A Motovlogging music video, put together with clips from members of the Motovlogging/biking community

Perfect Day was originally recorded by Lou Reed in 1972, taken from the album ‘Transformer’, this video however has been done in the style of the 1997 BBC Children-in-Need version where many different artists featured on the track

Thank-you SO MUCH to all the Motovloggers who took part in this project, I’ve been blown away by the amazing support you have all given, I hope this video lives up to your expectations!

The links to the YouTube Channels for each of the 25 people who took part can be found below, please show your support by visiting each of their channels and please remember to Like, Comment, Share and Subscribe!
The Grumpy Biker:
The Infamous Biker:
Adjrian Nickleodeon:…
Andy Man Cam:
The Gentleman Biker:…
Alight Vlogging:
Wyvern Biker:
Johnny Redline:…
Non Angry Biker:
Jef Motard:
Mr Aus Adventure:
Dangle Von Ballbag:
Brennig Jones:
Triumf Ant:
Awesome Possum:…
Mr Sparky Aprilia:
Holliday Rides:
SouthernFried Tom:
Thanks so much for watching!
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Featuring Weem


  • Daryl Lonigan 5 years ago

    Damn I wish I could have been a part of this!!! Let me know if you do it again!!! =D

  • Graham Calvert 5 years ago

    Clever must have taken an age to sort out well done ?shared cheers SPIKE the Bike !

  • Ichiban Moto 5 years ago

    Awesomeness on so many levels ! If I only had a decent camera and talent, I would beg to participate in the next community collaboration

  • Curtis Grills 6 years ago

    Great vid, just saw it for the first time, cant wait for other parodies!!!any plans for more GB?

  • AxePvP e HG 6 years ago

    like maroto

  • SKiNt Biker 6 years ago

    Brought over by +Southern Fried’s mention of your vid on Fakebook :-)Nice version and looks like it was a lot of fun for the vloggers involved :-)Subbed 🙂

  • MotoPG Vlogs 6 years ago

    Brilliant Video man ! (Y)

  • Southern Fried 6 years ago

    Ah man, what a great collaboration this was. I really miss +Grumpy Biker where did he go?

  • Captain Rambunctious 6 years ago

    Absolutely bloody splendiferous =]

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