Driver was deliberately being a dick. So I pulled up beside him and clapped my hands. 🙂
If you look at 0:06 you can see him approach me in my left mirror so it’s not a little mistake.
He knew my position. Also even when he had almost hit me he continues to push me out of my lane.

If the police are watching, just know this video was choreographed with a friend. I even paid for the atmospheric weather and lighting. John Woo wanted to get involved in this production but I told him to take the day off.

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  • Stav Nico 7 years ago

    Brilliant haha Shame the camera coincidentally blacked out there lol 🙂

  • dbest1a 7 years ago

    hahahahha, omg I couldn’t stop laughing .. that was beyond great.

  • Bryce dabs 7 years ago

    Thats the least that moron deserves.

  • Angry Candle 7 years ago

    More of this. More of this NAO!!

  • 87lancerguy 7 years ago

    I swear I have to do this at least once a month…

  • Adasiek9595 7 years ago

    Hi Premises, does the discount code till work? I will be buy some stuff there id love 10% discount so just wondering 🙂

  • stevest1300 7 years ago

    Let me get this right because obviously after 30+ years of riding I must have it wrong…Getting crowded by a car warrants vandalism. OK.And I’m sure the driver will respect all other motorcyclists after this. Right.And cowardly taking off after is good. Check.K. Got it. I’ll start riding with my eyes closed and adopt a self righteous tough guy chickens hit attitude.

  • xtrada HALE 7 years ago

    dumm poeple

  • sadan g 7 years ago

    Good and funny self defense, Don’t listen to this idiots or give a shit about what they say, same thing goes here if people don’t respect when I’m driving, you better believe that mirror is going to get slam and good luck following me if you mad, hahaha is just funny.

  • Edgar Friendly 7 years ago

    biker smash hahahahah

  • masonbass360 7 years ago

    awesome video man!!

  • Komsan473 7 years ago

    Youd be in a hospital if you did that to me. You are the shitty driver.

  • Joe Christian 7 years ago

    brilliant … do this more

  • jdmikeg4 7 years ago

    that’s it?? break the mirror? In New York, the rider takes helmet off and busts the window, pulls the driver out, slash his face with a knife and beat him up with 40 of his friends

  • speedcannon69 7 years ago

    I totally agree with you on this cos i always drive through the same road and whoever gives u a stick over this is an idiot that should pay more intention on road marking and probably goes back to the driving school before they cause a major incident. The problem here is the people that cannot keep the lines… and if it got there by mistake should have indicate and patiantly wait for the clearance. same thing happens in Vauxhall bridge going towards oval just under the bridge where the line marking are a bit faded but ppl seen to be careless at times. Very Annoying and good action from your side helping someone who doesn’t know the USE of his Car Mirrors.

  • josh bertram 7 years ago

    I laughed my ass off!!!!!

  • MrEreda 7 years ago

    Tactical ‘blacking out’ of the screen.

  • thetriggerhappypwner 7 years ago

    From the view of another motorcyclist: it appears that the car driver was extremely close to the rider in this video. If I was a police officer, I would be asking you for his plate and then reporting him for driving without due care and attention.

  • The Gimpy Gamer 7 years ago

    I would’ve done the same, some car drivers don’t give a shit so they deserve it! Good job!

  • Dan B 7 years ago


  • Adam Mcneil 7 years ago

    You great hit mirror car Ha ha !!! You awesome!!

  • EvertonFooty 7 years ago

    In all honesty, as much as I can not stand a lot of bikers, you had the right of way and though I do not agree with hitting the dudes car, you had every right to. Idiot could have taken you out!

  • SIRSLASHTIM 7 years ago

    Glad to see you didn’t get hurt dude (from one biker to another) 🙂

  • Joe Veseles 7 years ago

    it actually did tho..

  • bestintheworld568 7 years ago

    *Says someone should be done for criminal damage…then threatens to physically assault someone*

  • iSmithyy UK 7 years ago

    You seem like a very nice person, do let us all know how that proposition fares for you in the long run won’t you? There’s a good chap.

  • The irony of you calling me a dumbass, yet being completely incapable of stringing a sentence together in English!

