With so many people doing face reveals at the moment, I thought I’d share something more …. intimate…. with you all 😉

So, to mix it up a bit I tell the tell of a wee Weemalite struggling to find acceptance in a harsh world of deviousness and deception.

Tricked into showing the world his … “assets” at such a tender age, our intrepid wee Weem sets off through life, damaged by the events of childhood resulting in him being barely able to remain concious while asking for a train ticket in front of strangers in a ticket hall.
(exaggerate much? 😀 )

This lasted right up to… well … a couple of months ago when an unfortunate event led to the “not so wee” Weem once more sharing the delights of his birthday suit with the world.
But this time, he didn’t give a shit 😀


Background Music:
Kevin McCall ft. Big Sean – Naked


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