a long time ago haha) great vid mate, keep it up!

  • DriftKing[AE86] 5 years ago

    You have sweet voice πŸ™‚

  • bakerXderek 5 years ago

    Your accent is thicker than a whales penis, but in a good way πŸ˜‰ P.S. Come to America and you wont get help from no one in the dealerships they suck.

  • SouthernFried Tom 5 years ago

    I’ve seen plenty of squids in full gear, one buzzed me on my mod 2 exam on monday, cunt scared the living shit out of me ‘cos I only just saw him appear ot of nowhere at warp fucking speed.I was out all day on Sunday (training for mod2) and I always said to myself I wouldn’t be a nodder. But after the first bloke nodded at me and I instinctively nodded back, I was nodding away like a hooker with her head through the window of a parked car.Considering I was in a trainee high vis and had L plates, I was dead chuffed.From now on, I’m a nodding nodder.

  • The Flying Yetti 5 years ago

    Squids πŸ™‚

  • Zequme 5 years ago

    Are you scottish?

  • Inspirikus 5 years ago

    Don’t look further S1R will cover all. Ride couple of liter and finished with S1R at end.

  • busa black 5 years ago

    Now there’s a market to get into, turban shaped helmets.Don’t think I could ride without my protective gear, the thought of bare skin sliding on tarmac at 30 mph is enough to make me put my gear on.What about the fazer though for a bike.?

  • Quentin Redbeard 5 years ago

    I did my transition from 125 to 500cc on a GS… It was kinda funky but even having never ridden a big bike before it felt slow!Nice work on getting Weemette to consider riding you bareback \m/I had the same experience with Triumph too, wankers! Although like Kylie said, Destination Washington are completely different **shrug**.. Had the same with a bike gear dealer too, I won’t say who either (PORTSMOUTH J&S KNOBBERS) :)Da fuq πŸ™‚

  • ChristiansModernLife 5 years ago

    “Squids” don’t make me angry. I just hope the checked the organ donor box (:

  • TheCulliad 5 years ago

    No-one gets into motorcycling because they like following the crowd right? My choice of riding gear depends on the weather. People who get really irate about seeing someone riding in a t-shirt or without gloves etc are just policing themselves not to do the same. If you have given yourself an inbuilt dislike of something like that it’s just the way you override that part of your mind that says “go on, leave the jacket at home today, it is bloody hot!” If you’re being honest with yourself & you don’t have that conflict then you’re not the sort of person to even comment on the issue. I identify with ALL people on 2 or three wheels regardless of what they wear. To be fair, who sets the acceptable level for risk control? A lot of folks think we’re nuts to even be on the road not surrounded by a metal cage. Life’s to short. Shorts? No, I always wear at least jeans. That’s just me though.

  • Jef Motard 5 years ago

    I greet everyone, It’s their skin and as you said, they don’t affect anyone else by not wearing gear, well.. maybe except for the emergency services that have to clean up the mess if they crash :/

  • The Infamous Biker 5 years ago

    Personally, I nod at everyone on two wheels. Whether it’s a fireblade, a GS500 (hehe), or a 50cc scooter. People who squid don’t anger me, but I do think to myself “you bloody idiot”.

  • D Rudder 5 years ago

    I nod to everyone but what they don’t know is I’m also shooting them with mind bullets at the same time … You make me tingle !!

  • russellgreenie 5 years ago

    If I’m going on a short journey, then I’ll not gear up, I’ll put a lid on, gloves &boots. If I’m going for a blast with mates or longer journey then full protection will be worn.

  • Samurai H 5 years ago

    i agree with you its their business and if they dont want to sell they fault.We cant tell them what to wear “we can help them understand the complications ” but i would still nod at them. Did like your comment “Uniform ” and in some part it is our Uniform and i can tell you if i ride without it now a days i feel naked.All the best for the S1000Thumbs up

  • Finnoctane 5 years ago

    I got a silent puzzled look when I told a dealer that I wanted a 675R to have fun while touring. Why the judgement?! I just like to do certain things in an obtuse manner :DD It’s been pretty hot though in the past few days and I have strongly considered squidding for town riding…please don’t be mad πŸ™

  • CalmBiker 5 years ago

    The S1000R looks nice but for a pillion, probably not. Quite like the Speed Triple idea too.

