WooHoo it’s the Monkey Meetup 2015….
Who forgot to order the bl**dy sunshine? 🙄

This year the Monkey Meet dates were pushed back to June and unfortunately right into the rainy season (pick one 😉 )
So it was a bit of a washout. We know it was going to be sopping (ooer), so a plan was already in place to take over a local bar so we could meet up and chat, have a brew and a food to the face …. and stay dry 🙂

It was grand meeting up with people from last year and some new faces too.
I’m sure the next one will be dry (Darren!!) and it may be in London.


For pics and videos from the 2015 Monkey Meet, check out the facebook page:


Background Music:
James Zabiela – The Healing


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