There was a question I’d asked in the forum which was, if you have a nickname (or your YouTube name), where did it come from?

In this vlog, you get to meet the origin of … da Weem 🙂

Mike used to be my boss a looong time ago and I used to turn up for work in a red scarf during the winter (yup, the same one that’s in my main picture). He’d already taken to calling me “Weeman” or “Weem”, but that changed to Weeman Redscarf…. which in turn became Weman Redscarf Charlie Bucket (after Charlie Bucket in Willy Wonka’s Chocolate factory …. because he wore a red scarf)

Occasionally it morfs to Weeman Redscarf Ya Wee Scottish Bassa ….. but usually it’s just Weem 🙂

Background Music
KoRn – Here To Stay
Slipknot – Eyeless
Sunna – Power Struggle


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  • Camberwell86 5 years ago

    I was born in Camberwell in 1986.I’m an October boy, so I’m guessing the parents did the bizzo in Camberwell in 1986 too….I don’t like my username any more. (._.)

  • Zan Ols 5 years ago

    100th comment! And this vid was posted on my b-day! 😀

  • StreetTriple Mat 5 years ago

    Mine is fairly easy to work out 😉

  • The Flying Yetti 5 years ago

    i had long hair and got called Yetti, am bald as a coot now 🙁

  • SouthernFried Tom 5 years ago

    OK get a cup of tea, this is a long one.I used to be in a band loooooooooong ago when I was about 17. I played keyboards and we were a 70’s rock type ensemble, our name was Southern Dilemma. We played loads of gigs and made lots of new friends and of course, as your friend circle increases at that age the liklihood of meeting someone with the same name is greater. So yeah, my name is Tom and there was another Tom that came into our circle. His surname was Sutton, so to avoid confusion I became known as Southern Tom because of the band name. Suffice to say I had quite a reputation for being a hedonistic young chap and enjoyed alcoholic beverages, herbs and the like. So much to the point where I was often very inebriated. I don’t remember who coined the full name “Southern Fried Tom” but it stuck.And that’s how I got my name.

  • HushpuppyAddict 5 years ago

    Ur mate picked up a sweet bike, sounds lovely….My name..My nickname for my wife is hushpuppy….and I’m addicted, thanks for the ride!!

  • Thunderous71 5 years ago

    The film a Bridge too Far… if anyone knows it Gene Hackman uses the word Thunderous. I liked the sound!

  • MotoTexas 5 years ago

    mine is pretty simple. I ride a moto as my wife calls them and I am from Texas.

  • NightEye87 5 years ago

    I named myself NightHawk (after the Counter-Strike 1.0 (0.x?) gun, now the Desert Eagle). When I found out that was a rank of the KKK I did an image search and found a hawk’s eye and changed myself to NightEye :p

  • NeloAngeloBiker 5 years ago

    Nelo (taken from Nelo Angelo) A boss fight in a video game that I used to play, +1 internets to the one who replies with the game.

  • Gunnar Eli Sigurjonsson 5 years ago

    intro song KoRn <3

  • Jes Shamash 5 years ago

    Shamash is one of the supposed Annunaki

  • pieplicht 5 years ago

    I made my youtube name myself. I made it a long time ago and when I was creating the account, the desk lamp decided to die. I sweared at the lamp and that me think: PiepLicht (Ducth for *Censor* light or lamp)

  • Hi Weeem, I have no imagination so my handle is just my initials.You obviously live near my old stomping ground as I recognise parts of your vids. I used to live in Ascot and commute to West Drayton.

  • vancouveride 5 years ago

    Its great how some people add all of the ideal aftermarket stuff to a bike and then don’t put many miles on it. One can get a nice bike, ready to ride, at a nice discount to list price.

  • 2 Wheels Wide 5 years ago

    Mines quite simple. I’m as wide as my bike is long !!

  • 848phantom 5 years ago

    I have two nicknames, the one mates call me and my interweb one.the interweb one is from my run in’s with the law when I was a young lad on the strokers and 400’s, ghostrider was just on the scene and a few friends joked I was the opposite as I kept getting caught so I got the Irish phantom, which then became phantom and of course the comic book logo…being a comic an sc-fi nerd it did fit in.the other name…..well I’ll keep that off the net haha

  • Skeggy Cruiser 5 years ago

    Well buddy, I don’t think my Youtube name is to hard to figure out being as I live in a Town called skegness that is normally known as Skeggy and the fact that I ride a Cruiser, as for my Nick name, we’ll stick with Skeggy, lol, in other words I’m not telling you, Got a Nod from a Harley rider, remember it there pretty rare, even I don’t get them very often, lol, RSMF.