  • 2WheeledMatt 5 years ago

    The thing that pisses me off about squids is we have to pay for their stay in hospital when they rip off all their skin. NHS has better things to be spending money on

  • Paul Shutt 5 years ago

    I personally don’t like squidders, i’ve seen far too many pictures of whats left of people when they don’t wear gear, I think its stupid. If I see a squid (especially a little chav on a 125 with no gear just a helmet) I ignore them. I think that, if you’re not prepared to wear the gear ur not a true biker and ur just in it till u pass your driving test. i’m shocked by how many bikers ignore me too, I nod at every biker and only a few will nod back. Maybe its cos of my L plates but we’ve all gotta start somewhere.

  • Alfa persius 5 years ago

    I’ll nod at anything! Like most say squids its their choice, different if it is someone you know

  • Jason Ellis 5 years ago

    i give them face of awkwardness n a slight head shake to show my unsatisfactory-ness

  • OddWinningEnjoyNoise 5 years ago

    How about the kawasaki z800?

  • rockafella1690 5 years ago

    Totally relate to your experience with the dealership. That is my experience 99% of the time and I don’t understand it. I remember going to buy my first big bike: I had 6 grand burning a hole in my pocket at a time when the industry was on it’s knees, so I expected to be swarmed by eager sales men as soon as i walked in. It was the complete opposite – they weren’t interested and when I eventually was approached (20 mins later) I told the boy what I was after and he just replied “oh OK, well just let me know if you need anything”. Erm…I need a bike you fool, don’t you want my money!? Emails ignored and promised phone calls never made are typical of other major dealers I’ve encountered too.

  • Ghostly SM 5 years ago

    I nod to everyone on two wheels, unless they’re riding a scooter or they’re a squid.Scooters because generally you won’t get a nod back (usually older people riding them).Squids because they’re usually cunts πŸ˜‰ Straight pipe (being picky here, I don’t really care if a zorst is stupidly loud), speeding in stupid places and pretty much just pissing everyone off, which then gets passed onto he rest of us.Obviously there’s no set definition, but in my eyes, there’s a massive difference between someone who doesn’t wear much gear and a squid. It’s the squids that piss people off with the stupid shit they pull, not the lack of gear, although generally squids are wearing very little.While I’m ranting about people who piss me off, another one is weekend riders… It was worse before I passed my test. They’d see your L plates and assume you’re a cunt; like they’re better than you or something.Everything I said above gets thrown out of the window if I get a nod first. If that’s that case, I’ll nod back regardless of who they are or what they’re riding.Also, it’s worth saying that there’s obviously exceptions to the generalisations I’ve made, so please don’t feel bad if you fall info any of the categories, I’m sure you’re lovely really ;)[/rant]

  • Beefiebelly 5 years ago

    Carl Rosner in Sanderstead are a friendly bunch every time I have been in there drooling over a spanking new speedR. Always keen to offer a go on their demonstrators.

  • CaptainCranky 5 years ago

    Bike snobbery is a bit silly really – squids though, they don’t make me angry, more sad – sad for their skin, for their families, for the paramedics who have to try to hold the bits together etc. etc.As I’ve said elsewhere, I nod anything on 2 wheels, even if it’s just granny cornering too fast on the mobility scooter πŸ™‚

  • macky89 5 years ago

    Street triple 1050 has got junk in the trunk

  • Beaver 314 5 years ago

    i would not go for the mt 09. have testridden it myself and it’s way too jerky. and for the same money you could have a street triple! triple weeem! more than enough power, just look at smo :)oh and yes i ignore squids

  • SKiNt Singer 5 years ago

    I know exactly what you mean about the Triumph dealer Weeem.I visited my local dealer (wearing work clothes, which was shirt and tie on that day…) and they didn’t even acknowledge me. 20 minutes I was in there browsing without so much as one of the 5 people in there approaching me to ask if they could help or if I was a mass murderer…I left… If I ever do buy a Triumph, it won’t be from there… Atrocious customer service πŸ™

  • Paul Sims 5 years ago

    I went to my local (to my work) BMW motorrad on a 125 and I don’t think there was anyone actually working there. I had a minute long convo with a customer but the staff were non existent. My local triumph dealeron the other hand, chatting away within a couple of minutes being in the shop, couldn’t have been more helpful. Same with the Honda dealer.

