I’m no Crumble so I’m just gonna rattle these out, picklestyle!
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Featuring Weem


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  • SubaruWRC1996 8 years ago

    poor girl everyone speeding off without you

  • Celestine Brooks 8 years ago

    I have watched them all! Great stuff! Rudder’s video was good as well! You guys are the best!

  • picklepoo98 8 years ago

    I’m infectious and highly contagious!

  • Zeb Robinson 8 years ago

    your giggles are so infectious SUBBBED!!

  • picklepoo98 8 years ago

    I’m flattered but that’s a big lie!

  • AppleVonCrumble 8 years ago

    No Crumble? This is way better than his shit!!

  • picklepoo98 8 years ago

    La la la, I can’t hear you!

  • MrJiffy1078 8 years ago

    I was about to clean it off, but it was Rudders turn!

  • James Ketteringham 8 years ago

    Was talking about the lads on there faster bikes 😉

  • picklepoo98 8 years ago

    Join the group for discussion or just keep em peeled.

  • picklepoo98 8 years ago

    I won’t have people just turning up and going faster then me – it’s not on! Can you imagine if I enforced that? How dull would it be?

  • picklepoo98 8 years ago

    He really made an effort!

  • picklepoo98 8 years ago

    Scum bag!

  • picklepoo98 8 years ago

    I ended up down the back so if it happened, I didnt get it.

  • picklepoo98 8 years ago

    There you are!

  • picklepoo98 8 years ago

    You bloody better be!

  • picklepoo98 8 years ago

    Angry smashed it.

  • picklepoo98 8 years ago

    It was brilliant, can’t wait to do it again but with a touch more organisation!

  • picklepoo98 8 years ago

    Was it you?

  • picklepoo98 8 years ago

    I’m always epic!

  • OfficialSmo 8 years ago

    Excellent! When’s the London meet?

  • Olek Skilgannon 8 years ago

    3.03 you said “are they not with us?” Yes we were with u. Just like acting like hooligans.

  • Darknitevlog 8 years ago

    The hubby was dressed quite nice for the event lol

  • MrJiffy1078 8 years ago

    I’m sorry i came outside! You will need to clean the window!

  • 796andy2 8 years ago

    Need to see crumble’s s3 race dutch’s duke !!

  • VectXJ6 8 years ago

    Yay! I can see me!

  • wyvernbiker 8 years ago

    What a great day :o)

  • Picklepoo 8 years ago

    Cheers yoof! (How long until Rudder notices)!

  • Picklepoo 8 years ago

    That’s a flat out lie!

  • Klash23o 8 years ago

    Very cool group and ride vid!

  • thenonangrybiker 8 years ago


  • Picklepoo 8 years ago

    Nothing firm yet but have created a group on FB, check it out.

  • paul22anarchy 8 years ago


  • Blahdeblah52 8 years ago

    Yea, smiled all the way through this, with ya Lil. Mate, looked awesome day, 602 to go then 🙂

  • Picklepoo 8 years ago

    I may have exaggerated a touch!

  • Picklepoo 8 years ago

    Cheers yoof! I’m trouble if dutchrudder sees this!

  • Cockers 8 years ago

    Its pickles with the giggles… 😉

  • Picklepoo 8 years ago

    Best bike there!

  • 7Neanderthal7 8 years ago

    far too much frivolity

  • Picklepoo 8 years ago

    Yes he did, he was supposed to be in top to toe pink but put on my clothes by mistake!

  • Cromedome3 8 years ago

    The tunnel part was cool, I bet you crapped your self when that bike snuck up in you

  • Picklepoo 8 years ago

    Until The Walking Dead comes back on – not me!

  • Gizzagoable 8 years ago

    Damn I’m jealous! I reckon I should be able to claim extra compo for every rideout I miss while I continue to wait for the 3rd party insurers to pay up and let me have my bike back. Superb weather with fun friends and luverly bikes! Looking forward to the next 602 installments ;^)

  • D Rudder 8 years ago

    First Boom .. I love you