  • Theedappa 5 years ago

    My name is from school i was always wearing dappa garms lol plus comes in handy as a gamer tag

  • LaggyMcGee 5 years ago

    I used to have really bad internet..

  • Cockney Codger 5 years ago

    My name is from the way I talk and the way I ride,unfortunately.But I do get offered seats on crowded public transport.

  • Andy Man Cam 5 years ago

    Saw myself as a Willy Wonka of Motovlogging. Sounds silly now…”Who can take a sunrise, sprinkle it with dew,Stick a camera on his lid, and make a video for you,The ANDY MAN CAM!!!”

  • EMERALD K8 5 years ago

    Off the wall but. I just seen gods face in the clouds @ 6:30 OK not his face but a face lol

  • Darth Peachy 5 years ago

    Darth Peachy I setup just for youtube and it was all I was left with when the usual handles were taken. Peachy is what I’ve always been called anywhere and every where I have been. It sounds a bit gay for a bloke and wouldn’t have chosen it but with my surname being Peach it’s the best I can hope for. My channel name Peachy’s Place comes from an old friend of mine who introduced me to the internet with my own website which he called Peachy’s Place. I liked it and have used it on every forum and website I have ran since.

  • Toobi-wan Onroadi 5 years ago

    My name; A play on the relationship riders strive for between machine and road, Toobi as folk are using in comments to my vids also is a play to You’Tube’; it breaks down to TWO which is the number of wheels bikes have. I really didn’t, even though it looks it, put that much thought to it. A stroke of genius, like a lightsaber through a blast door…and I’m a sci-fi nerd that grew up and still enjoys StarWars.

  • No1Cup 5 years ago

    Comes from my love of Pimms.

  • Samurai H 5 years ago

    very nice bike your mate got there love the color schemeVery nice videoThumbs up

  • jason ritchie 5 years ago

    My nickname is called turbo tits got that From school

  • BK--- 5 years ago

    Nickname is yep you guessed it BK, plain old initials and has stuck since primary school. As for your buddy’s new bike, yes please! Brrrrraaaappp! Ok yes I’ll have the white 12C at the end too, only if your buying! Cheers

  • Stealth Rider 5 years ago

    Weem sings like a squirrel. haha

  • Dracati Ducati 5 years ago

    Looked Like A Great Time !!!;)

  • The Gentleman Biker 5 years ago

    That CB has a great arse.My name seems obvious, pip pip!

  • Mike Griffiths 5 years ago

    Hello WEEEEEEEMM 😀 Here’s the vid of the zorst as they say where I used to live. Thank for the comments everyone, I’ve put over 1k miles on the bike since I picked it up…I luvs it I doesIMG 0616 Oh and WEEEM calls me Shadwell Limpy, comes from old comedy show with some Welsh guy called Shadwell and his mrs gets stuck in the Hoover, with a spider ??? Don’t askMy gaming name is kickmydog, I’ve used it for years on everything. It comes from the old Tom Greene telephone prank call about “Your daughter, she come to my house and she KICKMYDOG” !! 🙂

  • Holliday Rides 5 years ago

    Finally subbed ( took me long enough lol) Been stalking you a while haha.I feel the same way as he does! like a little child. I agree with the clutch matter, it takes some getting used to. First inspection for me on monday. love my CB.My name is my surname with “Rides” on the end 😀

  • 33WingNuts 5 years ago

    I shall be doing a video on my name soon hopefully (requested by another vlogger) so im afraid I cant tell you…yet ;)These CBs make everybody excited…and for good reason [+Holliday Rides listen to that pipe :O ]

  • The Naked Biker 5 years ago

    Mine’s quite boring. It’s simply the type of bike I ride – naked, hence the naker biker.On a sidenote – your friend’s got himself a very nice CB1000R. Congrats on the purchase and glad to see he’s enjoying it so much 🙂

  • King Sherrick 5 years ago

    Used to draw the same cartoon in my profile picture on post-its and write “The King Was Here” and hide them in various locations around my workplace. Then I just threw my last name on the end and have this name for every account!