  • clanmac66 5 years ago

    A real biker wears the gear, a nob doesn’t! End of. And they do cost us, higher insurance because of higher claims for injuries not to mention an unnecessary burden on an already cash strapped NHS ( more to fund and or longer waiting times)Well, you did ask for views πŸ˜‰

  • RoyalJordanian 5 years ago

    I don’t care and don’t judge anyone for what they do or don’t wear. It’s their life… As for the S1000, it will do the commute, cross continents and be an utter hooligan πŸ™‚

  • XXXDeadhead 5 years ago

    I understand not wearing a jacket, gloves, leggings, or gloves… But no helmet or eye protection is like putting a target on your back at a shooting range… Oh well, world has enough people in it….

  • The Gentleman Biker 5 years ago

    I’m sure most riders would agree with me when I say, I would love to ride around in nothing but my bra and nickers but it’s just not clever. I don’t get all excited when I see a squid. I think the reason some people do might be because they’ve put in the effort to be safer, so why can’t they be bothered.I must say mate that Three Cross (Dorset) Triumph are fantastic, I’ve been in there a few times for various reasons and they always fall over themselves to be helpful. It can’t be the way you look either because I look a right bellend.

  • R6Inspired 5 years ago

    I definitely got more return nods when I’m leathered up, than I do when I’m wearing my draggin jeans, I came to the conclusion that was because of other riders perceptions..

  • Gazzatron 5 years ago

    I have the speedtriple, its a great alrounder and the rear pegs, sissy bar and seat cover take around 5 mins to remove and put on, its easy. The 1050cc motor isn’t that bad, remember you have one less cylinder. The mid range torque is quality, I can coast at 30 in 6th then accelerated to 60 in no time without changing down.

  • Lewis H 5 years ago

    You should go back to triumph on the fireweeeem and see how they react then. Also, I love the speed triple but so many people have them, but I suppose that’s a good thing. Ride safe buddy!

  • vancouveride 5 years ago

    You should just get a gs500. The rear seat is probably plenty comfy.I nod/wave to pretty much everyone, even motorcycle cops, sometimes scooters and even bicycles on particularly nasty days. But never people on gs500’s, that’s my line.

  • alightvlogging 5 years ago

    I nod at every biker, squids & scoots alike. Most squids don’t nod back and probably 50% of the scoots don’t either. II don’t get angry about squids, but I do tend to call them names when I see them :d same as I call all stupid drivers names.

  • SirJambo 5 years ago

    If you’re looking at the Street/Speed Triple. I would recommend going to (Triumph) Jack Lilly in Ashford. They are much more friendly than the Triumph in Guidlford πŸ™‚

  • ThreeStreets42 5 years ago

    For me it boils down to where I’m going. I’m guilty of riding short trips to the store or what not without my jacket. Most of the time thought I am in my gear. It just makes me cringe seeing the guys in shorts a wife beater and sneakers storm past me at 100+mph on the interstate.

  • Suffolk Andy 5 years ago

    I say squids are a a bit on the silly side but its up to them

  • Blahdeblah52 5 years ago

    Mate, if folks don’t gear up, I think It’s their choice.I hate seeing folks in Shorts, Flippy Flops and so on but it’s not for me to say what they can and can’t do.

  • von schwarze natter schwarze natter 5 years ago

    i won`t wave to squids

  • Eams k 5 years ago

    Haha! you said “Naked”

  • charlie laverty 5 years ago

    weem! dont worry, i will allways nodd!

  • Dark1Stranger 5 years ago

    I have two partial rants that are relevant-ish here.A while back, i was in the market for a new 450 enduro bike. – When I’m not at work, i dress fairly casual, ie perhaps a hoody and/or a cap. – I received the the worst service from Kawasaki and Yamaha dealers here in Melbourne, who looked me up and down and didn’t even acknowledge I was a legit customer. Dismissed as riffraff. I would have ridden away that day on a new Yamaha – I grew up a Yammy kid – But because of the lack of service, i left feeling they didn’t deserve my 10+ thousand dollars.Judged, not for what i was riding, but what i was wearing.I like to nod hello at every motorcyclist i encounter, I’m not bike-ist. Its a common cause and i love that. But this weekend past, i received 2 nods in return, out of probably 40 or more. A measly fucking 2. Im no squid, riding in full kit, on a 990 Adventure.There are the usual suspects that you never get a response from, in my experience its usually Hog riders – excuse the generalisation – and scooter riders – i figure thats because they don’t know of this unspoken greeting – But seriously. 2 responses. Piss poor. Is it a dying habit? Is it a social movement as motorcycling becomes more accepted and more accountants buy Multistrada’s? I feel like Peter Griffin. “You know what grinds my gears?!”Thanks for sharing Weeem. Always a good watch.