  • GoogleGSM 7 years ago

    Hey, thanks Raptor – a nice, civil reply: it’s a rare thing on here! 😉 I guess I’m just in the mindset that 75% of the British public are poor drivers and I’m not sure this driver even knew s/he did something wrong. I wish there was a mandatory re-test every X number of years.

  • TheRaptor1967 7 years ago

    It simply doesn’t work like that. Cops simply don’t give a crap. I know, I’ve tried.This wasn’t excessive, the equivalent to a fine in replacement costs.As the cops wont do it, I would say that’s pretty fair.I wont say he’ll see it that way, but at least he WILL remember it next time he tries to barge his way into a motorbike.

  • TheRaptor1967 7 years ago

    Your a nob. Thats a little bit of justice he handed out there. I’ve had the same thing happen to me many times. Cars often see you but somehow think they have more right to the road than the bike does. I’ve tried taking details and footage to the cops only to be politely told to F.O. Actually, not that politely really. So he got something to think about next time he tries to push a bike out of his lane. I wouldn’t do that, but I do understand Premises187 doing it.

  • Steven Clarke 7 years ago

    Should of kept the video going

  • Ryan Phallen 7 years ago

    Good job he doesn’t use them anyway 🙂

  • Premises187 7 years ago

    But I have the footage of what he did. So what is he going to do with my plate you bellend? Actually dont answer that. After reading your other YT comments I came to the conclusion that you’re just lonely and frustrated. Slam your hands on your keyboard if I’m close.

  • MrTo YouBoy 7 years ago

    what a wanker , hope he got your plate

  • EPICsliceOFcake 7 years ago

    After you said “What the fuck’s wrong with you?” He yelled something back. Do you know what he said?

  • CrewHurricane 7 years ago

    look at the diference your dumbass if there were like 100 more range rovers bikers all would stop walking like that one dude that got run over piece off shits on the road needs to take care off now he can die in hes bed and never would 1 less in the road

  • DiscoFrisc0 7 years ago

    You were damn right to do what you did, and anyone telling you different is a retard 🙂

  • Elliot Gwedo 7 years ago

    Very immature, your gonna get eventually shot if you keep doing this.

  • You wouldn’t be driving a Range Rover – you’re a pleb. They’d laugh you out of the dealership!

  • Where did I say that the RR driver was in the wrong, or that the bikers weren’t to blame at all?All I insinuated was that it’s not perhaps a good idea to threaten or indeed act out the running over of a motorcyclist……

  • Marco Morales 7 years ago

    Lol I’m taking ur mirror bitch ..

  • Sam S 7 years ago

    admit it, a large number of those bikers completely deserved to (and were lucky they didn’t) get ground into the tarmac by the range rover.

  • Jerkin Josh 7 years ago

    i would of ran them over too… trying to intimidate him and his family…

  • GoogleGSM 7 years ago

    Oh dear, oh dear… FlatTaco…1. Your English grammar is awful but if you want lessons just ask. Don’t be shy.2. The punctuation is also dreadful but we can work on that too in your lessons.3. I ride a bike too: I just do it a lot better than you.4. Have a look at my videos and if you want to meet for a coffee (and English lessons) then I’m happy to give you my email and we can meet once I’m back in the UK.Take it easy Taco29.p.s. you made me giggle with your comment… Thanks 🙂

  • flacotaco209 7 years ago

    and your an idiot that needs to Learn how to drive. and nobody said he was a nice guy I would throw a hand full of spark plugs at your driver window and pray it hits you IN YO FACE FAG LOL.

  • flacotaco209 7 years ago

    and when im done I will throw it at your face at your driver said bitch and flick you off and laugh

  • flacotaco209 7 years ago

    he was nice I would pull out my nifty screwdriver I sharpened and drive right by you as I scratch your car from front to back. and you wouldn’t even know until you got out playboy. YOU GUNNA LEARN TODAY!

  • GoogleGSM 7 years ago

    Still no requirement to cause criminal damage – report him, with the evidence for reckless driving. You’re not a good biker. You’re a criminal.