  • RidingBerserk 5 years ago

    Mine originates from the berserker in Gears of War 1. Eventually changed my gamer tag to have the word berserker, as well as various emails, names for lots of different stuff like steam and origin. Used it for yeeeeeeeeeeears

  • alightvlogging 5 years ago

    mine’s just a simple play on words! most of my nicknames from before wouldn’t be acceptable on youtube as a name….btw you missed some numberplate blurring @ 4:32

  • Quentin Redbeard 5 years ago

    Haha, funny vlog mate! Quentin Redbeard came from my sometimes vlogging partner Sparky.. He used to call me both Quentin and Redbeard separately, depending on the occasion. Quentin because he thinks I’m a massive biffer 😀 and Redbeard because my facial hair is a little bit ginger.. and that’s the best I could come up with :/RSMF!

  • Beaver 314 5 years ago

    definitely a lovely bike that cb1000R 🙂 my name is a little hard to explain. Apparently when i met my ex girlfriend’s parents for the first time I was a little nervous but also a little under the weather. And her brother, who is now my best friend, later told me he originally was laughing at me because i was shaking a lot. Shaking in dutch is called “beven” and someone who shakes is a “bever” which also means beaver 🙂 so that stuck. My number also came from him, we used to call eachother pigdog (like in the monty python movie), which bastardized to p/pi = 3.14 🙂

  • OfficialSmo 5 years ago

    My nickname came from my parents believe it or not! Your mate’s bike is gorgeous, sounds nice too!

  • ThreeStreets42 5 years ago

    My name is based off my bike. Street Triple = Three Streets, and the number is the answer to life the universe and everything!

  • wody21 5 years ago

    So this is story behind the origin of WeeemRCB … Cool one, actually I like these kinda topics! :)My nickname (wody21) came from the time when I was like 2 or 3 yrs old and I called myself ‘Wody’. My first name is ‘Zoltan’, its fondled version is ‘Zoli’ [zɔlɪ], but I couldn’t pronounce it correctly, so I said ‘Wody’ [wɔdɪ]. Later when I was ~ 10 yrs old and got into online stuffs (e-mail, playing StarCraft! 😀 etc.) where I had to choose a nickname for registration, I always used wody and later wody21. I suppose twenty-one was my favourite number and it stuck behind wody 🙂

  • biker paul 5 years ago

    The sheer joy and excitement on Mike’s face when he picked up the bike is bloody fantastic…. like a big kid lol. Good for him !!!

  • MarshDonky 5 years ago

    +Quentin Redbeard has a Doppelganger…

  • sandmac67 5 years ago

    name is just a shortened version of my name sandy mclennan and 67 was the year i born created

  • SpottyCat666 5 years ago

    My cat is Spotty.His name, however, is Buddy Holly.Weeem is obvious,(wee man?) but why red scarf charlie bucket?

  • Bandit Tom 5 years ago

    I ride a bandit, and ma names Tom haha 😛

  • BKarol 5 years ago

    Nice, you are not very consistent with blurring his licence plate…Oh and I’m BKarol because my name is Karol and for somereason other people use “Karol” as the user name :/ and B i my surname 😉

  • ninjanelly350 5 years ago

    He is a happy bunny! Bike looks nice too.Always been called Nelly so it’s normal for me.Nice one wee man,keep them balls dangling!

  • CycleCoops 5 years ago

    My surname is cooper, and my nickname with one of my friends is Coops so it’s stuck really

  • dolfanyan1972 5 years ago

    I’m a Miami Dolphins Fan, Yan is my name shortened, and 1972 was the year the year they went undefeated. 🙂

  • DutchTheOne 5 years ago

    Well my name is quite obvious. I’m dutch. So yeah.

  • MrWtfchicken 5 years ago

    I bet your 0-100mph time pal. XD

  • Alex Round 5 years ago

    That CB1000 is gorgeous!

  • Tobias Newman 5 years ago

    Riding position on that CB1000 looks really comfortable. Great looking bike too!

  • Picklepoo 5 years ago

    My nickname was my son’s when he was a baby. I used it as my first email address and have used it ever since. He’d kick me in the face if I called him it now!Oooo, that’s the bike angry wanted!I wanna make you giggle like that!