  • DangleVonBallbag 5 years ago

    Strangely, today I just wore a hoodie instead of my jacket. Still had my draggin jeans, gloves and boots on. This is probably the second time I’ve ever done this and not something I usually condone – but then again it’s personal choice so not something I get particularly angry about. Not one biker nodded at me!So, are you gonna get an S weeemthousand R or not? πŸ˜‰

  • Joshua Whitman 5 years ago

    most Harley riders here wear short sleeves and their jeans aren’t even Kevlar i asked like 6 guys and they said no these are just wranglers or some other brand

  • matthew wyatt 5 years ago

    saw a squidder on a sport bike yesterday didnt nod

  • tritriplekylie 5 years ago

    should have gone to destination triumph in washington, always very welcoming and good to deal with, plus they managed to sell +Blahdeblah52 a street triple that i sat on and left a wet patch πŸ˜‰

  • Tobias Newman 5 years ago

    I nod to every biker I see when I’m buzzing around on my 50cc scooter (Full gear inc Kevlar jeans at all times, doesn’t matter that my top speed is just under 45mph, someone hits me it’s still going to hurt) and it’s awesome when people nod back. Almost like they’re recognising someone with the same passion that just hasn’t got a proper bike on the road yet.

  • DutchTheOne 5 years ago

    GS500 all the way!

  • Maxbooze 5 years ago

    I nod pretty much everyone even the squids. I find that squids generally don’t nod back.

  • transdetendal 5 years ago

    i never quite undrstood the big deal bout squidding , im a squid as you cansee in my latest upload and been down a lot ( not the last cuple o years tho) and never got the big idea in riding with full body suits of leather or tex , why do you feel ” we arent part of the grupe”? uniform or not has nothing to do with the deal of being a biker!! its like your the one in a suit at a job interview and look down on ppl without a tie!!! its stupid…

  • Sir Bitchalot 5 years ago

    With regard to squids, I posted a comment previously on a video uploaded by Suffolk Andy and my opinion remains the same.If you don’t want to wear the gear, that’s your problem. I do however believe that if you’re in an accident and you weren’t wearing protective gear at the time, then you shouldn’t get free medical care. Your decision to forgo the correct gear will cost more in medical treatment and you should have to bear the costs for that.

  • Lee Specs 5 years ago

    I still nod mainly because I’ve been called a squid because wen it rains I have a waterproof coat that is better than my jacket so I put my jacket on underneath it and the amount of times people don’t nod or say are u mad just because it looks like u ain’t got the gear wen reli it’s a extra layer I’m wearing

  • Tony Walsh 5 years ago

    I worry that we’ll end up being legislated to wear tested and approved everything with the increased costs that would bring.

  • Viking Rider 5 years ago

    the reason squids annoy me is not because they will hurt them selfsbut that if they come off some poor paramedic or police officer has to peal parts of there skin off the road and knowing a police officer who has had to do this many times it does effect them after a while.

  • HamSpamJamLamb 5 years ago

    Do you really need two litre bikes? If you’re commuting get an NC750 πŸ˜‰ Cheap as fuck, good fuel economy, a bit pants in the excitement department but they’re good for what they are, especially if you’ve got the FireWeeeeeeeeeeem in the garage πŸ˜› If or else fails, get an ER6 haha.As for the squiders, I don’t really care unless it’s someone I know. I was riding with an old friend for the first time on Monday and he doesn’t wear protective trousers or even any boots. And get this – he doesn’t even do up his helmet! I’ve tried telling him but he’s cocky as hell so I don’t bother mentioning it anymore lol. Oh-wim-bah-way, oh-wim-bah-way, oh-wim-bah-way! πŸ˜‰